Best Things To Start Collecting for Resale

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Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t have something they enjoy collecting. Starting a collection of a specific kind of item can be very fulfilling. However, one of the added benefits of collections is that you can make a decent amount of money if you collect the right things. Not everything you collect needs to be in your collection forever. We’ll give you some of the best things to start collecting for resale so that you can make a little extra cash down the line.

Gaming Collectibles

Do you ever wonder about the people who buy all the collector’s editions of video games? In some bundles, you get a lot of interesting little knickknacks that you know there’s only a limited supply of them. Collecting anything with a limited supply run will eventually yield some fruit as the collectibles become rarer over time.

Childhood Toys

You might already have some of these lying around if you look hard enough. Nostalgia is a powerful driving force in the collectibles market, so don’t discount how much people will pay for things that evoke nostalgia. Classic board games and toys sell for quite a lot to collectors; whether they use them or not is of no consequence to you. 

Vinyl Records

Another great nostalgia-inducing collection could be one full of vinyl records. Vinyl has come back in a major way over the last decade or so, with many people looking to grow their collections. If you have vinyl records from bygone days, check out what they’re going for online. You might be thoroughly surprised at how much certain albums can net you.

Trading Cards

By their very nature, trading cards are collectibles, and there are a ton to choose from. Even the most popular brands today have cards from their past that sell for a ton of money at online auctions. Whether it’s baseball cards or trading card game cards, these small bits of paper could be worth a lot. Just remember to look out for first printings and keep them in good condition for the best payout.

Collectible Coins

Collectible coins are one of the best things to collect for resale. The key to collecting coins for profit is to search for coins with defects—double-stamping, rare materials, lettering errors, etc. These can sell for a fortune to the right collector. You may not get much by collecting the coins you get in your daily change, but it doesn’t hurt to look them over. Collectible coins are everywhere if you know how to look for them.

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