A Delightful Cinema Day Out with My Little One [Everyman Toddler Club]

A Memorable Cinema Outing for Families in York – Toddler-Friendly Delights

Last week marked a special milestone for us – my daughter’s first trip to the cinema. It turned out to be a delightful experience filled with surprises, laughter, and a touch of sweetness so I thought I’d share it here in case anyone with a toddler is thinking of trying out the same thing!

Me and my daughter at the Everyman cinema in York

Family-Friendly Cinema in York

I was super excited that the Everyman cinema in York was showing ‘Wish’ as one of their Toddler club showings and had a new time offering of 10:30 am which works well(ish) with us for nap/journey times. I have previously been to the Everyman cinema in Harrogate and loved it and having not been to the cinema at all since before Covid times I was so happy to find a family-friendly cinema in York!

Everyman cinema in York

Cakes to Satisfy Every Palate

We kicked off our cinematic adventure with a choice of delectable cakes – brownie, egg custard, and a scrumptious vegan carrot and orange cake. I chose the latter, being vegan, and it was yummy (and huge!).

Seating Secrets Unveiled

Navigating the seating arrangements proved interesting. Though the ticket assured a seat for both of us, the booking was initially for one. However, we soon discovered the flexibility to sit wherever with couches becoming coveted spots. It seems they are fair game and not bookable (I’m not completely sure about this), creating a cozy, communal atmosphere.

Also, in contrast to the website FAQ, I was told via email that both parents can book to come with even just one child so in the end we both booked a ticket to go with our daughter.

Tea Time Treats for All

Tea enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of soy milk, ensuring everyone can enjoy their cuppa with the cinematic experience. It’s the little details like this that make the outing more inclusive.

App Convenience and Toilets

For tech-savvy moviegoers, the app ticket is a handy alternative to the website. You seem to be able to book films much farther in advance on the app than on the website. The facilities also cater to parents, with baby-changing amenities conveniently located in the disabled toilet.

Everyman cinema toddler club

Joyful Chaos and Toddler Triumphs

The cinema echoed with the charming chaos of toddlers, contributing to the overall sweetness of the experience. A moment of toddler triumph occurred when my 19-month-old enthusiastically shouted ‘Yeah!’ during a silent moment after one of the film’s songs, eliciting laughter from the audience and making the day even more memorable.

Heartwarming Assistance and Sacred Spaces

One of the highlights was the willingness of others to help parents in need – from spilled drinks to managing multiple children. It became evident that the cinema holds a sacred space for families, exemplified by the understanding atmosphere and shared parenting camaraderie.

A Time for Calm and Tears of Joy

The entire experience brought an unexpected sense of calm and happiness, nearly bringing tears to my eyes. The communal laughter, the supportive environment, and the sheer joy on my daughter’s face made it a truly magical outing.

You’re not tied to your seat or restricted in any way. My daughter was dancing in the aisles, loving every second. The lights aren’t fully dimmed for the toddler club so you can wander around safely.

Toddler dancing in the aisle at Everyman toddler club

We took food in too. We were told via email this was at the manager’s discretion and not technically allowed but ‘a rusk should be ok’. We’ve never fed her rusks but we took a pack up with a sandwich and other nibbles and all was fine. 

Affordable Luxury

In addition to all the wonderful experiences, what pleasantly surprised us was the affordability of the entire outing. The ticket price, set at a reasonable £10.90, included not only admission for both the adult and toddler but also a generous slice of cake and a comforting hot drink. This comprehensive package made the day even more delightful, emphasizing the cinema’s commitment to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for families. It’s a small investment for the joy and memories created in such a beautiful cinematic setting.

Logistics and Practicalities

For those planning their visit, keep in mind that the cinema in York offers screenings at 9:30 on Saturdays and 10:30 on Fridays. Parking is available nearby, with the larger option costing £8.95 for 3 hours – a reasonable price for the convenience provided.

In conclusion, our first cinema outing was not just a movie experience; it was a shared journey filled with warmth, laughter, and the sweet taste of vegan carrot and orange cake. Here’s to many more cinematic adventures with our little ones!

Did we see the end of the film? No. My little one decided to fill her nappy near the end so we took that as a sign to leave before everyone else. We’ll catch it on Disney+ later on when it’s released so no spoilers, please! What we saw of the film was great though and we’re both so excited to visit Everyman again.

Here’s to many more cinematic adventures with little ones!

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