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Dan: hey everyone and welcome to another episode of the llama drama podcast with myself dan of beyond sims dot com and
Rachybop: rachybop from rachybop.com hi dan
Dan: hi how are you
Rachybop: i’m good thank you how are you
Dan: i’m doing well thank you it’s been a nice sunny day and that makes everything so much better after like the bleak cold dark winter
Rachybop: it’s been a lovely last week or so of just pure sunshine and blue skies
Dan: honestly it’s been so nice i mean it was baffling about a week or two ago where i think in the space of an hour it went from rain to snow to sunny blue skies and then that’s when i remembered i am now up north
Rachybop: yeah it was very strange it was like you get in the suntan one minute and then you were in snow
Dan: for those not in the uk you pretty and especially if you’re more up north you definitely have to in situations like that i think leave the house with shorts a coat umbrella snow boot like you just need a bit of everything really
Rachybop: yeah layering is key
Dan: quite literally change within minutes
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: oh my god crazy but no that’s been making things so much nicer and at least we’re starting to feel summer now even though it’s only spring but shhh

Rachybop: yeah yeah just hurry up
Dan: literally and i tell you speaking of i wishing things would hurry up oooh smooth segment get ready for this
Rachybop: oh lord
Dan: sims 5 might be on the horizon
Rachybop: yes i’ve heard the rumors that it’s going to be announced is it a trailer that they’re going to run
Dan: apparently yeah
Rachybop: At EA play which is usually in june isn’t it
Dan: it is yes i think the rumored date is around june 14th i think
Rachybop: okay
Dan: um obviously this is probably us grasping and clutching at straws either whatever the saying is and obviously don’t believe everything we’re saying here because who knows but you know it’s quite an interesting thing and quite a lot of people are reporting on it because the entire ea play like lineup essentially got leaked on to 4chan and onto reddit and it mentioned the sims 5.
Rachybop: wow i i believe it
Dan: i think if they if the date that gets announced matches up that will start adding some authenticity to this rumor because you know just plucking a date out of the air is you know
Rachybop: yeah
Da: i mean i guess you could guess june and i guess you know you might have a rough guess but like it’ll be interesting to see how that goes because we’ve been saying for ages we want a bit of sims 5 in our life
Rachybop: yeah and won’t it be such a strange experience because i’m presuming this year it will be digital ear play
Da: yeah i suppose it’ll be fully virtual again wouldn’t it
Rachybop: and we’ll just still be sitting in our living rooms watching this trailer for a brand new game sims game it’ll be quite unreal really
Dan: it’ll be it will be strange like i guess i guess because we’ve had the chance to like be in the audience that these things have been announced i mean you were there i think when they announced sims 4 at gamescom weren’t you so
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: you know we were both at gamescom for like when they did cats and dogs so you know obviously it’s just very weird i guess being back at just being in the living room like you say just like okay
Rachybop: i suppose that is the normal experience because ea play isn’t that big of an event anyway when you’re there it’s very small isn’t it so there’s not that many people there so most people are experiencing it online but it’s just that whole like vibe of the the crowds cheering and things like that not like well
Dan: especially for something like
Rachybop: we were the only ones there
Dan: oh yeah the cats and dogs were like we were like woooo yeaha and like everyone else was just like this isn’t battlefield like where’s the fifa because because yeah for that one they literally um it was like i remember there was a need for speed it wasn’t then they literally like rocked in this like big sports car and then like for sims it was just like lindsay on stage with jiff pom like hi
Rachybop: oh jiff pom
Dan: i love that little dog i hope it’s still alive it was so cute oh my word but i mean hopefully this happens and apparently it means spring 2022 release um and i guess you know with sims 3 they announced you know the sims 4 was coming and it had a good still had over a year of life before anything happened so um that would be nice to see i think i’m i’m ready for something new and it’s always hard to imagine like what will a future sims game look like like you can never envision what they’re going to show you
Rachybop: and then
Dan: i mean
Rachybop: yeah but remember when sims 4 was the trailer for that when you first saw him it was like it was all spacey wasn’t it they were sort of stood in the street
Dan: yeah they went oh yeah that animated one
Rachybop: yeah they were stood in the street and it was like the first time you seen them and the first thing you thought was oh my goodness they’re so cartoony you were like expecting something more realistic i think we were definitely expecting it to go that way and it didn’t it was super cartoony and that i mean it doesn’t really give you a feel for what the game’s like because it’s just a trailer showing you really what the models are it wasn’t like oh this is going to be this and it’s going to do this i don’t know how much the trailer will show us but it will probably give us a good idea of the look and the feel of it
Dan: i hope so and i mean i hope they just acknowledge its existence because they do that with every other ea game they always go oh we’re working on like a new need for speed for next year or we’re working on a new battlefield that’s coming out eventually like but the sims they’re always very hesitant to acknowledge it i’m not sure if it’s because there’s so much reliance on getting people invested with the packs for that one they don’t think oh i’m not going to buy that because sims 5. like but um it will be
Rachybop: yeah that’s true
Dan: i’d be interested how they balance like the best elements of the previous four games because i mean sims 4 does have lots of good stuff going for it like build mode and all those things like but obviously
Rachybop: The gameplay yeah
Dam: Some bits just aren’t quite as good as they could be
Rachybop: yeah it’s super limited i think for people just playing it um i think the sims are quite robotic so hopefully they can do something to just make that feel a bit more natural and spontaneous and maybe like the online aspect as well
Dan: oh that would be quite fun because i love a bit of sim city online as like an option because i know people would freak out otherwise but um i mean the fact that sims 2 still stands the test of time as being like the most detailed sims game and it came out in 2004. like that i mean i know it was based on the sims 1 engine like it was all based on so i guess they could reuse things but like that obviously says a lot like come on like even if you build on the sims 4 engine come on let’s do something here let’s go
Rachybop: yeah i think well they did say what engine it was well i don’t know if it was just for the like trial version they did say what they were building it on but apparently they can say that and then it can change so
Dan: well this is what i’ve been wondering because they’re hiring a lot of people to join the sims and on the careers page it’s it’s asking for development with unreal engine 4.
Rachybop: that’s it yeah
Dan: which is quite a high-tech engine and you know if depending on the project i mean it can really um like it could be like photoreal if you wanted it to i mean obviously sims won’t be but like
Rcahybop: not obvious it might be
Dan: yeah true maybe
Rachybop: It’d be really weird but you know
Dan: maybe they have a hair simulation who knows what’s going to be going on like um and i think it’ll be interesting to see if they do use that maybe it would make sense to use something like that and have that foundation and um you know because i feel like at this stage i know with sims 4 they did loads of demos with the unity engine but that was like very early on and i think by this point now they’d be past it so maybe it’s very safe to assume that they are making something sims with unreal engine
Rachybop: yeah maybe i know there was a post a while back on somewhere i can’t remember but it was like if you get this unreal engine thing you could you could make it was like create a sim but it was like a real person i downloaded it and had a quick go with it and it was like it was if that was sims it would be so freaky
Dan: crazy there’s a game called ultimate not ultimate online that’s a horrendous game erm eve online
Rachybop: oh yeah i’ve played that
Dan: and i haven’t played for a very long time but i remember that i mean it’s been around forever but they’ve really kept it up to date and the graphics are insane and the character customization is out of this world
Rachybop: well even like even fifa is a better character customization than the sims

Dan: oh no and it honestly it’s crazy what you can do but i guess i guess the difficult thing with the sims these days is i guess they probably won’t want it to like push the boundaries of like people’s you know like you know for a game like i don’t know i’m trying to think of a battlefield you kind of assume people are going to have a bit more like a gaming computer whereas i guess for sims people are playing on their like macbook air or that little you know maybe less powerful device so i guess maybe that’s why they tried to go down more that stylized route with the sims 4.
Rachybop: yes I bet they gather a lot of data on who’s playing what they’re playing on and this is this is what we need to create because otherwise they’re going to lose a big part of the market yeah
Dan: because they could really go you could go all out in theory i mean you could you know just look at some of the second life i mean you could you know i’d love to see them at like in sims 2 when they walked around the hair kind of swayed a little bit when occasionally um and that detail wasn’t in like sims 3 and stuff i don’t know if it’s in sims 4 but like you could do all sorts of crazy things these days to you know
Rachybop: i can absolutely confirm that is not in the sims 4.
Dan: okay in the sims 2 if you like rotate them in cas and you look around the hair actually like slight i mean it’s not like a simulation but like it it does move it has movement and things and like there’s so many details here from such an old game like it’s madness
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: and that’s always what and i think that’s why i used to have such a negative experience with sims 3 ’cause I used to be like oh the hair doesn’t move this doesn’t happen that’s missing like i used to be like you know like just picking fault at absolutely everything
Rachybop: yeah well everything it’s like with any progression of technology or gaming everything should be the same or better and when it’s well this is better but that sacrificing these things it shouldn’t be like that
Dan: yeah no i agree but hopefully
Rachybop: yeah hopefully we’re closer to knowing what it’s going to be
Dan: i hope so how i hope i hope in june we’ll be able to i don’t know how to do like an emergency episode like alarm bells sims 5 it’s announced oh like

battle stations everyone quick
Rachybop: yeah gosh that’d be so exciting
Dan: love it i’m ready for that excitement i’m ready for it
Rachybop: yeah bring it
Dan: let’s go girls
Rachybop: oh goodness you always manage to get that in there
Dan: well would it be llama drama without me inserting like brainwashing our listeners with shania twain references no it would not be i’m still here for a shania twain stuff pack i don’t know what that would consist of but i’m ready for it
Rachybop: i think oh i miss those days where that could have been a possibility like
Dan: we’re like Katy Perry sweet treats candy for you you know shania twain stuff just leopard print everything go for it like i’m ready yeah oh my gosh maybe i should
Dan: Now they’re just really odd collaborations i miss the sort of pop-y things
Dan: yeah i mean that oh my gosh i mean was it we had we had moschino didn’t we have i said that right
Rachybop: Yeah
Dan: and that was just shite and um what and they remember they made all that merch and they then they changed the plumbob design like a week later
Rachybop: yeah and like it was just like it it was freezer bunny but it wasn’t called freezer bunny what’s that about like they didn’t even know the name
Dan: oh no honestly not here for this
Rachybop: no

Dan: but i guess you know pc world’s a bit quiet beyond that potential rumor mobile is buzzing from the sounds of it sounds like you’ve been to like hell and back pushing out
Rachybop: Oh my goodness yes two months worth of content because they’ve changed the game to have sim festivals so there and they run for i think this one currently one runs for 50 days so it’s like a two-month thing of just constant content they’ve got like the treasure hunts there’s two treasure hunts there’s two sweet treat reruns um and then like a million paid packs
Dan: Oh my word
Rachybop: and yeah this new sim festival which is currently themed they’ll all be themed differently and this first one is a bit like get famous in the sims 4. so they’ve got vanessa from sims 4 get famous do you remember her with the little green bob
Dan: yes i do yeah
Rachybop: so she’s now in the sims mobile she’s quite cute to see her there i like them using characters like that keeping that legacy going and yeah hopefully they bring in some sort of like older ones as well and not just the new ones there’s so many they could do as well
Dan: so many characters and get famous was our like last in person event
Rachybop: yeah my goodness that’s so sad

well yeah they’ve brought her in and all the prizes are themed around that kind of celebrity life it’s called celebrity life the update
Dan: That’s cool
Rachybop: and there’s a free track and there’s a paid track and the paid track is the festival pass so it’s 9.99 and
Dan: and what does that give you
Rachybop: basically the track is like broken into tiers so you know like when you play a live event in the sims freeplay and as you earn certain things it it you progress through the bar and the further you get along in the bar you unlock each thing as you go so there’s different numbers on each one and i think it’s like one maybe right up to i don’t know it goes up quite high 50 60 odd and each number unlocks a prize in the in the paid track but in the free track it’s like every five or ten tiers before you get a prize and the prizes aren’t always objects they might just be like simoleons or like the chance of simcash so it’s the free track is actually pretty bad the more i think about it now and the more i see people’s feedback feedback i realize how bad it actually is because if you’re just like playing free-to-play which i think people deserve to do anyway but also the fact that there is so much paid content in the game it you don’t want to have to it’s it’s there’s two sides to it because it’s a 50-day event and 9.99 isn’t that much when you think of all that time and what you can get but you should be able to play for free
Dan: I was just going to say but so the 9.99 this is maybe a very stupid question so does that just allow you to unlock certain things like that doesn’t actually like give you anything for spending at 9.99 it just allows you to
Rachybop: yeah so like there’s different there’s two there’s one track at the top and one track at the bottom and then the numbers along the middle and like as you go along every step on the on the paid track will give you a prize so you’ll get vanessa as an npc you’ll get then like later on you’ll get her hair her tights like the things she wears and at the end of that track you get a trophy to say you’ve completed it you get the house that she lives in you get floor patterns wall coverings some really cool like furniture and all that kind of stuff and that’s like 50 60 plus items i can’t remember exactly and then in the free track you get like five items
Dan: oh yeah
Rachybop: and the last one is a picture of vanessa like a signed autographed oh she’s almost so insulting like here you go
Dan: thanks for playing peasant
Rachybop: yeah so it’s a bit trashy and it’s kind of like if you wait until like the 49th day or whatever and you buy the festival pass you can then unlock everything previous which is great but it’s if you’ve worked that hard and you managed to get there i feel like you deserve everything
Dan: um oh my gosh no definitely fair play if you commit yourself to do that i mean i’m always the worst with all these live events and things that going on because i’ll forget to sign in one day and then it obviously all goes to crap from there because
Rachybop: yeah it’s a lot though it is a lot and and i kind of it’s awful because the sims mobile was a game that you would actively play versus what the sims freeplay is like where you would put a sim in an event leave it and come back when they’re done but for me now sims mobile is just becoming like that where you just leave it because you don’t want to why would you want to just tap and tap and tap and see everything you’ve seen before
Dan: yeah
Rachybop: and then you’re not gonna
Dan: when it first launched it was very much like oh i mean like the hostel thing okay oh yeah i’ll do this and you know play a long wheras now you’re like no you just buy here’s a cupcake off i go
Rachybop: yeah yeah exactly so and they’ve got the new daily task system which is built into the festival bit so you have daily tasks and they will give you rewards but they also help you with tickets towards the sim festival if there is one live
Dan: okay and they’ve got rid of llamazoom haven’t they
Rachybop: yes that kind of is in place of llamazoom emily’s gone um she won’t be outside your house
Dan: hopefully she finds like a new like job
Rachybop: I know i’m sure they might bring her back as like the person doing one of the festivals or something
Dan: she’s quite she’s a fun character like i think that like just her truck used to be like no go away like it’s like the ice cream truck from sims 3 like why you’re outside my house like go away
Rachybop: and they’ve also added in they’ve moved the mailbox so it doesn’t block your lot anymore you don’t have to build around
Dan: That’s good
Rachybop: yeah and they’ve added in house templates
Dan: oh my gosh this is where you got like pre-defined ones you can kind of just like pop down
Rachybop: and you can bulldoze a whole lot now as well although i keep getting stuck on it because it’ll say oh i can’t do it because there’s a sandwich in the way and i can’t find the sandwich so that’s a bit of a pain but
Dan: That’s annoying it’s a shame they can’t like allow it to happen and just like get rid of it i don’t move that piece of furniture that has it on or that like
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: to the edge of the lot or something
Rachybop: yeah yeah just leaves a sandwich in the dust of the house
Dan: right you know what i mean or just be like there’s a sandwich are you sure you want to delete this like there’s an object here that you know
Rachybop: yeah i’ll just like highlight it so i can see where the sandwich is i don’t even know if they got a sandwich because they haven’t got a fridge so where have they got this sandwich from
Dan: must be rotting in that pink palace of yours
Rachybop: i don’t have the pink palace anymore i think i need to rebuild it there
Dan: oh god thank god you can’t export these house templates
Rachybop: well i’m really hoping that they make it so that like that house template bit is gonna end up being like the gallery because it’s not like they’ve got they’ve got their builds they’ve got two builds on there at the moment one is paid in simoleons and one is paid in simcash and when you the weird thing is as well though once you’ve placed it you don’t own that lot like you don’t i mean you own it when you’ve placed it but if you wanted to place that house again you have to pay again
Dan: oh
Rachybop: it’s not like oh i’ve unlocked that now and i can place this house wherever i want
Dan: So if I placed it amend it like tweaked its layout slightly or bulldozed it i have to pay to place it down again
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: that is a scam
Rachybop: it’s not good is it
Dan: that is no that’s that’s not good like i can understand if you’ve like paid simcash or maybe charging you a small fee but like what if i just like pressed the wrong button like and like i i miss i delete a window or ruin the walls or

yeah something isn’t quite right there
Rachybop: yeah i felt the same
Dan: no once you bought it that i can understand like oh you’ve got this on one lot so if you want this on your second lot you have to pay again i can completely understand that or maybe restricting it to the lot you’ve bought it on maybe maybe something like that to try and encourage you to buy it again for other lots but maybe that’s what they need to do i just gave you a million pound idea there firemonkeys but what nah not fan of that no
Rachybop: no
Dan: no i’m that don’t impress me much

Rachybop: oh dear we just have like shania bingo going on
Dan: oh my gosh maybe we should tweet out like a bingo card that you know like platinum simmers do before um for the live streams

Rachybop: oh dear
Dan: oh my word um i mean sims freeplay has some reruns and things going on as well don’t they
Rachybop: yes they have they’ve currently got the gallery francais live event re-running and they’ve got a hobby event of the mean curls thing hobby event

Dan: didn’t we um wasn’t there posters of that when we’re at the last simmers meet-up

Rachybop: oh yeah i found my i’m gonna take a picture of those because when i was moving i found those all like um folded up not folded but you know rolled up uh those posters
Dan: see i don’t i think i mean i’ve got like two poster tubes here but loads of really old sims i used to have like sims posters all over my bedroom wall so um i need to work out if they’re in there because they were quite funny those like fake um
Rachybop: there was like a jaws one wasn’t there with a was it a cat
Dan: yes yes like yes
Rachybop: i’ll find mine and i’ll take a photo and put it on instagram i think because i need to go through all my sims stuff because i thought that’s a good opportunity when you’re moving to get it all out and look at it again
Dan: I’ve still got a box of like 80 like glowing headbands not glowing ones but like no sorry i’ve got a few glowing ones lying around in a box somewhere in like my nan’s attic and um but i have got like a box of like 80 non-glowy plumbob headbands
Rachybop: wow i gave all mine away it cost me a fortune in postage
Dan: honestly nightmare i remember posting those bloody umbrellas um i don’t even have one to my name anymore because i had to recycle it because i couldn’t fit it when i was leaving my first uni house i don’t actually have one anymore after all that faff but like i had literally had like a hundred umbrellas i’ve never seen anything like it
Rachybop: i want to take a photo of that as well
Dan: oh that was a good umbrella and um
Rachybop: so good
Dan: yeah i know we’ve got all sorts of random things but no i do have that because we ran out at the last simmers meetup and then turns out i had a box left in my car
Rachybop: oh i do remember that yeah
Dan: we went back to the car park and i was like oh my gosh like no
Rachybop: no because we were really struggling for them as well it was like i didn’t get one i didn’t get one
Dan: i’m sorry we didn’t order them for this we just they just got given ea’s stockroom of just random merch
Rachybop: yeah yeah
Dan: please take an umbrella take them from us we don’t want them

oh my word but no definitely finding those posters

Rachybop: also simchase season 27 diner dual is running on the sims freeplay and that starts today that’s all like riverdale diner vibes

Dan: well sims freeplay is always serving up you know
Rachybop: yeah i think that’s the last one on that those playable event dates on my blog so i’m i mean maybe we’re due an update soon who knows
Dan: sims freeplay’s always serving it i love it yeah you’re still the one sims free play
Rachybop: oh stop it you’re gonna be quoting songs i don’t even know soon

Dan: onto the newer albums you wait i’m going to try and work out i’ve managed to do a transition for you know every single category so far so i need to work out how to keep this flowing throughout so get ready
Rachybop: go on then
Dan: huh
Rachybop: go on then
Dan: i just i just did you’re still the one so you know now now so to like wrap up that yeah like

um i mean i could um what we got um i don’t i i i don’t think i could throw in another one right now i will before we get to the end of the next topic

Rachybop: okay okay okay

Dan: so now our lives about to get good because we’re going to talk about netflix

there we go
Rachybop: yeah what have you been watching on netflix
Dan: you sound so tired of my crap

Rachybop: just all one tone now i’m so interested please tell me more

Dan: oh my gosh um so actually um i’ve um they’ve added a lot of um films to netflix recently um and i’ve ended up re-watching death becomes her with meryl streep
Rachybop: i used to love that movie
Dan: and i last saw it um in london two years ago and like the cinema was showing it that’s the first time i saw it and i thought this is quite a funny rant like random movies it was great and um and I saw it and i was like you know what i’ll go watch it again and i had a right good time watching that bottle of wine watch death becomes her um and actually found out that the visual effects in it were done by the company that did jurassic park a year later so actually like all that some of the effects actually pioneered the technology for jurassic park
Rachybop: wow that’s crazy that’s a good fact
Da: yeah see but um so i’ve watched a bit of that um love that and still on the meryl street hype um i also watched um the devil wears prada because that’s on disney plus now
Rachybop: oh okay i’ve seen that too it’s good
Dan: oh such a good film i love it love it so much and um so i’ve yeah i’ve been watching a lot of films really um and in between that um just like watching things like the simpsons so just because it’s so easy just to just stick on and i guess just just tune into really and it’s just short and sweet so it’s been working quite well with my attention span
Rachybop: we’ve been watching on a lunch time um it’s called dream home makeover on netflix
Dan: i’ve seen that on the listings
Rachybop: yeah it’s actually very good yeah it looks very good um it’s it’s just a lady and her husband who do like renovations of either a room or a whole house and you can they’ve got their two little girls that it’s a bit of family life it’s not it’s only sort of just as a cushion between segments they’ll just show the kids and what they’re doing kind of thing but they sort of renovate people’s homes and just make them a million times better and it’s it’s lovely easy to watch quite short episodes but yeah recommend
Dan: oh that sounds quite fun
Rachybop: yeah it’s inspiring as well you know like when you think well especially like moving house and stuff you just which you just have and i just have it it kind of uh it keeps you inspired to make it nice
Dan: yeah no that’s true and i always like things like that and things like that used to always give me like inspiration for like sims and stuff as well it’s like oh yeah you can build something that looks a bit like this and then i try to like it looks nothing like it people like the james turners of the world make it look easy
Rachybop: yeah i remember sitting next to him and i don’t know which event it was it was one i was in a big room a san francisco one was really cold i can’t remember where it was but i think it was a sims 4. yeah
Dan: i remember you saying there was a like an air conditioning problem yeah freezing
Rachybop: and i was building this house and he’s just looking at it just judging me oh you’ve done that too big you didn’t like that and it was so bad but at least
Dan: click click click wow modern this like oh like
Rachybop: yeah yeah be as good as you just leave me alone

Dan: let me enjoy my boxy a pink house
Rachybop: yes let me enjoy my one room giant box house with a curved roof
Dan: oh my gosh i love that the thing is that when it first comes out like you do like if i’m like a you know like a new sims game launch i’d probably get into trying things like that like i’m so practical when it first launched i remade the house from sabrina the teenage witch and put it on the gallery and i’m not gonna lie it is a spot on replica and it looks so good at least from the outside it looks so good um and i guess because i was just feeling like oh my gosh i can build now because it’s all tactile and push and drag and you know everything
Rachybop: yeah i was not that was not my experience i was like i still cannot play this game

i’m still very bad
Dan: oh bless you well at least you could like you know pick up and move the rooms and things uh-huh plop some things down oh
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: oh my gosh well you were able to do what i normally do and were able to say honey i’m home in your new property weren’t you
Rachybop: yes yes this time it’s not dan who has moved it is i
Dan: that was last month yeah it was so last month
Rachybop: he’ll probably move again next month but
Dan: i mean
Rachybop: this time it’s me
Dan: finally rachael has moved house to
Rachybop: yes
Dan: What can I say i’m an inspiration

how are you finding your new place
Rachybop: loving it we were in a flat before when we had no garden and now we have a garden and i feel like i can breathe again and it’s great
Dan: breathing’s important
Rachybop: yeah it turns out it is
Dan: Who’d of known
yeah it’s really good and just enjoying it and setting everything up and all that kind of fun stuff
Dan: oh i’m so happy for you it looks so nice like just from obviously you’ve shown me some pictures and then as well you put up a photo um online where you were doing yoga and stuff and it looks so nice
Rachybop: yeah lots of light and birds and just inspiring
Dan: oh i’m really glad to hear that and your desk setup looks really cute too i like your little was it it was a little pink chair wasn’t it of course
Rachybop: yeah i got that a while ago um but i never liked to take pictures in the old place because i just didn’t like how it looked but that’s why i’m really glad that i’m in a nice space now so i can take a picture if i feel happy with everything and i just because i did have my desk in we’ve got like a dining area which we don’t really want a dining table or anything so and we were thinking oh that would be good for me to set up my office because i don’t really like to be in a separate room um so i thought oh i’ll put it down here but it’s quite dark in there through the day and it just felt really sad
Dan: oh no i get what you mean if you’re not getting like some light stuff just like i’m sitting here it’s middle of the day under like a lamp this isn’t fun
Rachybop: yeah so i thought I’d try it in the living room because there’s plenty of space and and so i’m right next to a log fire which is perfect because i’m always cold so yeah it’s so far so good enjoying it
Dan: i’m so excited and i mean the best selling point is you’re even closer to me now
Rachybop: i am that was a mistake i’m just kidding
Dan: you’ll see me just tapping out on your window like ah you guys
Rachybop: yeah there’s been a terrible mistake we must move
Dan: let me in
Rachybop: i suppose being that i was coastal before i’m only gonna get closer unless i like go into scotland or something that’s an idea
Dan: we need to get far away from down again quick more north oh my gosh no that’s exciting um i’m i’m very pleased to hear that you are enjoying that
Rachybop: yes
so am I
and the neighbors are so nice they they brought us some like chutneys and
Dan: Honstely like it what was it like the sims welcome wagon like
Rachybop: totally honestly they’re so nice and then they invited us around for a garden visit which we went round and then they said oh do you have any chairs any conservatory take our spare ones you know to borrow and they’re like rocking chairs i think i’m just an old person because i just really fit in with them
Dan: how old are they
Rachybop: quite old everybody’s retired well not everybody but the people that we’ve met
Dan: oh but that’s so like that’s really nice that they’ve done that i mean i mean yeah you wouldn’t i mean i’ve never had anybody do that probably because i’m gone within five minutes but like that’s really sweet
Rachybop: yeah so nice
Dan: oh no this sounds really nice are the chutneys any good um well ryan’s been eating them i haven’t actually tried any yet
Dan: There’ll be none left if you’re not careful
Rachybop: i know and uh but they’re all made from her own garden
Dan: oh
Rachybop: that’s so sweet
Dan: oh that’s really nice oh this is all very wholesome i’m very pleased it brings me joy
Rachybop: yeah yeah so but we’re a bit of a noob to this garden life i put we bought a bird bath that came in two pieces like the top and then a pole for the bottom first time it arrived it came without the pole then they sent a new one that but they sent the whole thing so now we’ve got one without a pole and a full one and then i put it in the grass and when i put the water in it was wonky so it all just poured out and i’ve just left it there

Dan: just trying to catfish the birds in really sorry nothing there
Rachybop: just fall out it’s a waterfall bath

so i i need to get used to gardens
Dan: oh my gosh yes well i’m sure you will soon acquire a green thumb as you get more used to maintaining that i mean
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: i never knew how to take care of a plant and they seem to be just about surviving these days so
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: that’s always good i think the trick is shrubs plant some shrubs you can just have them low maintenance it’s all fine
Rachybop: yeah and we’ve got plenty of plants from the flat but they’re going to thrive here because they’ll get more light and we’ve got all those cheese plants and all that kind of fun stuff
Dan: that’s nice yeah honestly they they do so much better because i mean since i’ve moved here there’s so much i mean there’s so much more light and all the plants have perked right up
Rachybop: oh good that’s good to hear
Dan: clearly
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: oh no this is very nice i’m glad
Rachybop: yeah it’s nice to have a bit more normality but to know that if lockdown does happen again we’ll still have outdoor space
Dan: If it happens again i think i’ll be launching myself off the balcony
Rachybop: it’s been nice um again having a little bit more normality have you been doing anything
Dan: well you could say home ain’t where his heart is anymore because i’m i’m i’m out and about
Rachybop: yeah

been socially distancing mingling have you
Dan: yes
Rachybop: i hope you don’t drop these shania things into your normal conversations with new folk
Dan: well we did a show we did a show in tel at um work today and they give us one minute to it’s like a team it’s like one minute find something that you love and i like whipped out shania cd so
Rachybop: oh my god
Dan: so guys i’m a weirdo let me tell you about this and it’s like an international team so that they don’t they probably like it’s like it’s like oh god dan’s at it again um but um no so i’ve been out and about and obviously because i moved to manchester in july and about a week after being here they were like oh manchester you’re not allowed to mix indoors anymore oh okay great that’s great for meeting people um and then obviously up until then that meant you couldn’t you you know you weren’t really meant to go into restaurants people from other households and all this so that made that difficult then october this that ridiculous tier system thing came and it did nothing and obviously hospitality was closed here since because it was stuck in tier three and um so everything’s is just open now for the first time obviously since october so um obviously everyone everybody like monday last was like a festival in town it was so nice to see people but it was just kind of like from quiet to suddenly oh my gosh everything’s alive but um yes no i’ve been out and about i’ve met some new people um been down to canal street living my manchester fantasy and i kind of had like a moment of like just a moment of oh this is this is what i imagined it would be like this is nice i had a joyous time and then my brain was like yeah well it’s not going to happen again blah blah and i was like no just enjoy um so no so i’ve been doing that and just you know doing things like going to the shops getting a haircut so i just feel reborn and like now i’ve been able to get my hair done like get your eyebrows done get some clothes like it just makes you feel just a lot nicer and
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: for the first time in a very long time i feel like i’ve like had a weekend i’m like better mood at work because you’re not just sitting on your ass working all day and then sitting in your flat doing nothing
Rachybop: yeah just waiting for work again
Dan: literally it’s horrendous and um have you been doing much apart from um distancing with the grannies
Rachybop: i rude i i saw tom cruise yesterday
Dan: you did yes oh my god i’m sorry these like celebrity spottings you do
Rachybop: i know it’s just i don’t know how it happens but i saw on twitter that it was going to be in levisham or that he’d been in levisham and i thought oh i know where that is i could drive there and then i thought oh ryan’s not streaming that day i wonder if he’d be up for it oh my oh do you want to go and see if he can see anything he’s like yeah okay we won’t be long

four hours later we got back we drove out there and it takes a while to get there and the roads are very scary up there i’ve been that way before because ryan’s some of ryan’s family used to live down there anyway so we knew what the roads were like but honestly they are like single track sort of really really steep bendy drops to the side kind of and then you’ve got all these big trucks and trailers for the filming going up and down them so you have to like reverse uphill
Dan: oh i hate like when there’s like nowhere to dive into on those sort of country roads and it’s like
Rachybop: but on a stiff like uh sorry stiff like um what was steep steep cliff edge
Dan: no not about that life at all
Rachybop: no it’s very scary i was like is there another way we can drive back but there wasn’t so it was like i’m not going back again but it was worth it i pulled like turns out fiat 500 can do off-road yeah so that that was good but pulled up and then we saw someone getting out the car with this massive camera because we were thinking oh let’s just go down to train station and he sort of walked off into the moors i was like no we need to follow him he’s paparazzi so and he was really friendly and he’s oh yeah come down here they’re filming this so we’re watching them film on the top of the train like doing an action scene with this big helicopter pointing down at them with the camera on the front and then we went back to the station for when they broke for lunch which that was uh where all the waiting was because it took them ages and then he sort of walked past us and said hello and took some pictures
Dan: oh
Rachybop: and that was that was good
Dan: oh what a fun day
Rachybop: yeah it was a nice fun unexpected day
Dan: oh my gosh i saw a video of him not too long ago where um obviously he’s been filming this and i think was it a crew member like stood too close to someone he like screamed at them
Rachybop: oh yeah i remember that happening yeah yeah
Dan: i was like oh my gosh that would literally like put the fear of god into me someone’s screaming
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: like oh my gosh but how fun is that you’ve put up a a vlog haven’t you
Rachybop: i have please go watch it
Dan: like subscribe
Rachybop: i haven’t posted a video since november on that channel
Dan: i’ve noticed that because when i’d normally be like eating like my dinner and all that i’m always like oh that’s going to that rachybop or rachybop gaming and see what’s cracking um oh and i’m like she ain’t been posting so I’m there having to go over to rachybop gaming
Rachybop: i think i just like proper yeah rachybop gaming there’s always summet on but that’s because you don’t have to show your face and it’s just you just hide but on my main channel just haven’t felt very pretty or watchable or interesting
Dan: You’re wonderful
Rachybop: so i like even posting that vlog I was like oh my god i’ve got really bad wrinkles i look horrible the lockdowns just i think i’ve aged about 50 years in this lockdown
Dan: that is impossible you literally look
Rachybop: i think honestly i think if you saw me again you’d think i was 100.

Dan: i refuse because i remember like the first time i was like oh she’s like 17 18. and was it you’re like i’m like was it how are we then like 28 29 like i don’t know how old you were in 2013 however you were
Dan: how old were you me at the time yeah i was 17 i think
Rachybop: yeah so i would have been 28 i think it’s like 11 years between us
Dan: i think i’m 25 now
Rachybop: i’m 37
Dan: no you’re not
Rachybop: i am
Dan: no
Rachybop: yeah i’m getting close to 40.
Dan: no you’re not
Rachybop: i 1983 i was born
Dan: no you weren’t
Rachybop: i was i i said i was 38 the other day and ryan said no you know 37 so um so i think i’m 37.
Dan: Oh see in my mind you’re still like 30. so like
Rachybop: it’s crazy isn’t it it’s so crazy

Dan: How weired not weird but you know what i mean
Rachybop: it just gets to the point where you’re like i’m not just don’t count anymore i think well i’ve lost count but also i just don’t it’s not relevant
Dan: yeah no i i know i completely i get you it’s um oh my gosh how crazy
Rachybop: i do i’d like i’d like to be like one of those people on the goop email where it’s like my age is 80 and they look like they’re 50. because then they’re like buy this goop cream

Dan: well you always look young and age defying but i get i think lock down definitely just make can just make you feel quite just uh like
Rachybop: yeah
Dan: i know like before i got my hair cut brows done like i went and got like a sunbed like literally i’ve done like the works um
Rachybop: yeah it’s like emotionally and physically just brings you down
Dan: literally that and then suddenly it’s like oh okay i’m feeling a bit better now like i’ll get some clothes oh my gosh feeling really nice like i’m not a few weeks actually like my hair’s really long i feel grim i like i just feel just yucky everything i wear i feel gross in and like i’m like oh oh i’ll take a selfie i’m like no you’re disgusting like it’s weird isn’t it how like

like i guess how your mind like behaves like that and then like something as simple as getting your hair cut you’re there like oh suddenly i you literally feel like you own the world
Rachybop: yeah no it isn’t it’s all just in your head isn’t it the same person
Dan: yeah it’s it’s so weird like this is how the heck i literally i met myself as i’ve been like taking ready for to like gradually like sprinkle onto instagram like it’s
Rachybop: sprinkle that’s so funny
Dan: take them while you can

Rachybop: i think i need like 50 filters before i post
Dan: not at all

a paper bag does the trick just as well

there’s the dan we know
Dan: i am a bundle of joy oh no don’t be stupid you know i love you rachael
Rachybop: okay okay have you got one for this last segment
Dan: say that again sorry
Rachybop: have you got a shania line for this last segment of llama fact of the month Dan: well i mean i did just scatter one in right there so
Rachybop: that but that’s nothing to do with llamas does she not sing about llamas she’s not
Dan: i i think i i think i’ll be able to get something by the end of this section
Rachybop: i’ll be impressed
Dan: to conclude it you you wait i’ll i’ll find one that works
Rachybop: okay
Dan: but it’s llama fact of the month now that we’re you know been called llama drama for a very long time now almost three years and we’re finally bringing you llama facts
Rachybop: Ay
Dan: as a reward for making it to the end of our shenanigans
Rachybop: yes tell us what is the llama fact
Dan: well did you know a llama’s stomach has three compartments
Rachybop: i did not know
Dan: oh well get ready for your mind to be blown and i’m and probably to laugh at because i can’t pronounce after this um they are called the rumen


have i said that right
Rachybop: i don’t know
Dan: and the obamasum
Rachybop: sounds good yeah sounds great
Dan: um correct us please send us a voice message telling us how you pronounce it um a cow’s stomach actually has four compartments so
Rachybop: i knew that
Dan: um and like cows um llamas must regurgitate and re-chew their food to digest it completely
Rachybop: which is weird because you’d think like you’d think if you had more stomachs that that would be the opposite effect
Dan: yeah unless like yeah
Rachybop: that’s probably a really thick thing to say if you know what you’re talking about but i just would think if you got extra that what’s what’s the point of it if you’re gonna have to like sick it back up to chew it again chew it properly the first time
Dan: yeah no i
Rachybop: what else have you got to do in life

Dan: i mean they’ve got a very rich existence
Rachybop: yeah sure
Dan: probably maybe
Rachybop: yeah i wonder what they think about just chewing
Dan: chewing spitting existing
Rachybop: Ooh I’ve got a bit of third stomach ache, omasum ache
Dan: i only had second stomachache the other evening
Rcahybop: Must remember to chew that side properly how do they know which stomach is going to go in does it come out the samewhole
Dan: what does it like does it like does it like work its way through so that they go to the first one and regurgitate then the second one and regurgitate

Rachybop: oh maybe different like acids or something in each one yeah but how would they direct it i don’t this
Dan: well that’s the wonders of questions the body and this is the conundrum we present to our listeners so they can go away and think ah well how about that
Rachybop: yeah totally that’s yeah like i think
Dan: i don’t think it’s too much it sounds like i need to ready from the sounds of it

Rachybop: but which stomach

Dan: yeah that’s a good point
Rachybop: oh dear hard life
Dan: yes yes no it is i’m trying to think of a way i can reference shania here

Rachybop: you’re gonna have to give it up
Dan: here we go um how about whatever you do don’t regurgitate
Rachybop: okay that was very loose but let’s never do that again
Dan: i mean

or i ain’t going down because they keep bringing it back up
Rachybop: that one’s better yeah that’s better okay
Dan: there we go

aren’t you proud of this consistency

Rachybop: anyway i think we’ll wrap it up there
Dan: okay

oh gosh thank you so much for listening once again everyone um it’s always great and if you made it to the end of the podcast here like you deserve a medal be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app we are on apple podcasts um we are on spotify wherever you want to find us um and if you haven’t send us a voice note you can send a voice recording in to us send us we want to hear your beautiful voices
Rachybop: No one wants to send a voice note
Dan: i mean i thought you were going to send one through ages ago like to pretend that
Rachybop: yeah i should do that
Dan: my name is mr person
Rachybop: actually you pronounce it ramen

Dan: oh my gosh i mean why not maybe that’s what we need to do we need to make some like fake voices and be like hello caller like
Rachybop: see if anyonecan tell
Dan: let us be your agony aunt like tell us your woes of your sims games tell us anything
Rachybop: yeah but there’s plenty of woes
Dan: oh my god
Rachybop: or good things too tell us anything anything
Dan: we will help
Rachybop: we will help we’re helpers
Dan: we’ll do it we’ll solve anything you ask us it’ll be fine
Rachybop: sure
Dan: but no thank you once again everyone and thank you rachael it’s been a joy
Rachybop: you’re welcome thank you also

Dan: we’ll see you in the next episode guys

Rachybop: bye

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