New Vegan Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme [Tried and tested!]

Krispy Kreme has launched some new flavoured vegan doughnuts for Veganuary. I tried and tested them (such a hard job) and they do not disappoint!

Krispy Kreme vegan doughnuts Krispy Kreme vegan doughnuts

The new flavours on offer are…

Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut


Delicious Belgian chocolate-filled, chocolate brownie topped doughnut.


Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut


Vegan double filling of creamy caramel and Belgian chocolate doughnut, topped with caramel icing & dark chocolate.


Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut Krispy Kreme vegan doughnut


Apple & custard-filled vegan-friendly doughnut, topped with icing & cinnamon crumble crumb.


We ordered the ‘Vegan selection dozen‘ which was a lovely treat for the New Year. It has two of each of the new filled doughnuts plus 6 of the vegan version of the plain glazed doughnuts.

Their recipe is so tasty that the plain ones are still an outright winner for me but if I had to choose I think the apple-filled doughnut would be my favourite despite the cinnamon which I’m not a huge fan of, it only added to the yumminess in this case.

Coming in second would be the caramel doughnut. Less sickly than I thought it would be. Tasty and light.

My least favourite was the fudgy brownie one because it was SO sickly! If you REALLY like chocolate you will absolutely love it.

The filling in each of them wasn’t too much so they weren’t super messy apart from the brownie one, which was absolutely loaded with sauce! Keep a plate handy!

Bonus tip: You can freeze these. We popped ours in the freezer after our initial gorge then took one out each day each and popped it in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

It’s so nice to have more vegan options like these popping up and not to have to compromise on taste at all! It’s also lovely to see so many companies extending their ranges for Veganuary. Yay for Krispy Kreme!

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