The Sims Freeplay Art Nouveau Update [Jan-Mar 2024]


It’s time for the first update of 2024 in The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 9.30PM UTC Monday 22nd January 2023. (Edited with time update due to new info received)


 The Sims FreeplayArt Nouveau Update Countdown

Here’s all the info from the official blog

Love is in the air and The Sims FreePlay’s next update is here to embrace that feeling. From setting the mood to propose with romantically luxurious nouveau items, to shooting the shot with actions such as writing love letters, we’re here to ensure your Sims get the Valentine’s Day date they deserve!


Now, let’s take a deeper dive into everything new!


SimChase Season 69 ‘Sculpted Scrimmage!’

‘Sculpted Scrimmage’ will help your Sims create an artsy and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Earn elegant, ornate, and glamorous roof lamps, tiles, towel racks, sculpted toilets, cozy double baths, and more. You can also unlock the ‘Massage with Love’ action, a hairstyle in four color variants, and two amazing outfits for female Sims.


Influence Island Season 45
Create the perfect setting for your Sims to have a romantic rendezvous with comfy Art Nouveau items such as love letter holders, coffee tables, ornate chandeliers, a pair of fireplaces, and more! Influence Island Season 45 also allows your Sims to unlock two new actions, ‘Romance by the Fire’ and ‘Write a Love Letter’.


Arthouse Nouveau

With this Live Event, not only will your Sims get to grab eclectic and elegant items to build the perfect home to live in with their significant other, but the grand prize also gets them the ‘Arthouse Nouveau’ house template which is simply beyond fancy. Build your royal casa complete with styled ceramics, sculpted cabinetry, fine dining, a botanical balcony, and more!


Influence Island Season 46

Ever find your Sims neglecting their huge pile of dirty clothes? Well, worry no more as Influence Island Season 46 will help you build the perfect sleek and rustic laundry room for your Sims. With items such as washing machines, dryers, chairs, cupboards, and more, here’s something your Sims will adore!


Other Live Events
Here’s a list of all the returning events as part of this update.


Hair Hobby Event ‘Oh So Ombre’

This event features a range of incredibly detailed authentic African American and culturally diverse ombre hairstyles for Adult Sims that suit all available skin tone shades. 


Hair Hobby Event ‘Embrace the Fro’

If ‘Oh So Ombre’ was simply not enough, ‘Embrace the Fro’ lets you unlock more culturally diverse styles that can be worn by both male and female Sims.


‘HANS ON!’ Player Favorite Seasonal Quest

Professor Hans Free returns to town once again with this Player Favorite Seasonal Quest.

SimChase Season 30 ‘Seaside Strife!’

Earn tropical and coastal-themed items with SimChase Season 30 ‘Seaside Strife!’

Wedding Belles

The bells ring once again as this returning Live Event helps you unlock items to organize the most lavish wedding for your Sims, no less than what they deserve!”


Events List

All events start at 7 AM UTC.


Title Duration Start Date End Date
🆕SimChase Season 69: ‘Sculpted Scrimmage!’ 9 days Jan 23 Feb 3
🆕Influence Island Season 45 10 days Jan 23 Feb 5
🆕’Arthouse Nouveau’ Live Event 13 days Feb 1 Feb 17
‘Embrace the Fro’ Hair Hobby Event 10 days Feb 1 Feb 14
🆕Influence Island Season 46 10 days Feb 8 Feb 20
🆕Maternity Pack 41 9 days Feb 13 Mar 3
‘Oh So Ombre’ Hair Hobby Event 10 days Feb 16 Feb 29
‘Wedding Belles’ Live Event 13 days Feb 18 Mar 3
‘HANS ON!’ Player Favorite Season Quest 7 days Feb 19 Mar 2
SimChase Season 30: ‘Seaside Strife!’ 9 days Feb 22 Mar 3

Sales List

All packs are live starting at 7 AM UTC.


Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date

Palatial ParadiseA splendid, spacious home and Simoleons!
  • House template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
699 LP Jan 22 Feb 4
Black History Month-Inspired Wax Prints

Celebrate Black History Month with these authentic wax print designs for Adult Sims!

  • Adult Male Outfits x 2
  • Adult Female Outfits x 2 
  • Adult Male Footwear x 2
  • Adult Female Footwear x 2
Free Jan 23 Mar 2
Heart-Shaped Hats

Cute heart-shaped berets for Adult Sims!

  • Unisex Adult Hairstyles x 12
$9.99 Jan 23 Feb 16
Brazilian Carnival Cars

Parade cars to celebrate Brazilian Carnival!

  • Carnival-themed cars x 4
$11.99 Jan 23 Feb 5
Dinner Date

A romantic dinner by candlelight for two!

  • Art Nouveau Tables x 2
  • Art Nouveau Drinks x 2
  • ‘Spaghetti Smooch’ Action 
$5.99 Feb 1 Feb 15

Couch CuddlesA cozy velvet sofa perfect for cuddles!
  • 3-Seat Sofa x 2
  • 2-Seat Sofa x 2
  • 1-Seat Sofa x 2
  • ‘Cuddle on the Couch’ Action 
$5.99 Feb 1 Feb 15
Dreamy Deck

A dreamy social seating area and Simoleons!

  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
549 LP Feb 3 Feb 16

Brazilian Carnival ClothingFabulous parade costumes for Adult Sims!
  • Adult Male Outfits x 4
  • Adult Female Outfits x 4
  • Adult Female Footwear x 4
$9.99 Feb 5 Feb 18

Brazilian Carnival HeadwearDazzling parade headwear for Adult Sims!
  • Unisex Adult Headwear x 12
$9.99 Feb 5 Feb 18
Gleaming Garage

A garage home and Simoleons!

  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
649 LP Feb 15 Feb 28
Nouveau Nursery

Art nouveau nursery items for newborns!

  • Rocking Horse x 4
  • Cots x 4
  • Cot Mobile x 4
  • Changing Table x 4
  • Rocking Chair x 4
$12.99 Feb 19 Mar 4
Flowing Fences

Enhance the beauty of your garden spaces!

  • Side Tables x 4
  • Corner Garden Fences x 4
  • Floor Lamps x 4
  • Garden Gates x 4
  • 2x Garden Fences x 4
$7.99 Feb 19 Mar 4
Botanic Benches

Bench seating inspired by nature!
  • Single-Seat x 4
  • Benches x 4
$2.99 Feb 19 Mar 4
Lavish Lodging

A grandiose lodging and Simoleons!
  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
599 LP Feb 20 Mar 4


Prize images.

Arthouse Nouveau.


Influence Island Season 45.


Influence Island Season 46.


SimChase Sculptured Scrimmage.


Black history month.


Brazilian Carnival Clothing.

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