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Brace yourselves for a HUGE update!

Let’s learn all about Sim Festivals. Here is all the info from the official blog.


“Sul Sul,

Sim Festival has arrived at Briny Heights! Complete all-new daily and season tasks to earn Prize Tickets so you can unlock rewards exclusive to each season! Now that Emily and her LlamaZoom truck have left Briny Heights in our Celebrity Life [link to blog notes here] update, you’ll be able to check back every day to earn special NPC characters, house template designs, rare flooring and wallpaper, and much more.  

Our game team put together this FAQ to help get this show on the road!


Event Overview

Q – What is Sim Festival and how do I begin? 

A – Roll up, roll up! Sim Festival is a brand-new recurring event, offering new prizes each Season. Each Festival Season commences at the beginning of each update (when our app store icon changes) and has a 50-day duration, meaning you can jump in and out or start late if you miss a few days and still catch up over an extended period.

You’ll see a fun new pinata icon on the bottom right-hand side of the menu each time a Festival Season is live – tap it to open the main event screen! 

Q – What are Daily Tasks?

A – With the removal of LlamaZoom, we’ve created a new daily tasks feature! If you’ve ever wondered what to do next with your Sims, Daily Tasks will give you plenty of gameplay suggestions like quests, hobbies, and relationship stories to pursue! As you progress through these tasks, you’ll earn a variety of rewards including a new type called ‘Prize Tickets’.

Daily tasks refresh at midnight local time with new tasks and any incomplete tasks disappear. You can speed through each of these using Simoleons or SimCash!  

Q – What are the new Season tasks and how do they differ from Daily Tasks?

A – Season Tasks are similar to Daily Tasks but are exclusive to Festival Seasons. They offer much larger Prize Ticket rewards, and you have until the end of the Season to complete them, so feel free to take your time! Additional tasks will continually be added throughout the season, so check back regularly!

Q – What are ‘Prize Tickets’ and why do I need them?

A – Prize Tickets are an exclusive currency from the Sim Festival and as you accumulate them from undertaking daily and season tasks, will allow you to redeem unique rewards from the prize screen.

Q – I’ve finished all my Daily Tasks, but it looks like I can add more?

A – You sure can! You can add up to three additional tasks per day as a way to earn more Prize Tickets. Adding a task costs Simoleons the first time each day and SimCash after that.

Q – I’ll miss Emily and her LlamaZoom truck. I still have leftover LlamaZoom tokens, what will I be able to do with them? 

A – We will too! LlamaZoom tokens will continue to exist but are now simply called ‘Llama Tokens’. As you progress through our new daily and season tasks, you’ll continue to earn Llama tokens to spend on land expansions, Build/Buy, and more! Plus, you’ll also naturally earn Recycle Tokens, Sweet Treat Showdown tokens, Treasure Hunt, and more just by completing Daily and Seasonal Tasks.

Q – There’s no Festival Season active. Can I still do my Daily Tasks?

A – Yes! Your Daily Tasks will still be available for your Sims to do. They’ll still give all of their rewards aside from Prize Tickets, so your Sims will always have something to keep busy with!

Prize Overview & Festival Pass Details

Q – So, I’ve earned all these Prize Tickets by doing Daily and Season tasks, but how do I use them?

A: Jump into the prize screen by pressing the ‘gift’ icon on the far-left-hand side of the Sim Festival event screen. You’ll be able to scroll through the track and see all the epic rewards further down! Keep earning more Prize Tickets to increase your Festival Tier, granting you access to more prizes!

Q – I can see there are two separate rows of prizes! What is the difference between them?

A- There are two prize tracks each Festival season – the ‘Free Pass’ and the ‘Festival Pass’! The Free Pass contains prizes that anyone can access, all you have to do is reach the required Tier. The Festival Pass contains many more prizes, and these can be accessed by purchasing the Festival Pass and then reaching the required Tier by earning Prize Tickets.

Q – Do I have to buy the Festival Pass at the start of the Season? What happens if I buy it later?

A – You can purchase the Festival Pass at any stage of the Season! Even if you’ve already earned a bunch of Tiers, you will immediately unlock all Festival Pass prizes up to that Tier when you purchase the Festival Pass!

Q – What else do I get access to when I purchase the Festival Pass? 

A – To celebrate the launch of our new House Templates feature, the Festival Pass will also include an exclusive house template design that won’t be available through any other event! We’re also excited to announce that for the first time ever, a non-playable Sim character plus flooring and wallpaper (amongst other cool clothing and furniture rewards) are rewarded throughout each Sim Festival. 

Q – What can the NPC (non-playable character) do in my game once I’ve unlocked them?

A – The iconic Venessa Jeong from The Sims 4: Get Famous Expansion Pack hosts our first season of Sim Festival: Celebrity Life! If you’ve purchased the Festival Pass, she is available as a reward and will join your Sims in Briny Heights! 

If you build up the relationship status, you can befriend her, marry her or even promote her to playable eventually!

Don’t worry if you change Venessa’s outfit or hairstyle in the Create-A-Sim screen – her entire glamorous outfit pieces are available as prizes in the Festival Pass for you to own forever!

Q – Once I’ve unlocked the house template reward, can I place this design on any lot as many times as I like? 

A – Each time you earn a House Template from the Sim Festival, you unlock it permanently. The first time you place it on a house lot, it will be free! After that, you can continue to place it in other lots at an additional cost. Read all about the new house template feature in our FAQ! [link here] 

Q – Do I receive color variants with each reward? Do I need to purchase them separately?

A – Yes! Each Create-A-Sim and Build/Buy reward comes with all color variants unlocked and doesn’t require additional purchases.

Q – I see there is an awesome trophy at the end of the Festival Pass! How do I earn it?

A – To earn the trophy at the end of the Festival Pass, make sure you work on your Daily and Season Tasks regularly! You can still earn the trophy if you don’t complete every task, but don’t miss too many! Once you reach the final Tier, you can claim the Trophy to be displayed on furniture in your Sims home!

Q – The Festival Season ended, and I forgot to claim all the prizes I had unlocked! Have I missed out on these items?

A – No! Any unlocked but uncollected prizes at the end of the Festival Season will be automatically granted the next time you launch the game.”


Wowza! I can’t wait!




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