The Sims Mobile team issue an update about the ‘Where’s the Network’ error

We have an update from the team about the notorious ‘Where’s the network error’!

This update was posted to SimGuruPedro’s twitter:

“Sul Sul!

We’re releasing a new update that will roll out in the next few hours and we highly recommend you download it for a couple of reasons.

This update has some technical changes to the game which will allow us to better work on the “Where’s The Network” error.

Speaking of which, you might not see the “WTN” error message as we’ve made a few changes to the error messages. Now instead of the “Where’s The Network” error, you will likely see the “Connection Lost” error. This change was made to reduce the confusion caused when there’s maintenance or if the player actually has network issues.

Additionally, this update also includes compensation. There’s compensation for players affected by the maintenance downtime and there’s additional compensation for the “WTN” affected players. We heard your feedback and are also including SimCash and one Grand Prize from each missed event. The “WTN” compensation will be rolled out by 25th March. Please check your inventory to find the items as you won’t get a pop-up for them but they will already be in your account. And if the fix takes longer to arrive then we will appropriately compensate players further.

You may also notice that the Sticker Contest has a slightly different time frame. Going forward, the Sticker Contests will begin at 9:30 PM PST on Sunday. Besides that, nothing else changes.

This update also features minor bug fixes:

  • The invisible torso will now be visible.
  • The Studio Kang lights will now turn on properly.
  • The “Brood Charismatically over your Sim-Drama Crush” and the “Practice Sim-Pop Dance Moves” missing appointments now show up.
  • A few CAS clothing clipping has been resolved.

Thank you for your patience and please be assured we continue to work on a fix for players affected by the “Where’s The Network” error.”

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