Happy New Year!

Wow, 2022.

I think I can say with great conviction that 2021 was quite possibly the worst year ever for The Sims Mobile.

The game was passed along to another team within FireMonkeys and the community was left swamped with bugs, glitches, countless issues and basically it feels like we’re starting with the game from scratch. Or even worse than from scratch.

I can’t help but get the feeling, after this latest team change, that no one really knows how The Sims Mobile actually works. It’s so broken.

I make these lists every year (you can see the list from last year here) but I am almost at a loss for making a list this year. Not because I don’t have wishes for the game but because I have serious doubts that anything will be implemented.

My hope has been dwindling each month as updates have been released and more and more issues have arisen. Most games have issues but recently these issues haven’t even been getting fixed. Even time-sensitive ones like the addition of the new swatches which were added as a way to keep long-time players happy which then upon release were impossible to get because of a bug. That truly shocked me that that wasn’t fixed in time and speak volumes about the state of the game.

Most of the time it feels like the only thing that gets any attention is the paid packs and even they are buggy. 

This isn’t new content. This is content brought over from The Sims 4 and The Sims Freeplay. This whole situation is not ok.

This is not an attack on the gurus. I don’t envy them at all in the position they are in. I am sure they are doing all they can but something somewhere needs to change and some DRASTIC action needs to be taken.


Anyway… let’s get into it. As frivolous as it might be a will try to keep a positive outlook and present to you my list of 10 things The Sims Mobile needs in 2022.


  1. Bug fixes! Fix ALL the bugs. I could have itemized them and that would have taken up all 22 items on the list, to be honest but that wouldn’t be much fun!
  2. Better playtesting ahead of releases. As an EA Creator, I get early access to the builds and we find so many issues. Most of the time these aren’t able to be fixed before the update is released because we get the build so close to the worldwide release. Then you guys in the community find even more. I can’t help but think that some of them could be caught by their own testing and inspections. The haunted mansion from the Halloween update for example. What the heck was that about?!
  3. Add more stories. Please please, please.
  4. More levels and rewards as you hit them. So many Sims Mobile players are long-time players and hit the highest levels ages ago. When 10 extra were added we shot up to them due to how much XP we’d stored up and how much we play. We need a heap of new levels, rewards and incentives added all at once.
  5. Designer homes updates. We need to have the ability to save homes we’ve bought and built. Also, it would be great if we could move items or keep them on a lot so we can place homes without having issues (like babies).
  6. More home lots. We have so many designer homes and not enough lots to place them on.
  7. Family tree. I’ve been asking for this for a long time but I’d still love to see how each of my sims is connected to each other in a family tree system.
  8. More friends. This is another thing I’ve been asking for for years! Still hoping! 50 is not enough!
  9. The ability to sell excess items. Especially if Sim festival is going to keep making us buy so much.
  10. Snow…


I’m not even going to list other wants and needs like pools, pets, balconies, new locations, etc, because I don’t see any of those things happening in the near future.

The Sims Mobile needs some serious help. In my opinion, it needs to be pulled from the app store and fixed from the ground up with a serious re-evaluation to take it back to the game it once was and then build on it from there.

If we are constantly met with responses from the Gurus that things we request can’t be added to the game because they will break everything else and then even the basics of things that are added are breaking the game too then there really is no hope.

I hope I am wrong and I hope they can fix everything but it really is such a huge job on top of what they need to do each month to keep the game updates releasing.

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  1. Lily
    February 19, 2022 / 7:16 am

    I have some suggestions too..
    -Much more lifestyle levels (an average player hits final level about in level 40?)
    -Lower pricing (especially surprising choice)
    -More npc:s. (nearly all npc:s in my city are retired)
    (love ur vids!) 🙂

    • Rachybop
      February 21, 2022 / 10:42 am

      Agreed! (and thank you 😀 )

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