Hop into Spring with the Sims Mobile Easter Challenge

I asked ChatGPT to create us an Easter challenge (because I am obsessed with ChatGPT right now!) and here’s what it came up with…

The Sims Mobile Wumples Easter

Build Challenge: For the build challenge, create an Easter-themed park for Sims to visit and enjoy. The park should include Easter-themed decorations such as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and flowers. You can also include Easter-themed activities such as an Easter egg hunt, face painting booth, and a photo booth where Sims can take pictures with the Easter bunny. Make sure to add plenty of seating areas and food stands for Sims to relax and grab a bite to eat.

Create-a-Sim Challenge: For the create-a-sim challenge, create a Sim who embodies the spirit of Easter. The Sim should be wearing an Easter-inspired outfit, such as a pastel-colored dress or suit, and have an Easter basket accessory. You can also include Easter-themed makeup and hairstyles. As an optional bonus challenge, create a second Sim who represents the Easter Bunny and have them pose together in a springtime setting.


Obviously, we will have to be a little extra creative with some of the things it suggests as we don’t have them in the game (and maybe some we do but you missed out on them so far), but that’s all part of the fun!

You don’t really even have to do this in The Sims Mobile of course. You can try The Sims Freeplay, The Sims 4 or any Sims game!

I’d love to see what you create! Tweet me @rachybop, leave a comment here on my blog or find me anywhere on socials as ‘rachybop/rachybopgaming’ to show me your creations. #RachybopEasterChallengeTSM

If you’d like more challenges let me know!

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