The Sims Freeplay Live Laugh Loft update [April-June 2023]

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Luxury loft living is back with even more industrial-chic style in The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 10.30PM UTC Monday 17th April 2023.

CountdownHere’s all the info from the official blog: 

Sul Sul,

Live the high life and style your Sim’s home to look like a luxury loft in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay! The new items from our latest Live Event and Influence Island will make an industrial warehouse-style space feel large, bright and airy with a mixture of metals, textured furniture, brick walls and effortlessly stylish décor to help give a comforting, warm aesthetic. 

We can’t wait to see your creations on Twitter and Instagram, tag us and use #TheSimsFreePlay!

Sim Springs Neighborhood 3

During our FreePlayFest 11th Birthday [] celebrations last year and the January edition of the ‘Behind The Sims’ Community Stream[], we revealed the third Sim Springs neighborhood was in development! Now, Berry Boulevard, the third extension in the desert town is now open. 

Complete daily tasks to help Johnny Zest bring the tumbleweed town back to life and revitalize it into a stunning oasis. This new area seamlessly connects to the two existing neighborhoods and has a few new features you should know about. 

Increased Player Level

Before you can experience everything that the third neighborhood has to offer, you must complete areas one and two first, and hit Player Level 38.

Conference Center Community Lot

The special Community Lot is called Happy Valley Motel. The giant precinct also functions like a Conference Centre, situated on an exclusive extra-large lot size of 54×36. The multiple zones on the lot feature stylish indoor and outdoor areas that your Sims can use for a relaxing holiday, business events, social gatherings and much more.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve also increased the item level cap from 999 to 2,000 objects that can be placed on a lot! Once you’ve completed Community Lot in Bery Boulevard, the increased item cap will be carried over into Standard and Premium lots in SimTown. 

Sim Autonomy Actions

There are lots of daily prizes to redeem as you progress through the 60-day event, but specifically when Berry Boulevard increases in neighborhood rank, you’ll earn Sim autonomy actions as prizes that will apply to all Sims in your game:

  • Take a selfie
  • Look in the mirror
  • Grab a glass of water from a fridge

Neighborhood Prizes

Increase your town’s happiness by chipping away at Neighborhood Tasks! To earn a fun-filled Amusement Park that animates and glows at sunset, you need to get Berry Boulevard to the Ultimate Rank by completing Neighborhood Tasks once all daily tasks and renovations on all four lots are complete.

We’ve updated the Sim Springs FAQ [] with everything you need to know about Berry Boulevard!

Cultural Inclusion – Base Game Additions!

We love highlighting the wide range of diversity around the world and bringing it to SimTown, so here are even more ways we’re celebrating global cultures for everyone to enjoy: 

New Face Type

Yes, you read that correctly! We’re delivering another new face type for the third update in a row! Inspired by the South Asian region, this free addition to ‘Create A Sim’ should help update your Sim’s look to feel more authentically like you. 


To highlight Sikh representation for the first time, a traditional turban is now available in multiple color variants in the base game. Tweens, Teenager, Adult and Elderly male and female Sims are all able to wear this headwear.

Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAHNPI)

We asked you on Twitter[] last year, what outfits you wanted to see more of that represent AAHNPI culture! To celebrate the heritage month, we’ve curated a free pack of male and female outfits that are inspired by real fashion and player suggestions. Thank you to everyone that sent us their ideas!

Cinco de Mayo

Commemorate Mexican culture and heritage by hanging traditional animal artworks in your home! The designs are inspired by Otomi folk art, a local technique used to depict cave paintings in a stylized, almost symmetric form. 

You’ll also enjoy a new SimChase Season 58: Mariachi Madness, filled with new color variants of prizes seen before in Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem. Rewards include an in-ground pool with mosaic tiles, chimenea, water fountain, outdoor gazebo and dancefloor, Mariachi outfits and authentic décor. Your Sims will feel as if they’re truly in the heart of Mexico in SimTown!

World Environment Day 

To continue encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment, our team have created a World Globe that can live in your Sim’s home! The object can sit on any surface or floor and can be admired by Tweens (Child), Teens, Adults, and Senior Sims!

Check out the dates below to find out when the exclusive free packs will be available for redemption from the ‘Specials’ tab in the Online Store! 

Industrial Loft Events

‘Home Sweet Home’ Live Event

A warehouse apartment is only as good as the decor and furniture that it’s styled with! Craft resources throughout the 13-day event to unlock milestone prizes that are full of character and showcase the best of functional industrial loft living. 

The large grand prize lot features expansive three-story windows and high ceilings, multi-level balconcies with outdoor lounge areas, wide open living spaces and mezzanines, plus a camper van sitting on the parking lot outside! The designer wall art, colectibles and souvenirs around the home add a touch of familiarity and warmth amongst the exposed structural elements, mixed metals and textured furniture. 

Influence Island Season 36 

Curate a contemporary bedroom with modern industrial furniture! Floating king-sized beds and matching modular bedside tables, hanging egg chair and metal pendant lighting are just some of the loft rewards available, by convincing Sims to join your clan in the latest season of Influence Island. 

The grand prize includes new animations for Adult and Senior Sims:

  • Awkward Kiss
  • Gossip (Teen Sims are currently already able to do this action)

Head over to our Influence Island FAQ for all the tips and tricks here!

Events List

Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.


Title Duration Start Date End Date
Sim Springs Neighborhood 3 60 days 17 April NA
SimChase Season 57: Spouse Showdown 9 days 17 April 29 April
Influence Island Season 13 (Art Deco V2) 10 days 17 April 1 May
Sleek Stockings Hobby Event 7 days  27 April 5 May
Home Sweet Home Live Event 13 days 30 April 16 May
Influence Island Season 36 (Loft) 10 days 6 May 18 May
SimChase Season 58: Mariachi Madness 9 days 13 May 23 May
Maternity Pack 35 9 days 18 May 26 May
Missing Claus Christmas 2018 Seasonal Quest – Player Favorite 14 days 22 May 4 June
Poolside Paradise Live Event 9 days 24 May 5 June
Daring Do’s Hobby Event 7 days 30 May 6 June

New Sales List 

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
Affluent Appliances

Luxury kitchen items!

  • Wide fridge x 2
  • Dishwasher x 2
  • Kitchen benchtop x 2
  • Microwave x 2
  • Stovetop x 2
  • Rangehood x 2
$11.99 18 April 1 May
Clean & Pristine

Everything you need for a spring clean!

  • Washing Machine & Dryer combo x 2
  • Laundry hamper (includes new animation) x 2
  • Folded clothes pile x 2
  • Pile of boxes x 2
  • Bathroom sink & mirror x 2
$12.99 18 April 1 May
Cinco De Mayo Animal Art

Free artwork to celebrate the Mexican tradition.

Tribal artwork (more details in blog notes) available in four colors:

  • Green
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Red
FREE 24 April 7 May
Lofty Heights

Loft infrastructure to elevate your house!

  • Industrial staircase x 2
  • Pillars
    • Wide
    • Tall
    • Skinny
    • Short
$9.99 30 April 13 May
AANHPI Month Celebration

Free Barong Tagalog and Baro’t Saya outfits to celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Barong Tagalog male outfit:

  • Cream & Black
  • Grey
  • Black & Grey
  • Blue

Baro’t Saya female outfit:

  • Cream & blue
  • Blue & cream
  • Cream & gold
  • Gold & green

Short heels

  • Blue
  • Pink & brown
  • Lilac & orange
  • Grey & orange
FREE 1 May 30 May
Concrete Courtyard

A gorgeous courtyard set!

  • Glass double doors x 2
  • Open outdoor fireplace x2
  • Outdoor bench seats x2
  • Large planter boxes x2
$11.99 2 May 15 May
Bundle of Buns

Cute bun hairstyle for toddler and preteen Sims

African American inspired curly hair style in large buns that can be worn by both male and female Sims (7 color variants):

  • Lavender
  • Fire red
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Platinum
  • Red
  • Wine
$9.99 25 May 7 June
Long Lashes

Colorful long eyelashes to style your Sims!

The first ever pack of colored eyelashes for adult male and female Sims in long and medium lengths (9 variants each)

  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Green 
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Red
$4.99 25 May 7 June
World Environment Day

Free globes for World Environment Day.

Freestanding decor object available in white, brown, black and gray. FREE 29 May 7 June
Pride Celebration 2023

Free pride themed hairstyles and makeup!

Two unique hairstyles in ombre colors to match all of the Pride Flags that can be worn by all tween, teenager, adult and senior Sims.

  • Half updo 
  • High volume quiff style
FREE 31 May 7 June


* All packs are live 7AM UTC



Home Sweet Home Live Event.

Influence Island Season 13 – Suite Success V2 (art deco).

Influence Island Season 36 – Lullaby Loft.

Maternity Pack 35.

Missing Claus Quest (Christmas 2018).

Poolside Paradise Live Event.

SimChase Season 57 – Spouse Showdown.

SimChase Season 58 – Mariachi Madness.


Stockings Hobby Event.

AANHPI 2023 Pack.

Affluent Appliances Pack.

Bundle of Buns – Hair Pack.

Cinco de Mayo 2023 Pack.

Clean & Pristine Pack.

Concrete Courtyard Pack.

Lofty Heights Pack.

Long Lashes Pack.

Pride Pack 2023.

World Environment Day Pack.

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