5 Ways To Keep Safe When Traveling Solo

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If you usually travel with others, going on a trip by yourself is a big deal. One of the biggest concerns is often your safety.

However, if you are a traveller who enjoys seeing new places, travelling solo can be rewarding and add to the adventure. Here are some suggestions for solo travellers if you’re worried about staying safe: 

Invest More On Your Accommodations If You Want To Feel Secure

Spend the extra money on a safe hotel room if you’re nervous about travelling solo for the first time, rather than staying in a cheaper hostel. Sometimes you may have to go a little over budget when choosing safer options for accommodation. You should help yourself adjust to your new environment by staying in a safe and pleasant place during your first solo journey overseas. Using accommodation such as London aparthotel is a good option. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

Many first-time solo travellers opt to hit the open road since doing so in a familiar vehicle can make you feel more at ease while also allowing you to get your bearings in an unfamiliar environment. However, get your car or van serviced before you head off. Get it serviced by an auto repair who can meet its needs. Let’s put off any breakdowns to the side of the road till your third or fourth trip out on your own.

Keep In Communication 

One of the best tips when travelling solo is to let your loved ones know where you’ll be and when you’ll be there. Give them the addresses of your hotels and the rental cars you’ll be using. There are a lot of individuals using data roaming when they travel, so remember to pack a dongle or a hotspot to avoid spending a lot of money. Make sure everyone is on the same page with the communication required so you don’t end up with worried parents or friends when you don’t reach out for a few days. 

Ensure You Have Adequate Coverage With Insurance

It’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance that covers the basics like lost luggage right through to medical expenses. Getting comprehensive coverage on your travel insurance policy is not too expensive, so don’t skip it! 

Stay On Guard 

Remember to stay alert and aware whenever you’re by yourself in a new place. 


Avoid becoming drunk, refuse drinks, and plan your route home if you’re going out to eat and drink. If you’re worried about getting lost when out, make sure you have access to a phone and have some cash stashed away. It’s also a good idea to speak to your accommodation reception desk so they know you are going out and when to expect you in. Always make sure you feel at ease in your surroundings. If you don’t, leave.


Solo travel can be extremely rewarding as long as you make sure you stay safe. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them below. 

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