5 Gaming Trends To Watch Out for in 2021 And Beyond

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Advancement in technology has led to the rapid evolution of various sectors around the world. It has significantly affected the gaming industry through a remarkable breakthrough for innovations. It is these technological advancements that have made gaming popular among many individuals across the globe. 


Gamers are frequently on the lookout for recent trends in the industry. They are always looking for ways to advance their gaming skills to become better gamers. Did you know that some play games for a living? With more advancement and better skills, that reciprocates to higher income.

Below are some of the gaming trends to watch out for in 2021 and beyond. 


The Arrival of 5G

People are expecting the roll-out of 5G mobile services to take place in 2021. It will significantly impact sectors such as the gaming industry due to improved upload and download speeds. It will also benefit online gamers dependent on high internet speeds for the best performance.


Moreover, the availability of 5G networks is likely to increase the gaming community. More individuals can take advantage of the fast streaming speeds to play games on their handsets with ease.

Increased Number of Spectators

In the recent past, the gaming industry has proved to attract more than just gamers. It is rapidly becoming popular among spectators, especially the youth aged 18 to 25 who prefer watching gamers take each other on in the virtual space rather than watching the usual sports broadcasts. 


In 2021, the number of spectators will rise significantly and eventually overtake active gamers. 

Improved Gaming Hardware

As technology continues to affect the gaming industry, we expect people to respond by producing engaging games with outstanding characteristics and features. Being able to play games that have extras and add-ons is also exciting. Dungeon tiles, for example, can elevate the right wargame or RPG you’re playing. With the right equipment and extras, you can make your gaming experience the best it’s ever been. These games will require complex and powerful hardware to run smoothly and perfectly. Hardware developers will therefore have to develop new and improved gaming consoles. 

As mobile gaming trends also increase in popularity in 2021 and beyond, it will improve mobile device hardware to support more complex games. 

Cloud Gaming

The success of cloud services in Platform-as-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-Service (SaaS) has led to the adoption of the model in the gaming industry through Gaming-as-Service (GaaS). This model can revolutionize the gaming industry on successful adoption, and many video console companies will soon switch over to the business model. 


Cloud gaming can allow gamers to play games online, regardless of their mobile devices or PC configuration. They can therefore play complex online games on average devices without experiencing a drop in their performance. 


Mobile Gaming

With the ongoing improvements in mobile networks and Chipset technology, mobile gaming will increase in popularity in 2021 and beyond. These improved technologies will allow some mobile devices to be at par with gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation. 


The changes will increase the number of online gamers and impact the number of companies associated with online gaming. Additionally, gamers will access better games at more affordable prices. 


The gaming industry is an optimistic one. As technology advances, we can expect to see improvements that will define the gaming space in 2021 and beyond. 

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