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It’s Christmas time in The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 9.30PM UTC Monday 27th November 2023.

Merry Melody Update Countdown

Here’s all the info from the official blog:

Sul Sul,

Get those party poppers and sparklers ready because The Sims™ FreePlay is turning twelve years old! Wow! We’re also diving headfirst into the holiday season and gearing up for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve bash. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

As you jump right into the festivities with your Sims, share your favorite moments with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and use #TheSimsFreePlay!

Let’s dive into what’s coming!

Santa: The Musical – Seasonal Quest
Prepare for the ultimate Holiday Quest! Your mission: find Santa and rescue Simsmas, whilst masterfully producing and starring in a dazzling musical! This quest features a star-studded cast that includes classics such as Santa, Mrs. Claus, Pepper, and the Ice Queen, as well as new characters. Let’s get this show on the road!


Reach the grand prize and unlock Broadway Park, a new home lot in the borough of a magnificent city. It includes a theater, reception, skating rink, loft apartment, and rooftop bar. It’s also packed with tons of new cheery decorations, beautiful bow windows, and even a taxi!

A December you’ll remember!

From December 14, we’re celebrating our birthday with glamorous events like the ‘Posh Party’ Bonanza sale and a premium house in the Store, The Gallery Hotel – so fancy! There are also 10 free Mystery Box Keys and epic discounts in the Home Store.


Celebrate the Holidays and New Year with exclusive decorations in the Store, triple Paperboy Rewards, gifts, plus much more!


Make sure to check in every day to join in the celebrations!


More Simsmas & New Year Events

SimChase Season 67: ‘Christmas Cook-Off!’
It’s time to stock up your kitchens for Simsmas! Unlock lavish wooden countertops in ‘Christmas Cook-Off’ and decorate with pudding, cheese boards, and gingerbread. There are also appliances like mixers and kitchen scales with new actions: ‘Tip the Scales’ and ‘Count Calories’. Plus, stay warm in style with our cozy sweaters for Toddlers and Seniors.


Influence Island Season 44:
Deck your Sims’ halls with bountiful holiday charm! For the bathroom, unlock tiled window frames draped in red and green curtains, beautiful shower cubicles, and ornate toilets. For the kids, there are delightful Simsmas trees and enchanting soldier figures, plus a festive cracker with a fun new action: ‘Pull Festive Cracker’!


SimChase Season 68: ‘Sparkling Sprint!’

‘Sparkling Sprint’ promises a radiant New Year’s Eve celebration! Roll out an easel-mounted TV screen and plush ottoman to sit back and enjoy some takeout. Throw an unforgettable party with a selfie backdrop, high-end drinks cart, and a charcuterie board with a new action, ‘Snack on Nibbles’. Plus, we’ve got glittering outfits and stylish hairstyles to ensure your Sims are dressed to the nines.

Other Live Events
Influence Island Season 26:

One for the tasteful Simmers! Revamp your abode with shabby chic countertops, open cabinets, elegant sinks, and stylish ceiling fans! Plus, snag some sophisticated attire for your Teenage Sims. Dive in and add a touch of class to your virtual living!

‘Long Hair’ Hobby Event

In the returning ‘Long Hair’ Hobby Event, you’ll find a new look for every Sim! From blonde to ginger, pigtails to bangs, straightened to braided, there are plenty of styles to enjoy.

‘Lofty Lifestyle’ Live Event

Live out your lofty dreams in an aesthetic apartment! The returning ‘Lofty Lifestyle’ Live Event will have you styling your homes with brick walls, wine shelves, drafting tables, laddered bookshelves, and bike wall décor! The crowning glory is a grand prize house template that makes this event an unmissable indulgence! 

SimChase Season 68: ‘Scandi Scrimmage!’

Add a touch of modern, urban, and minimalism in ‘Scandi Scrimmage’! There are sporty outfits for your Teenage Sims, along with shelved TV units and sleek wooden benchtop bars, dining sets, and buffet tables.”




Events List

All events start at 7 AM UTC.


Title Duration Start Date End Date
🆕Influence Island Season 44 10 days Nov 28 Dec 11
🆕SimChase Season 67: ‘Christmas Cook-Off!’ 9 days Nov 28 Dec 10
🆕Holiday Quest: ‘Santa: The Musical’ 13 days Dec 12 Dec 24
🆕SimChase Season 68: ‘Sparkling Sprint!’ 9 days Dec 25 Jan 5

Influence Island Season 26

10 days Dec 25 Jan 6
🆕Maternity Pack 40 10 days Jan 1 Jan 20
‘Lofty Lifestyle’ Live Event 10 days Jan 4 Jan 16
SimChase Season 35: ‘Scandi Scrimmage!’ 9 days Jan 11 Jan 21
Long Hair Hobby Event 7 days Jan 13 Jan 21


Special Events & Promotions List

All promos start at 7 AM UTC.
Please note: The below table is to give you an overview of the celebration-themed events we have lined up with this holiday season update. The exact specifics of certain sales such as items and price can be found in the table following this one.


Event / Promotion Name Type Duration Start Date End Date
Influence Island Season 44 Influence Island 10 days Nov 28 Dec 11
SimChase Season 67: ‘Christmas Cook-Off!’ SimChase 9 days Nov 28 Dec 10
Free Xmas Gift in the Home Store  Freebies 26 days Dec 1 Dec 26
Santa: The Musical Christmas Quest 13 days Dec 12 Dec 24
‘Festive Family’ Xmas Pack Sale Special content pack 7 days Dec 14 Dec 20
LP Bonuses (up to 50% off) Currency sale 6 days Dec 14 Dec 19
‘The Gallery Hotel’ Premium House Limited Time Sale 13 days Dec 14 Dec 26
10 Free Mystery Box Keys  Freebies 2 days Dec 15 Dec 16
Up to 30% off Mega Discounts in the Home Store Home Store Offer 2 days Dec 15 Dec 16
Paperboy Triple Rewards Paper Boy 3 days Dec 17 Dec 19
‘Posh Party’ Bonanza Sale Special content pack 7 days Dec 20 Dec 26
Double LP rewards Currency sale 3 days Dec 23 Dec 25
SimChase Season 68: ‘Sparkling Sprint!’ SimChase 9 days Dec 25 Jan 5
Influence Island Season 26 Influence Island  10 days Dec 25 Jan 6
SP Bonuses (up to 50% off) Currency Sale 8 days Dec 25 Jan 1
‘Sparkle & Shine’ New Year’s Pack Sale Special Content Pack 7 days Dec 27 Jan 2
‘Bright Beverages’ New Year’s Pack Sale Special Content Pack 7 days Dec 27 Jan 2


New Sales List

All packs are live starting at 7 AM UTC.


Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date

Stately StatehouseA dignified, private home and Simoleons!
  • House template
  • 50000 Simoleons
699 LP Nov 27 Dec 10
Wainscot Washroom

Items for an antique apartment bathroom!

  • Antique bathroom floorings x 3
  • Bathroom doors x 4 
  • Tiled interior walls x 4
$12.99 Nov 27 Dec 11
Christmas Cabin

Festive items for a holiday retreat!

  • Santa pinecone Decor items  x2
  • Wood tree Decor items x 2
  • Roof lamps x 3
  • Fireplaces x 3
$8.99 Nov 30 Dec 13
Alpine Abode

A mountainous ski resort!

  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
549 LP Dec 9 Dec 22
Festive Family

Wholesome Xmas sweaters for the whole family!

  • Adult Female and Adult Male sweaters x 2
  • Male sweaters x 2
  • Infant sweaters x 2
  • Maternity sweaters x2
$9.99 Dec 14 Dec 20

Family FeastBring the family together for a grand feast!!
  • Food table décor, turkey x 3
  • Christmas-themed decorated dining table x 3
  • Dining table chairs x 3
  • Lavish ovens x 3
$9.99 Dec 14 Dec 27
The Gallery Hotel

A grand, art-adorned venue and Simoleons!

  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
699 LP Dec 14 Dec 26

Posh Party Bronze Bonanza
  • Food décor, macarons x 2
  • Contemporary table lamp x 3
  • Buffet table x 1
  • Mirror wall x 1
  • Wall decor, drinks storage x 1
  • 1M Simoleons
$4.99 Dec 20 Dec 26

Posh Party Silver Bonanza
  • Windows x 2
  • Wall decor, keys x 2
  • Moroccan-themed wall interior x 2
  • Roof lamp x 2
  • Floorings x2
  • 1.5M Simoleons
  • 10 LPs
$7.99 Dec 20 Dec 26
Posh Party Gold Bonanza
  • Seating objects x 2
  • Décor, glitter x 2
  • Décor, ceiling x 2
  • Décor, party themed x 2
  • Décor, presents x 2
  • Décor, wreaths x 2
  • Adult hair x 4
  • 3.5M Simoleons
  • 60 LPs
  • 20 SPs
$14.99 Dec 20 Dec 26
Posh Party Bonus Bonanza Pack
  • Adult hair x 3
  • Contemporary stairs x 3
NA Dec 20 Dec 26
Logwood Lodges

A pair of holiday cabins and Simoleons!

  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
649 LP Dec 21 Jan 3
Sparkle and Shine party pack

Dress your best for a fun night out!
  • Dazzling adult female outfits x 4
$9.99 Dec 27 Jan 2
Bright Beverages party pack

Bar fridges and lighting for a fun night out!
  • Ring roof lamps x 2
  • Roof lamps x 2
  • Floor lamps x 2
  • Benchtop bar fridge x 4
  • Table lamp x 2
$12.99 Dec 27 Jan 2
Pastel Parlor

Furnish a cute pastel living space!
  • Pastel coffee table x 2
  • Floor lamp x 2
  • Decor, bottles x 2
  • Decor, tissues x 2
  • Decor, perfume x 2
  • Wall mirror x 2
$11.99 Jan 3 Jan 16
Vast Vistas

Enjoy the views with tall doors and windows!
  • Tall quad windows x 3
  • Single contemporary door
  • Double contemporary door
  • Triple seated box window x 3
  • Quadruple seated box window x 3
$12.99 Jan 3 Jan 16
Luscious Lodgings

Your master bedroom will exude total comfort!
  • King size bed x 3
  • Bedside table x 3
  • Rugs x 3
$7.99 Jan 9 Jan 22
Sit in Style

Relax and entertain in these comfy lounges!
  • Drinks table x 1
  • Single seat sofa x 4
  • Dual seat sofa x 1
  • Three-seater sofa x 3
  • Sidetable x 1
  • Corner sofa x 1
$7.99 Jan 9 Jan 22
Terrace Townhouse

A cottage, terraced garden and Simoleons!
  • House Template
  • 50,000 Simoleons
599 LP Jan 9 Jan 22



Christmas Cook-Off.


Influence Island S44.


Santa the Musical.

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  1. SimsPlayer
    November 25, 2023 / 2:10 am

    Thank you for your hard work in providing us with the exciting update details! Everything looks wonderful! I do miss the little photos of the online packs though.x

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