The Sims Mobile Hello Japan! Update… again [Sep-Nov 2023]

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Yep, you read that correctly! This Sims Mobile update has the same name as one we’ve seen previously: Hello Japan!

So, what does it entail? Well, essentially the same stuff as before (great if you missed out!) with some additions to cover the extra time it runs for.

It’s one thing to repeat the Sims Festival but to repeat the actual name of the update too seems very strange and will surely lead to confusion!

This blog post covers the update info from the last time it ran in 2021 and this one shows how the festival prize track looked.

It will look a little different this time (explained below) but we haven’t been provided with any info to share as yet.

This video on my YouTube channel covers the update from when it previously ran and shows the items in detail.


Here are all the details for this update from the official blog notes:-

“Sul Sul!


Sim Festival Season Fourteen brings back “Hello Japan!”. We are excited to open up The Sims Mobile vault to give players a look at our most imaginative limited content runs. Given how long it has been since “Hello Japan!” was originally released, we realized how this would be an amazing opportunity to allow players to revisit and rediscover all the goodness all over again. Yamachan returns as well, as your animated friend and educated guide. It’s time to let your Sims fill themselves with joy, positivity, and tranquility!


This Festival Pass does come with new additions to it so that both new and old players have something to look forward to! This includes a new Treasure Hunt that celebrates 100 Years of Hollywood, and two new Sweet Treat Showdowns! We also have Pastel Positano–a new house template based on the Italian Amalfi coast–and a brand new story that revolves around a certain garden gnome and bickering couple!

What’s new with the Battle Pass?

The Battlepass is being increased from 60 tiers to 70 tiers, as we have some brand new items that are being added to the Premium Track of the Festival Pass. They are as follows:


  • Blooming Spring Floral Skirt (Tier 13) 
  • Yamachan Outfit (Tier 27) 
  • Paper Charm Lanterns (Tier 37) 
  • When Spring Begins Snow Jacket (Tier 40)
  • Ocean Weaves Bed (Tier 55)


A few Items from the previous Premium Pass have been moved to the Free Pass so players who missed out on it last time can obtain them by playing the Free Track. Those items are:


  • Ssh! Shoji Screen Door
  • Absolute Smokeshow Eyeshadow
  • A Koiful Pond
  • Harmonious Shoji Screen Wall


You can read more about the original Hello Japan! Festival Pass here.

Here’s a dive into everything that’s new, amazing, and exciting with Sim Festival Season Fourteen:

Pastel Positano – House Template

From sipping your morning coffee with a view of the big blue sea to going on long walks to catch some cool night breeze. The Italian coastal-house-design-inspired Pastel Positano House is the perfect place to celebrate life with the ones you love.


With this update, you’ll be able to get your hands on the brand new colorful House Template which features decor that was part of the grand prizes of previous Treasure Hunts and Sweet Treat Showdowns, just in case you missed out on grabbing those back then.


Sweet Treat Showdown Live Events


Glass Cacti – Sweet Treat Showdown

In the middle of the desert. Yes, that’s where we imagine the world’s richest billionaire would throw a party. Why? Because they can! And with the latest Sweet Treat Showdown, so can your Sim!

The items here are kinda odd, slightly eclectic, but definitely exotic.


Grand Prizes:

  • Sandsational Glow Hearth
  • Opulent Oasis BBQ
  • Affluent Escape Coverup
  • Dead-Luxe Knot

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Harsh Elegance Couch
  • Geometric View Portal
  • Gradient Glam Hair

Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Dessert Oasis Sip Spot
  • Classy Concrete Shelf
  • Sand Sip Seating
  • Plush Relaxation Nook
  • Dune Decadence Table End
  • Worn -in Comfort Shorts
  • Sonic Shade Spectacles


Camp Rebel – Sweet Treat Showdown

Nobody that fits in will be let in. Calling all rebels, rascals, and rabble-rousers. It’s time for you to truly be yourself and let loose at Camp Rebel. Rustic, grungy, and rebellious, we’ve handcrafted each item to perfectly represent your vibe. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, for the first time ever in TSM, the grand-prize of this showdown is a story!

Grand Prizes:

  • Gnome Love Lost Story
  • Grunge Nap Zone
  • Renegade Ignition
  • Wilderness Party Hair
  • Rage Release Sack

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Rebel Feast Hub
  • Quint-Essential Quilt Robe
  • Edgy Eat Seat

Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Industrial Tome Haven
  • Flawed Reflection Center
  • Rustic Rubber Rest
  • Hungry Howl Tee
  • Flannel Flare For Wild 
  • Rescued Radiance
  • Sole Expression Sneakers


Gnome Love Lost Story

They were going through a divorce and deciding who gets to keep what. It seemed to have been going well enough until both of them reached out to grab their beloved gnome at the very same time, with neither of them willing to let go. Who’ll get to keep it? Play this brand new story and you’ll get to gnome.


Treasure Hunt Live Events


Deco Glam – Treasure Hunt

Partake in the 100 years of Hollywood celebrations by draping your Sims in outfits that shimmer and shine! With unique and fancy dresses, luxurious interiors, and much more, this update will let you realize your dream of living like a Hollywood mega-star through your Sim!

Grand Prizes:

  • Glam Guardrail
  • Glam Guardrail
  • Deco Blaze Central
  • Celestial Siren Ensemble

Pyramid Prizes:

  • Glamour Era Column
  • Posh Culinary Coat
  • Sophisticated Slide-Out
  • Disc-O Delight Dresser
  • Chic Companion Sofa
  • Prestige Archway
  • Luxury Circle Trellis
  • Cosmic Illumination
  • Metallic Splendour Lamp
  • Dark Bloom Illumination
  • Elegant Table Luminary
  • Bright Bonsai Bling
  • Whiskered Green Buddy
  • Sultry Villian Mitts

Have questions about Treasure Hunt? Become an expert like Smallfry by reading our tips and tricks FAQ here.

Here are the Event dates for this update (all dates in PST)

  • Sim Festival Season Fourteen: Hello Japan!, 65-day Event starting 15th September
  • Treasure Hunt: Gamer’s Paradise Re-run for 9 days, starting 15th September
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 18th September
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Glass Cacti, 11-day Event starting 25th September
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 2nd October
  • Treasure Hunt: Fright Night Re-run, 11-day Event starting 9th October
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 16th October
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Camp Rebel, 11-day Event starting 23rd October
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 30th October
  • Treasure Hunt: Once Upon a Time in Simwood, 11-day Event starting 6th November
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 13th November”


Not the most exciting update in my opinion, especially as it is one that runs over Halloween but hey, maybe the Holiday update will be better????

The Hollywood stuff looks lovely and I love that we’re getting a new story. I think everything has just been so tainted by bugs and lack of responsibility by EA that I can’t get around the fact that this story probably has bugs too. Why would it not given the track record? I really hope not of course! Hopefully the team are able to gather data and learn how the game works so they can avoid things like that once they’ve happened.

It does all feel like a bit of a test surface now though and the fact that the game is still charging people money for things like houses and items that aren’t functional blows my mind.

I digress…

This update might prove to be exciting on release but I can’t really say if it is or isn’t like I usually would as we (EA creators) weren’t provided with a preview build this time around.

Things like the history of the game for the recent years, preview builds being skipped for influencers and sim fest repeats are real red flags to me. Is all hope lost for The Sims Mobile?

Even with the small glimmer of what we know about this update I have questions. Why repeat a Sim Fest? It could be a good thing, it could be allowing them extra time for the holiday update, but is that just to create it to the standard things have been created recently or something extra? 

Also, why is the ‘Pastel’ house not pastel?? I-

I shouldn’t be nervous to tour each house we get but, my goodness, I am.

I hate posting so negatively. I hate that this is what it’s come to.

Make a wish, update your game, and let’s see what we’re in for…


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  1. rye
    September 15, 2023 / 10:15 am

    “I hate posting so negatively. I hate that this is what it’s come to.” sorry about that rachybop💔, you’re one of the most important people in our comunity. ty for sticking with us

    • Rachybop
      October 23, 2023 / 9:41 am

      Thank you for this lovely comment and sorry for sucha slow reply! Not sure why I didn’t see your comment sooner

  2. Cinamon Laughton
    September 16, 2023 / 1:29 am

    I’m so confused 😐 Why release an Italian house with a Japanese Sims Festival ? I completed the first run so hopefully they have some good bonus items for the paid track . Out of all the reruns we need it would really would have been nice to have the model ing career that so many of us are pleading for !

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