New Spring Cleanup event coming soon to The Sims Mobile

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New Sims Mobile Event Alert!!!

Event Name: Spring Cleanup

Event: Limited-Time Quest & Event Box

Dates: 15th Feb to 1st March

Event Structure

1. Complete tasks from the two-week-long Quests to Earn Karma tokens.

2. Head to the shop and unlock new Items and Swatches with the Karma tokens!

In case a player is lagging behind in the Quest there will be special LTO’s to get ahead in the race! …(of course there will!)


EA creators will get more info soon and we’ll be able to share it once our embargo lifts for the update *I think*!


This new quest seems set to run right when everything in the current update ends so I would expect the details to come with the next update blast but at this point, I am still waiting on confirmation of that. 


I ran a Twitter poll about this event based on this information yesterday and this was the response.


Sad but telling results reflecting the state of the game right now.  


Perhaps my next poll should be ‘Do you want a new quest or would you rather have all the bugs fixed?!’

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