The Sims Freeplay Mariachi Romance Update

It’s time for the first Sims Freeplay update of the new year:The Sims Freeplay Mariachi Romance Update!

This update will be live in app stores on Monday 24th Jan at 9:30pm UTC.

^^SCRATCH THAT! Looks like it’s already out!


Here’s all the info from the official blog


Sul Sul! 

Love is for everyone, so we’re celebrating our Hispanic community this Valentine’s Day! We all share this world, so let’s make it the best it can be. In our continuing efforts to deliver more diversity, we’ve collaborated with internal EA resource groups and Mexican Content Creators to bring to life authentic outfits, accessories, and traditional Build/Buy home décor to showcase the rich beauty and culture of Mexico. Fall in love at first sight with our stunning content and rewards that were created to empower everyone to explore this beautiful culture and expand your knowledge about the country of Mexico.

Base Game Improvements

Limited Time Prize Redemptions

Do you hate just missing out on the grand prizes in Hobby events and Discovery Quests as you pass the deadline? To prevent repeating them again from the beginning, we’ve added a new last-chance offer the next time you open your game or check on your progress, so you can decide whether to take the opportunity to add a time extension or redeem the final prize with premium currency instead! 

Town Value Rewards

The higher your Town Value is, the more Simoleons you’ll receive in your Daily Allowance. As you construct buildings in SimTown, build houses and purchase new items from the Home Store your Town Value increases. We’ve refreshed the information tab in the top right corner of any ‘Town Value’ screen to make it super clear about your latest rewards as you continue to grow your town! We’ve also added your Sim Count to the information screen and increased the amount of Life Points rewards you earn (1LP to 2LP) as you simply play the game! 

New Idle Animations in Create-A-Sim Screen

We’ve added happy resting facial expressions and natural body movement to tween, teenager and adult Sims in the Create A Sim menu! Next time you’re adding a new Sim to your town, check it out and let us know what you think! 

Bumping Sims Out of the Way

Have you ever experienced your Sims getting in the way while you’re redecorating in Build Mode? Well, the next time you’re trying to place an item in your Sim’s house lot, Sims will now avoid the tile and move to a vacant tile nearby when an object is moved over them. Ah, it’s the little things 😊 

New Hair Hobby Event – Oh So Ombre!

For the first time in over four years since a brand-new limited-time Hair Hobby Event has been created by the game team, we’ve designed a range of incredibly detailed authentic African American and culturally diverse ombre hairstyles for female Sims that suit all available skin tone shades. We recognize there is a need for us to continue to improve the representation of hairstyles in our game. 

To begin the new hobby event, players must be up to level 16 and have built the ‘Promotions R Us’ store (found in front of the park, next to the pet shop) in your SimTown. Limited time Hair Hobby events run for seven days. Complete the collections eight times within the time limit to unlock all 32 variants of hairstyles (eight colours of four different styles) for your female adult Sims. 


Chinese Lunar New Year

Bring in the Year of the Tiger with SimChase Season 37: Lunar New Year Spark Up! Commence the event to unlock authentic cultural rewards that were created in collaboration with our EA Asian internal resource group! Prizes include red lanterns, tween and adult traditional hairstyles and outfits, envelope-filled mandarin trees, tiger wallpaper cutting, and more. Up to six Sims (* please note this has now been confimed as 2 Sims rather than 6) will also be able to sit by the new Offering Table that gives respect to ancestors that have passed away.

Lunar New Year celebrates the start of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar as well as the transition between Zodiac signs. Also known as Spring Festival, the most special celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival at the end of the two-week period. The significance of new clothes represents a time of change and new beginnings, and the colour red is said to add good fortune and prosperity to the festivities. Happy Lunar New Year!


‘Heart-Fluttering Hacienda’ Live Event

Have you ever wandered down the bright, vibrant city streets or experienced the special charm of the Mexican countryside? The ‘Heart-Fluttering Hacienda’ Live Event delivers a brand-new magnificent Hispanic Hacienda palace grand prize house lot on a desert sand plot, that includes a lush, colorful home perfect for a romantic escape!

As craft resources and progress through the 10-day event, earn milestone prizes to add to any home, such as traditional wooden bathroom decor, terracotta rangehood, and oven, giant kitchen island with mosaic patterns, bright rugs, freestanding bath and shower, dining table with matching chairs and much more! Enjoy a relaxing date night in your backyard with the outdoor gazebo, in-ground pool, and banana lounges.


 SimChase Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem!

Our latest SimChase delivers rewards that reflect the festive culture of Mexico where music and lifestyle are intertwined. Mariachi is a quintessential folk music that is symbolic of Mexican music that embraces both indigenous and foreign elements of history! This Valentine’s Day, Simmers can dress up in traditional traje de charro (cowboy attire) and serenade their love with a brightly patterned acoustic guitar on the new outdoor dance floor and gazebo.

Progress through the Mariachi Mayhem event to transform your Sim’s backyard with a ground pool with mosaic tiles, chimenea, water fountain and more authentic Mexican décor. Your Sims will feel as if they’re truly in the heart of Mexico in SimTown!

Influence Island Season 22: Hacienda Bedroom

Use your powers of persuasion to convince the other Sims to join your clan in Influence Island Season 22. Feel like your Sim’s homes could use a little Latin charm? The playful rewards are perfect for a siesta and are inspired by traditional Mexican interior décor elements. Embrace colour and texture with prizes that include contemporary embroidered outfits, patterned mirrors, wide arch doorways, couches with bold colors, wooden furniture, hanging macrame, even cacti and bright rugs. 

Downtown Developer 6 – Botanica Penthouse

Continue your journey to become a Downtown Developer with our sixth high-rise apartment building now available! Inspired by Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel green roof building, this luxury grand prize lot features luscious foliage across all three levels as well as a rooftop pool and car park for Sim’s vehicles! 

Become a Downtown Developer by collecting resources over 30 days to build 3 story high-rise apartment blocks, your Sims can collect prizes to ultimately unlock a glamorous new 3-story apartment lot and luxury penthouse apartment. If you run out of time but still complete the event, you’ll receive the apartment prize – however just as a bare building!

All previous five buildings have been accessible from player level 13, Botanica Penthouse is available from player level 36.”




Title Duration Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 22: Hacienda-Home 10 days 24 JAN 7 FEB 
SimChase Season 37: Lunar New Year Spark Up! 7 days 24 JAN  3 FEB 
Downtown Developer 6 30 days 24 JAN Ongoing
Heart-Fluttering Hacienda Live Event 10 days 2 FEB  15 FEB 
Hair Hobby Event: Oh So Ombre! 7 days 4 FEB 12 FEB 
Influence Island Season 6: Art Deco 10 days 9 FEB 21 FEB 
SimChase Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem 9 days 13 FEB 24 FEB 
HANS On – Player Favourite Quest 10 days 16 FEB 27 FEB 
Fashion Designer Hobby Event: Stockings & Tights 7 days 22 FEB 1 MAR
Influence Island Season 23: Palm Springs Bedroom & Bathroom (V2) 10 days 25 FEB 9 MAR
Maternity Event 25  9 days 25 FEB 13 MAR
Ghost Flustered – Player Favourite Quest 12 days 2 MAR 13 MAR
New York Loft Live Event 10 days 2 MAR 13 MAR
SimChase Season 22: Household Blitz! 7 days 6 MAR 13 MAR


Please note: There has been a change to the new hair hobby event dates. It will be the same length but is now available over a longer period of time. Rolling Start: 31st Jan – 14th Feb 2022 (15 Days). Event Duration: 15 – 21st Feb 2022 (7 Days).


You can learn all about the paid packs coming with this update here.



New hair hobby event – Oh so ombre.


Downtown Developer 6.


Heart-Fluttering Hacienda Live Event.


SimChase Season 37: Lunar New Year Spark Up!


SimChase Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem.


Maternity Event 25.


New York Loft Live Event.


SimChase Season 22: Household Blitz!


Influence Island Season 6: Art Deco.


Fashion Designer Hobby Event: Stockings & Tights.


HANS On – Player Favourite Quest.


Ghost Flustered – Player Favourite Quest.


Influence Island Season 23: Palm Springs Bedroom & Bathroom (V2).


Influence Island Season 22: Hacienda-Home.

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