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It’s time for Beautiful homes, adorable babies, and …cute hamsters?! in the latest The Sims Freeplay update! Be sure to update your games when this update goes live at 9:30 PM UTC, Monday, 4th March 2024.

THE SIMS FREEPLAY Handcrafted Homes UPDATE countdown


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Here’s all the info from the official blog: 

Now that your Sims have (hopefully) been sufficiently romanced, it’s time to get them settled down, and think about a beautiful handcrafted home with a new collection of items and clothing for Infant Sims, AND really (really really) cute pets.

What you’ll also see in this update:
1) The addition of pronouns allows you to choose your Sims’ gender identity.2) Free ‘Ultimate Makeovers’ for your Sims, for the duration of the update.
3) For the duration of this update, you’ll find exclusive new rewards from Paperboy. Head to a home lot, tap on Paperboy, and try to before they’re gone!
4) Free-to-claim framed portrait paintings of Jane Austen, Sojourner Truth, and Frida Kahlo to celebrate Women’s History Month.

5) Architect Homes can now be found on the Online Store.

It’s time to take a deeper look at the events and features in this update.

Assign your Sims Pronouns!
You can now let your Sims express themselves fully and freely by assigning their pronouns! Pronouns are a completely optional feature for your Sims. They can be assigned pronouns when creating a new Sim or by performing an “Ultimate Makeover” for existing Sims. For the duration of this update, ‘Ultimate Makeover’ will be free!

NOTE: Pronouns are only available with the English language setting.

Premium Perks are back!
Yup, you heard us. With this update, you can earn Premium Perks Points whenever you spend Social Points or Lifestyle Points in the game. Earn enough Premium Perks Points and fill your progress bar to unlock cool prizes! Make sure you’re tapping on the prizes to claim them. And, keep an eye on the timer as Premium Perks won’t be around forever.

SimChase Season 70 – Baby Bounce-Off!
It’s time for your little stars to have a twinkle in their eyes as ‘SimChase Season 70: Baby Bounce-Off’ lets you earn some mega-cute items for your Infant Sims. Get them everything from baby bouncers and gyms to highchairs and changing tables! And just look at these adorable overalls for your Infants!

Women’s History Month
Celebrate Women’s History Month with the Sims Freeplay by logging in every week to claim a series of three free paintings of iconic women who have shaped the world we live in. Starting March 1st, each week you’ll be able to claim one painting from the in-game Online Store. The painting series has beautiful portraits of English novelist Jane Austen, American abolitionist Sojourner Truth, and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.


Influence Island Season 47
Apologies but we can’t keep calm because HAMSTERS ARE NOW IN THE SIMS FREEPLAY!!! Play Influence Island Season 47 and work your way up the rewards ladder to unlock the cutest pair of hamsters ever. These hamsters will roll around your home lots, jump out, climb onto couches, and inside their hutches! You can even feed them and play with them!
Rewards for this event also include items like Scandinavian-themed hanging chairs, drafting tables, miniature trawler ship models, and much more.


Serene Suburban Live Event

Your dream house in the suburbs of SimTown is about to be a dream no longer! Hop in and play the Serene Suburban Live Event to unlock modern items ranging from tiles to floor lamps, and washing machines to bending stairs with bookshelves inside them!? That’s fancy! The cherry on the cake? The grand prizes, which unlock the Serene Suburban house template styled with a pair of classic cars and retro furnaces.

Hair Hobby Event – Combed Back Eras!
If your Sims are in need of fresh trims, we’ve got just the event lined up. Complete the new Hair Hobby Event – Combed Back Eras and unlock a total of 8 unisex hairstyles from different time eras for your Adult Sims. These come in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles, letting you express yourself as you are, or as you want to be!

SimChase Season 71 – Citrus Contest!
Get ready to spruce up your bathrooms with items that feel fruity and citrusy! There’s wallpaper, rugs, towel hangers, fruit-shaped lamps, laundry baskets, shower rooms, bathrobe outfits and a lot more to earn here.

Influence Island Season 48
If your Sims find their tiny hamsters in need of tiny friends, Influence Island Season 48 has them covered. Rewards for this event include some amazingly exotic plants with complimentary wooden furniture for your entire house and to top it all off, the grand prize gets you a pair of toppling tortoises in cute, green enclosures.

Alongside all of this update’s new content, we also have an exciting line-up of returning events and quests.”


You can watch my video about the update here. 


Events List

All events start at 7 AM UTC.
Event Calendar

All the upcoming playable events for this update are listed below:


🆕SimChase Season 70 ‘Baby Bounce-Off!’

9 days Mar 5 Mar 16
🆕Influence Island Season 47 ‘Hamster Haven’ 10 days Mar 5 Mar 18
🆕’Serene Suburban’ Live Event 13 days Mar 14 Mar 30
🆕Premium Perks 3 Event 10 days Mar 14 Mar 25
🆕‘Combed Back Eras’ Hair Hobby Event 10 days Mar 18 Mar 31
🆕Pregnancy Pack 42 9 days Mar 22 Apr 8
🆕SimChase Season 71 ‘Citrus Contest!’ 7 days Mar 26 Apr 5
‘Chocolate Egg Chase’ Player Favorite Season Quest 7 days Mar 29 Apr 10
🆕Influence Island Season 48 ‘Toppling Tortoises’ 9 days Apr 1 Apr 10
‘Captivating Coast’ Live Event 10 days Apr 1 Apr 14
SimChase Season 44 ‘Imagination Altercation!’ 7 days Apr 5 Apr 14


New Sales List

All packs are live starting at 7 AM UTC.

Pack Name

Price (USD) Start Date End Date

Arched ArchitectureA home with stunning archways and Simoleons!
699 LP Mar 4 Mar 17
Splendid Storage

Stay organized with these storage essentials!

$7.99 Mar 5 Mar 18
Refreshing Restroom

Contemporary pieces to refresh the restroom!

$11.99 Mar 5 Mar 18
Fancy Fringe

Short ‘n’ neat fringes for Adult Sims!

$9.99 Mar 5 Mar 18

Women’s History Month Painting #1

Celebrate Women’s History Month with this painting of English novelist, Jane Austen!

Free Mar 10 Mar 16

Esteemed EstateAn estate made to entertain and Simoleons!
549 LP Mar 16 Mar 29
Women’s History Month Painting #2

Celebrate Women’s History Month with this painting of American abolitionist, Sojourner Truth!

Free Mar 17 Mar 23

High-Waisted Wardrobe

High-waisted outfits and long, swept-back locks!

$9.99 Mar 19 Apr 1

Refined Ragdolls PackHuge pack with 2 Ragdoll cats, pet items and rugs!
$9.99 Mar 24 Mar 30
Toddler Treasures Bonanza Pack

(Note: This pack will only be available for purchase for players who have unlocked Toddlers after completing the quest, ‘A Quest for Toddlers’.)
NA Mar 24 Mar 30
Toddler Treasures Bronze Bonanza Pack

Set up the perfect play space for your Toddler Sims with these comfortable couch sets and fluorescent rabbit night lights!

$4.99 Mar 24 Mar 30
Toddler Treasures Silver Bonanza Pack

Have your Toddler Sims play all day with this boat-shaped sandpit, rabbit roller toy and rabbit plushies!

$7.99 Mar 24 Mar 30

Toddler Treasures Gold Bonanza Pack

Make treasured memories with your Toddler Sims with this climbing wall, play kitchen and a toy chest which enables your Toddler Sim to dress up as a rabbit! Plus, Toddler outfits that checks all the boxes!

$14.99 Mar 24 Mar 30
Toddler Treasures Bonus Bonanza Pack

A BONUS free pack completing your Toddler Treasures collection with these fun, colorful slides! Unlock all 3 tiers to claim!

Free Mar 24 Mar 30
Women’s History Month Painting # 3

Celebrate Women’s History Month with this painting of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo!

Free Mar 24 Mar 30
Cozy Cottage

A home with creature comforts and Simoleons!

649 LP Mar 28 Apr 10
High-Tech Highrise

A 3-storey tower and Simoleons!

599 LP Apr 2 Apr 15

Playful Toddler Hair

Playful, side-parted hairstyles for Toddler Sims!

$9.99 Apr 2 Apr 15
Dotty Dalmatians

Go absolutely spotty for these Dalmatians!
$9.99 Apr 2 Apr 15
Scenic Seaside

Customize your own scenic beach!
$12.99 Apr 2 Apr 15

Relaxing Resort

Relax and unwind with these resort essentials!

$11.99 Apr 2 Apr 15




Baby bounce off.


Captivating coast.


Citrus contest.


Combed back eras!


Frida Kahlo Women’s history month painting.


Hamster haven.


Imagination altercation.


Jane Austen Women’s history month painting.


Premium perks 3.


Player fav quest – chocolate egg chase.


Pregnancy pack.


Serene suburban.


Sojourner Truth Women’s history month painting.


Toppling Tortoises.


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