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It’s time to create a pastel paradise in The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 9.30PM UTC Monday 16th October 2023.

Pretty Pastel update countdown


Here’s all the info from the official blog: 

“Sul Sul,

Your Sims will look pretty in pastel in the latest update of The Sims™ FreePlay! We can’t wait for Simmers to jump into this update and embrace an aesthetic that’s cute, delicate and fun! Whether you’re living out your Sim’s dreams in a pink mansion, decorating a teen’s bedroom or skating around the neighborhood in pastel colors, you’ll find plenty to love in these colorful events.

We’re excited to see your pastel plans come to life! Tag us on Twitter and Instagram and use #TheSimsFreePlay!

But first, let’s see what else is new in this update…

Sim Springs Neighborhood 4

Welcome to Eco Esplanade, the fourth neighborhood in the desert town of Sim Springs! This neighborhood is all about environmental sustainability.

After reaching Player Level 40 and completing the previous three neighborhoods, you’ll discover a bridge to Eco Esplanade. Start completing daily tasks for Johnny Zest, and transform this barren patch of sand into a green and sustainable metropolis!

Take a look at the new features you’ll discover in Eco Esplanade.

‘Eco Center’ Community Lot

The grand prize of Eco Esplanade is the ‘Eco Center’ community lot, an environmental institution dedicated to the sustainability of Sim Springs. It’s situated on an extra large lot, and features a reception, cafeteria, library, half-court, greenhouses, community gardens – everything your Sims need to work for an eco-friendly future!

Sim Autonomy Actions

As you increase Eco Esplanade’s Neighborhood Rank, you can unlock special ‘autonomy’ actions. These allow your Sims to perform actions entirely on their own, whenever the relevant item is available for them to use. The actions include watering plants, using barbecues, and grabbing a snack from a fridge. And, once you unlock these actions in Eco Esplanade, they will apply across the entire game.

Neighborhood Prizes

Your Sims can earn a range of eco-friendly prizes while completing daily tasks in Eco Esplanade. The prizes include sleek, wooden bay windows to accentuate your house’s façade, modern spiral staircases, and outdoor ponds with bridges. Make sure to keep up your daily streak, and finish your tasks on time to earn the Extra Zesty Prize!

After completing daily tasks for each of the four lots, you can start improving your Neighborhood Rank to populate Eco Esplanade with modern infrastructure, wind turbines, water features and of course, more plants!

We’ve updated the Sim Springs FAQ with everything you need to know about Eco Esplanade.

Day of the Dead

We love to celebrate diverse cultures from around the world and bring them to SimTown. As revealed during the Behind The Sims Community Stream, we will be commemorating Mexican culture and heritage for Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead! We would like to thank our EA creator, Michiiiro, for suggesting this special theme.

Influence Island Season 43

Celebrate Day of the Dead with a new Influence Island season packed with traditional Mexican outfits and items!

Your Sims can embrace this holiday with beautiful catrina dresses, traditional skeleton body paints, and sugar skull halo crowns. These outfits are so impressive! There’s also a new action for Sims to remember the dead, ‘Speak of Spirits’. Enjoy a range of commemorative items including paper festoons, ofrenda altars and calavera skulls. Your Sims can even taste the pan de muerto – bread of the dead!

Check out our Influence Island FAQ here.

‘Day of the Dead Celebration’ Pack

Pets can join in the celebrations too! Welcome these colorfully painted shorthair cats and pugs into your Sim family. Plus, decorate your walls with traditional alebrijes skeletons. This pack will be available in the Store between October 31 and November 6.

Quality of Life Improvements

Base Game Additions: Rice Dishes

Mmm, something smells delicious! Your Sims can now cook a selection of new rice dishes from any rice cooker, including katsu curry, green curry, pad kra pow, pilaf and chana masala! They look so tasty!

Don’t own a rice cooker? Pick one up in the Store with the ‘Luxurious Kitchen Appliances’ Pack between November 25 and 27.

Base Game Additions: Framed Art

Spruce up your Sim’s home with some framed art! Our talented SimGurus have created 12 new artworks for you to decorate your walls. There are pastel images, landscapes, still life, plus so much more!

You can find them all in the Decorations tab of The Home Store from October 17.

Pretty Pastel Events

‘Pastel Pad’ Live Event

Pink! Peach! Aqua! There’s so much to love about pastel color palettes. And in this 13-day event, your Sims can earn a collection of soft-hued prizes to build a pastel paradise! Your Sims will need to craft resources to unlock perfume bottles, painted mirrors, shell seat toilets, candlelit baths (complete with a caddy and tablet screen), and a totally cute hot tub! There’s also braided floral hairstyles for Teen and Adult Sims.

Build your Sims’ dream house with this grand prize: it’s a pastel share house inspired by ‘80s contemporary mansions. Pools and palm trees surround an outdoor area perfect for your Sim’s parties. There’s also three cute bedrooms painted in neutral pinks, yellows and greens, plus a bar area and matching bathrooms.

Our EA Creator, The Girl Who Games, can guide you on how to play Live Events here.

SimChase Season 66: ‘Sweet Skate-Off’

Gnarly! Become a skating pro in this 9-day SimChase, where your Sims can earn a pair of pastel skateboards. These come with new actions including “Shred the Ground” and “Free Skate”, allowing your Sims to carve up the concrete on any of your home lots – that’s radical! Plus, your Teen Sims will turn heads on the sidewalk with these baggy tops, checkered pants and long pigtails.

Deck out a teen’s bedroom with a range of other pastel items, including floral scratchers for cats, makeup vanities, cute cow plushies, bean bags, clothes racks and more!

Race ahead of your rival! Check out our SimChase tips and tricks here.

‘Sweet Soirée’ Bonanza

Curate a pastel party for your Sims during the ‘Sweet Soirée’ Bonanza event! Sweeten up your Sim’s next gathering with huge wall-mounted wristwatches, study desks, floral decorations, pumpkin-themed dining sets, and jewelry-adorned hairstyles for Adult Sims!

Unlock all three tiers and receive a bonus free pack that includes pastel-flavored instant cameras, with new actions “Snap an Instant Pic” and “Snap Vintage Selfies”. These old-fashioned photos are so retro! Right in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the ‘Sweet Soirée’ Bonanza will be available in the Store between November 21 and 27.

Other Live Events

‘Marvellously Maximalist’ Live Event

Embrace excessive aesthetics in ‘Marvellously Maximalist’! In this returning 10-day event, you’ll craft resources to unlock everything from faux animal décor, to jewel-encrusted leopard statues, to a range of curtains and seating with bold, loud patterns.

Go big, and go home, with a grand prize house template that takes interior design to the marvelous max. It’s a colorful retreat with wide reaching balconies and patios, decorated with wall-mounted faux-zebras, matching rugs, patterned wallpaper, peacock curtains – goodness, there’s just so much to look at!

‘Chocolatier’ Hobby Event

Simmers, Halloween is upon us! It’s time for your Sims to fill their houses with chocolates and organize a costume!

Craft chocolates in the ‘Chocolatier’ Hobby Event to unlock a trick-or-treat sack full of outfits. The costumes cover a range of age groups, and include everything from ghosts, to zombies, vampires, witches, pirates, vikings – even a unicorn!

Our EA Creator, The Girl Who Games, can guide you on this Hobby Event here.

‘Thanksgiving’ Player Favorite Seasonal Quest

Gobble, gobble! Thanksgiving is coming up, and so is our Player Favorite Seasonal Quest where your Sims can claim their very own turkey pets. When a mysterious Sim named Ms. Pennyworth arrives in SimTown with a strange bird named Mr. Snoody, your Sims will need to look after this feathered friend for a Thanksgiving they’ll never forget.

Our EA Creator, The Girl Who Games, has put together a guide to ‘Thanksgiving’ right here.”


Events List

All events start at 7AM UTC.


Title Duration Start Date End Date
🆕Sim Springs Neighborhood 4: Eco Esplanade 44 days Oct 17 N/A
🆕Influence Island Season 43: Day of the Dead 10 days Oct 17 Nov 2
🆕SimChase Season 65: Paddock Panic! 9 days Oct 17 Oct 28

‘Chocolatier’ Hobby Event

7 days Oct 23 Nov 1
🆕‘Pastel Pad’ Live Event 13 days Oct 28 Nov 12
🆕Maternity Pack 39 9 days Nov 2 Nov 21

Influence Island Season 15: Lofty Lifestyle

10 days Nov 6 Nov 17
‘Marvellously Maximalist’ Live Event 10 days Nov 14 Nov 26
🆕SimChase Season 66: Sweet Skate-Off! 9 days Nov 16 Nov 26
‘Thanksgiving’ Seasonal Quest 3 days Nov 18 Nov 26



New Sales List

All packs are live at 7AM UTC.


Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date

End Date

Classy Coasthouse 

A divine beachside estate and Simoleons!

●        House template on an Ocean View lot

●        50K Simoleons

699 LP Oct 17 Oct 30
Chuffed Chaises


Luscious lounges, plus Simoleons!

●        Pastel chaise and sofa set

●        Cottage armchairs

●        50K Simoleons

$8.99 Oct 17 Oct 20
Share Dolls


Save 10% on a playful action and SP!

●        “Share Dolls” action for Preteen and Toddler Sims

●        10 SP

$4.99 Oct 21 Oct 23
Lucky Sims


Save 50% on Hobby Spins, Cakes and Keys!

●        5 Lucky Hobby Spins

●        2 Rainbow Cakes

●        2 Mystery Box Keys

$12.99 Oct 24 Oct 27
Perform Fiery Feat


Save 10% on a fire twirling action and LP!

●        “Perform Fiery Feat” action for Teen, Adult and Senior Sims

●        10 LP

$4.99 Oct 28 Oct 30
Magic Academy 

A school for the magical arts and Simoleons!

●        House template on a forest lot

●        50K Simoleons

549 LP Oct 28 Nov 10
Day of the Dead Celebration


Celebrate Día de Muertos with Pets and décor!

●        Traditional skeleton shorthair Cat pet

●        Traditional skeleton Pug pet

●        Alebrijes skeleton wall décor

$9.99 Oct 31 Nov 6
Pretty Property


Create a home or business on this empty lot!

●        ‘Empty Business Lot’ house template in Standard and Ocean View sizes

●        Modern white doors, sliding windows and angled windows in single and double sizes

$14.99 Nov 7 Nov 13
Cute Café 

Your next business venture and Simoleons!

●        House template on a Driveway lot

●        50K Simoleons

649 LP Nov 9 Nov 22
Folksy Farmstead 

A quaint ranch house and Simoleons!

●        House template on a farm lot

●        50K Simoleons

599 LP Nov 14 Nov 27
Fancy Fireside


Pastel fireplaces, plus Cakes and a Key!

●        Pastel fireplaces

●        2 Rainbow Cakes

●        1 Mystery Box Key

$8.99 Nov 14 Nov 20

Sweet Soirée Bronze Bonanza

●        Decorative tableware

●        Pumpkin-adorned dining set

●        Pie-shaped bunting

●        1M Simoleons

$4.99 Nov 21 Nov 27
Sweet Soirée Silver Bonanza ●        Overhanging flowers

●        Floral lamps

●        Hanging Plumbob lights

●        Egg-shaped mirrors

●        Flower arrangements

●        1.5M Simoleons

●        10 LP

$7.99 Nov 21 Nov 27
Sweet Soirée Gold Bonanza ●        Pastel study desks

●        Pastel trash cans

●        Wall-mounted wristwatches

●        Mushroom pot plants

●        Checkered calendars

●        Pottery stations

●        Adorned Hairstyles for Adult Sims in 4 color variants

●        3.5M Simoleons

●        60 LP

●        20 SP

$14.99 Nov 21 Nov 27
Sweet Soirée Bonus Bonanza ●        Instant cameras with new actions

●        Adorned Hairstyles for Adult Sims in 3 color variants

Free (after buying other Bonanza tiers) Nov 21 Nov 27



‘Chocolatier’ hobby event.


‘Marvellously Maximalist’ Live Event.


‘Pastel Pad’ Live Event.


Influence Island season 15 – ‘Lofty Lifestyle’.


Influence Island season 43 – Day of the Dead.


Maternity pack 39.


Player favourite – ‘Thanksgiving’ seasonal quest.


SimChase season 65 – Paddock Panic!


SimChase season 66 – Sweet Skate-Off!



Chuffed Chaises.


Classy Coasthouse.


Cute Cafe.


Day of the Dead Celebration.


Fancy Fireside.


Folksy Farmstead.


Lucky Sims.


Magic Academy.


Perform Fiery Feat.


Pretty Property.


Share Dolls.


Sweet Soiree Bonanza.



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