The Sims Freeplay Workshop Wonder Update [Aug-Oct 2023]

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It’s time to get industrial with The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 10.30PM UTC Tuesday 29th Aug 2023.

Wonder Workshop Update Countdown


Here’s all the info from the official blog

“Sul Sul,

Curate an industrial home, and build your dream workshop in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay! We have a selection of new events for Simmers to create anything from an open-plan apartment with chic concrete and exposed metals, to a vintage garage decorated with classic cars and motorcycles. Look out Simmers, this will need some elbow grease!

We can’t wait to witness your workshop wonders! Tag us on Twitter and Instagram and use #TheSimsFreePlay! 

Hispanic Heritage Celebration

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve put together a free ‘Hispanic Heritage Celebration’ pack! Join us in celebrating our Hispanic Simmer community with traditional Oaxacan and Pallay rugs, as well as Hacienda walls and pool tiles! It’s available to redeem from the Online Store between September 15 and October 15.

Workshop Wonder Events

‘Illustrious Industrial’ Live Event

A timeless loft needs an illustrious, industrial style! Craft resources in this 13-day event to unlock a range of repurposed and recycled wares. From converted benchtops and knife racks, to coffee machines and trestle dining sets, these factory furnishes will breathe new life into your Sim’s home.

The large Grand Prize house template is an industrial studio exuding a modern chic style. It comes with a beautiful cooktop island that includes an all-new action for Toddler Sims, ‘Drum Pots’n’Pans’! Ah, it’s so noisy – but so cute!

Our EA Creator, The Girl Who Games, can guide you on how to play Live Events here.

SimChase Season 63: ‘Garage Grapple’

Get those hands dirty with classic, 1950s inspired garage items, including wall-mounted motorcycles, fuel pumps, garage doors, workbenches, and so much more! Your Sims will turn heads driving around SimTown in antique automobiles – plus, lift up the hood and use a new action, ‘Get Greasy Hands’, to tinker with the engine! 

Don’t let your rival get ahead in SimChase! We’ve got you covered with our SimChase tips and tricks here

Influence Island Events

We have not one, but two Influence Island events for Simmers to build out their industrial dreams. Sharpen those tongues, start influencing, and form the ultimate clan!

  • Season 41: A lavish lavatory awaits! Piece together a pristine bathroom to fit your sophisticated workshop loft, featuring studio toilets, bathtubs, sinks and mirrors.
  • Season 42: Decorate a photographer’s apartment! Express your inner shutterbug with a range of framed photos, city maps and camera bags. Embrace the industrial aesthetic with sliding container doors and metal canopy bed frames.

Check out our Influence Island FAQ here.

Other Live Events

‘Ghost Flustered’ Player Favorite Seasonal Quest

The spooky season is fast approaching! In preparation for Halloween, we’ve brought back a Player Favorite Seasonal Quest – ‘Ghost Flustered’! When four ghosts descend upon SimTown and start causing havoc with their trick-or-treating, who’re you gonna call? Your Sims will need to investigate this paranormal activity to save Halloween and win a range of quirky skin paints and spooky sleepwear for all age groups!

Don’t be left in the dark! Our EA Creator, The Girl Who Games, has put together a guide to ‘Ghost Flustered’ right here

More SimChase Events

Fall has begun and it’s the perfect time to take a trip, or stay inside where it’s nice and warm! Get ready to fly into these SimChases, full of cozy fall and travel items.

  • Season 64: Transit Tourney: Do your Sims have the travel bug? Show off your adventures with a range of travel photos, suitcases, souvenirs and more in this 9-day event. Create a cozy travel retreat with beautiful dishwashers, wood furnaces and marble benchtops!
  • Season 34: Autumn Action: Fall fashion choices are so important! This 7-day SimChase offers cute plaid skirt outfits and berets for Teenagers, cluttered buffet tables, retro fridges and more, so your Sims can stay warm and totally fashionable!”



Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.


Title Duration Start Date End Date
SimChase Season 63: Garage Grapple 9 days 29 Aug 9 Sep
Influence Island Season 41: Lavish Lavatory 10 days 29 Aug 11 Sep

‘Mean Curls’ Hobby Event – Long Hairstyles

7 days 7 Sep 15 Sep
‘Illustrious Industrial’ Live Event 13 days

10 Sep

25 Sep
Influence Island Season 42: Factory Flat 10 days 16 Sep 28 Sep
SimChase Season 64: Transit Tourney 9 days 23 Sep 3 Oct
Maternity Pack 38 9 days 26 Sep 15 Oct
‘Ghost Flustered’ Seasonal Quest 9 days 30 Sep 13 Oct

‘Gallery Français’ Live Event

10 days 2 Oct 15 Oct
SimChase Season 34: Autumn Action 7 days 7 Oct 15 Oct



Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
Beach Lookout

Enjoy this coastal landscape with Simoleons!

  • House template on a coastal Driveway lot.
699 LP 28 Aug 10 Sep
Punk Funk

Stylish punk outfits for Teenage Sims!

  • Teenage Male punk jackets, pants and shoes in 4 color variants each.
  • Teenage Female punk jackets, scarves, dresses, leggings and striped socks in 4 color variants each.
$8.99 29 Aug 11 Sep
Glass Veneer

Add some light to your loft with these items.

  • Single and double glass doors.
  • Single and double glass pivot windows.
  • Polished concrete floors.
  • Boarded cabin walls.
$11.99 30 Aug 12 Sep
Blooming Buns

Floral hairstyles for Adult Sims!
  • Tied up hairstyle decorated with a range of flowers around the bun, in 5 color variants each.
$9.99 3 Sep 16 Sep
Sumptuous Suburbia

A splendid home with Simoleons!
  • House template on a Standard lot.
549 LP 9 Sep 22 Sep
Furnace Furnishings

Get cozy with these industrial furnace items!

  • Workshop furnaces.
  • Firewood hand trolleys.
  • Firewood stockpile boxes.
  • Record shelves with vintage record players and stereos.
  • Pinecone pot plants.
  • Decorative wall logs.
$12.99 12 Sep 25 Sep
Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Celebrate Hispanic heritage with these traditional inspired items!
  • Traditional Oaxacan rugs.
  • Traditional Pallay rugs.
  • Traditional Hacienda tiled walls.
  • Traditional Hacienda pool paving.
FREE 15 Sep 15 Oct
Serene Sanctuary

A calming getaway with Simoleons!

  • House template on a Day Spa lot.
649 LP 21 Sep 4 Oct
Dynamic Dining

Dining furniture for every occasion!

  • Candlelit cake platters.
  • Studio wedding dining set.
  • Glamorous bar stools.
  • Lunar New Year themed buffet tables.
  • Colorful picnic tables.
$11.99 27 Sep 10 Oct
Cheetah-Print Chic

Classy cheetah-print Outfits for Adult Sims!
  • Vintage jackets, ruffle tops, skirts and fishnet stockings in 4 color variants each.
$4.99 3 Oct 16 Oct

Debonaire Domicile

An eclectic home with charm and Simoleons!

  • House template on a desert Driveway lot.
599 LP 3 Oct 16 Oct


* All packs are live 7AM UTC



‘Gallery Français’ Live Event.


‘Illustrious Industrial’ Live Event.


‘Mean Curls’ Hobby Event – Long Hairstyles.


Influence Island Season 41: Lavish Lavatory.


Influence Island Season 42: Factory Flat.


Maternity Pack 38.


‘Ghost Flustered’ Seasonal Quest.


SimChase Season 34: Autumn Action.


SimChase Season 63: Garage Grapple.


SimChase Season 64: Transit Tourney.


Pack images.

Beach Lookout.


Blooming Buns.


Cheetah-Print Chic.


Debonaire Domicile.


Dynamic Dining.


Furnace Furnishings.


Glass Veneer.


Hispanic Heritage Celebration.


Punk Funk.


Serene Sanctuary.


Sumptuous Suburbia.

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