The Sims Mobile Haunted Halloween Update 2020

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This years Halloween update is coming to The Sims Mobile!

Here is the info from the official blog post and don’t forget to check out my video with all the details of what’s coming plus some early access content!

“Sul Sul,

Magic and mischief collide this Halloween in The Sims Mobile! Your Sims can become the half-witch and wizard of their nightmares as they play tricks on friends at the spookiest party of the year or disguise them in vampire costumes as you go treating for candy. Enjoy a feast of live events to uncover new magical rewards that can transform your home into a haunted mansion for Halloween!

Gameplay Action Changes
We’ve made some permanent (and exciting) improvements to the way you play The Sims Mobile! Here at Firemonkeys, the team are always listening to your feedback and working hard on ways to improve so we can be the best Sims experience on mobile. Thanks to our passionate players in our community (we’re looking at you!), we’ve made changes to our basic ‘actions’ gameplay mechanic to make the time you spend in Briny Heights even more seamless. Now you can spend more time doing the things you love with your Sims!
Currently, when your Sim undertakes actions during events, quests and around their home, you would have seen a pink and white star icon to tap on an object. The animations of your Sim used to play for 5 seconds and then you would have seen a green tick above their head, encouraging you to collect rewards.

The new changes:
● We’ve completely removed the green ticks to help create perfect screenshot moments
● Collection of rewards is now automatic and occurs at the beginning of the action.
● Sim will continue the animation indefinitely until you select a new action, whenever you want!
● There is no change to energy costs, so you can spend your energy any way you like
● This will permanently impact the way you play Sweet Treat Showdown, Treasure Hunt and Eco

Workshop events, Wumples and other limited time quests, even smaller things like sitting on a couch!
The end result of this change is that you can play through events and do actions with your Sims at your own pace! You can perform actions quickly if you just want to use your Sims’ energy, or you can take it slow and enjoy the animations without worrying about the green tick getting in the way! At this stage, “risky” actions have not changed (pink and white sunglasses icon), they will still have a tick for now. Keep an eye out for more information from our team in future updates as we continue to implement more changes!

Treasure Hunt
Get ready to explore the dig sites around Briny Heights once again with your Sims in the ‘Fright Night’ live event! Sims Explorers Guild and Smallfry need your help – get your magnifying glass and prospecting tools ready, because its time to start uncovering special artifacts and searching for clues all around town this Halloween!
Stylist Simmers will love redecorating their rooms with enchanting décor fit for a sorcerer, plus dressing for supernatural success with witch-inspired attire, perfect for casting new spells. As you progress through the event, the prizes range from Art Nouveau pieces of décor designed to complete an entire room such as chairs, mirror, bookcase, dresser and potions display cabinet. Don’t miss the crystal ball and magic potion cauldron set grand prize that glows in the dark!

Here are the exclusive items to look forward to:
Grand Prizes
● Magic potion couldron set
● Art Nouveau staircase
● Headband hairstyle for female Sims

Other Prizes
● Peacock wall-mounted basin
● Medicine apothecary cabinet
● Collared medium length dress for female Sims
● Magic items display case
● Haunted bookcase
● Art Nouveau wardrobe dresser
● Art Nouveau dresser
● Art Nouveau toilet
● Art Nouveau chair
● Art Nouveau table
● Crystal ball
● Floral wall light
● Wooden wall mirror
● Lunar phase painting
● Old-fashioned regal freestanding stove
● Striped pants for female Sims (these are the quest reward – shown in image at top of page)

Sweet Treat Showdown
To continue the spooky celebrations, the first ever Sweet Treat Showdown event rerun ‘Treat-sylvania’ begins! The bakery venue in Parkside will be overturned for a spooktacular Sweet Treat Showdown challenge! Players will enjoy a frighteningly fun event filled with cake challenges perfect for trick or treating! The grand prize rewards include a standing coffin bed and gothic hairstyle (pictured below).
Other milestone prizes include a range of 17th century-style vampire outfits, evil decor items like a regal chandelier, vampire table and other vintage decor for your Sims homes.

Grand Prizes:
● Wall-mounted coffin bed
● Gothic hairstyle for female Sims

Royal Box Prizes:
● Chandelier with cobwebs
● Vampire Table
● Vampire chair
● Gothic gown for female Sims

Sweet Box Prizes:
● Jack-o Lantern
● Portrait of Evil Baron
● Cobweb wall decal
● Wall cracks
● Caldelabra
● Stuffed bat teddy bear
● Classic tuxedo and shoes for male Sims
● Gothic cuff ruffles for female Sims
● Skeleton tights for female Sims
● Single bed

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PDT):
● Treasure Hunt ‘Fright Night’: 11-day event starting from Monday 26 th October
● Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 29 th October
● Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 7 th November

● Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Treatsylvania Haunt’ event rerun: 11-day event starting 12 th November”


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