10 Reasons To Love Chess

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If you love games, but are a little fed up with playing on your console each night, why not go a little more traditional and take up one of the most popular games on earth – chess! Chess may not be very high-tech, but it can be super-competitive, and could give you a nice change of pace from the typical shoot-em-up games! 


Still feeling a little sceptical? Here are 10 reasons to love chess.

1. Chess has had a little resurgence of late

Chess has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. When The Queen’s Gambit hit screens in 2020, sales of chess sets rose by 215%. Wizard’s chess from the Harry Potter series has also helped – and this little number has most likely had an impact too:

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2. The rules are simple to learn

Chess is a very simple game to learn. Once you learn the rules of chess and how each piece moves, you can then focus on building up your skills and confidence. There are a lot of discussions about chess strategies and famous games online, which can give you a little more insight into how to be good at chess.

3. A chess set looks great in your home

There aren’t many games that also make a great piece of decor, but chess is certainly one of them. Vintage chess sets made of wood or marble can have a striking presence in your home, serving both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Having a chess set on display could help you play the game more often, and can be a good excuse to challenge some new players when you get guests in your home.

4. You can teach your kids how to play

Playing chess with your kids can be a lot of fun. It can even help them learn some valuable life skills like patience and problem-solving. As it’s a game that can be played by people of all ages, it’s something that can bond you together and help you develop a common interest.

5. It can boost your mental health

Chess can also be an effective way of boosting your mental health. The slow pace of chess allows you to take your mind off your problems and give your focus to the game. Some of the health benefits of chess include improving your memory, helping you become more creative and can even help with some of the symptoms of ADHD. It’s something you can enjoy doing by yourself to help you unwind and help you regain some balance. Games that boost your brain power can also be a way to slow dementia, so think of it as a form of mental exercise that can benefit your brain health

6. It could boost your other game-playing skills

As chess is all about strategy, it could help you learn some valuable skills that would be suitable for other games. From planning to pattern recognition, you could find that playing chess can boost your game-playing skills, helping you become a force to be reckoned with no matter what you play. 

7. Chess continues to be challenging

Chess is never something you can ‘complete’ or fully master. It’s one of those games that can become more challenging, especially as you play experienced players. Even when you think you’ve developed some great skills and techniques, there are still plenty of others you can learn. Safe to say you’ll never get bored of chess, especially when faced with an opponent who’s as good as you are.


If you’re feeling confident in your skills, you could even consider entering some chess tournaments. These are held online and in-person, and there can be some amazing cash prizes to be won too. Several grandmasters have won big prizes in recent years, including jackpots worth over £500,000!

8. You can play it anywhere

Chess was one of the first games to be turned electronic, and has been available online for almost as long as the internet has been in existence! What’s great about this is you can play chess anywhere, so whether you’re on your morning commute or looking for a way to unwind before bed, you can simply pick up your phone or other device and enjoy a game. 

9. It’s an excuse to travel

Chess is a game that is played all over the world, which means you can enjoy playing chess in some incredible locations. Many places have outdoor chess sets that should be added to your travel bucket list, giving you an excuse to play in some famous places.


Some of the top chess locations in the world include:


  • Washington Square Park and Union Square in New York.
  • The Sharjah Cultural and Chess Club in the United Arab Emirates
  • The Max Euwe Chess Museum in Amsterdam


You’ll find chess boards located in spots all over the world, including beaches, parks and city centres – why not see how many you can find during your travels? 

10. It’s more fun than it might sound

Chess has a reputation for being a boring game, but the reality couldn’t be farther from this. Chess can be a thrilling game, whether you’re playing it yourself or watching someone else do it. It’s a game that can be unpredictable and challenging, and involves a lot of thinking power to succeed. As a game with almost unlimited possibilities, there will never be a dull moment while you’re playing chess!


If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, or simply something to pass the time, then give chess a try. As a classic game that’s played all over the world, you’re sure to be in good company. Pick up an affordable set and learn the basics, and who knows – maybe you could find a whole new talent within yourself.02

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