Here Are The Items You Should And Shouldn’t Purchase Online

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It’s fair to say that through the coronavirus pandemic a lot more people have been making purchases online. It might have even given you a false sense of security that you can buy anything and everything you need simply with a few clicks. However, as this article will show there are quite a few items that you shouldn’t purchase online as well as others where an online purchase could provide big benefits. 

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Shouldn’t: Furniture


There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy furniture online. For instance, you should think about comfort issues. It’s important to realize that most furniture doesn’t fit into the one-type-fits-all mold. Instead, buying furniture can be a highly personal decision. For instance, you might be thinking about getting a new bed. You might assume that the softest bed will be the best, but that’s not the case. Some people will be far better on a firmer mattress because it provides more back support. Others will need additional support such as a design that reduces the build-up of heat through the night. You’re only going to know whether you’re buying the right furniture by trying it out for yourself. You’ll be able to do this if you visit a showroom. If you buy online, there’s no option of doing this. 

This is obviously hit or miss. Lucky for me I’ve bought the chair I sit in while I work every day online and it’s perfect thank goodness! There was no way to test it though so it was certainly a gamble. Larger items are not so easy to return either.

Another reason not to buy furniture online is that it might not be clean and could come with issues like bed bugs. There’s just no way to tell because you won’t be familiar with the source. Buying furniture online can be akin to picking a piece up from the side of the road. It’s never recommended unless you find a trusted source. Stick to well-known brands and rely on good feedback and reviews.


Should: Medicine 


One of the things that you can purchase online without any trouble, worries, or issues would be medicine. The big benefit of medicine is that it’s going to be the same, regardless of where you purchase it from. You might think it’s difficult to buy medicine online. However, if you find an online pharmacy, then you will easily be able to get the prescription that you need. You just need to make sure that you are exploring reviews of any site that you decide to purchase medicine from. As well as ensuring that they can deliver a fast turnaround, it’s important that the meds aren’t out of date or even fake. 

Always order from a trusted pharmacy!

Another point to consider about medicine is whether using it will be the right choice. Online, it is possible to get medicine without consulting a doctor. However, it’s not recommended that you do this. Instead, you should only think about buying medicine online after it’s been recommended by a doctor. Without this support, using meds can be dangerous and have a negative impact on your health. You will also need to make sure that you aren’t using more of the meds than recommended. 

Signing up to your usual pharmacy’s online service could save you a trip into town which will, in turn, help you in an extra way to do your bit to stop the spread of covid and also minimize the chances of you getting it yourself.

Don’t forget, you can also purchase herbal medicine online. This can be effective for issues like chronic pain. 

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Shouldn’t: Cars


You would be surprised how many people do decide to purchase a car or another similar vehicle online. The problem with doing this is quite similar to the option of purchasing furniture online. Essentially, you need to try before you buy. This is particularly important with second-hand vehicles. You must drive the vehicle to ensure that there aren’t any issues with the car that could make it a poor choice of investment. For instance, if you drive the vehicle, you might notice that the steering is leaning to the left. This is an expensive repair so you could lose money on a purchase like this. 


As well as this, you might not have as many rights as you think when buying a vehicle online, even if there is something wrong with it. To avoid issues here, all a seller needs to do is state clearly that they are not an expert and as such have not checked the vehicle. If a disclaimer like this exists on the ad or page for the vehicle, then you can guarantee it’s going to be a struggle to get your money back. This can cause massive headaches for you. 


Should: Technology 


You can also think about buying tech online too. A big benefit when buying tech is that you don’t need to try it before you commit to a purchase. While tech stores will often have different pieces of tech like TVs on display, you can find all the information that you need from reviews online. This includes key information including specs, reliability, and compatibility with other items that you might already have. There are even entire YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing the latest pieces of tech as soon as it hits the market. 

New tech is the perfect way to pass time in lockdown too!

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Another big benefit of buying tech online is that you can save an absolute fortune. If you look for tech on sites like Amazon, you’ll be able to order it without a delivery charge (especially if you have Amazon Prime). This won’t be the case when you buy in-store. In my experience store staff can be misleading too and lead you to make a misinformed purchase without all the information you need. 


You should also think about waiting for the deal season to roll around. There are lots of times through the year when the price tags of different pieces of technology are essentially slashed in half. 

Browser extensions like Camel camel camel and Honey can help you find the best time to purchase and help you save money when you do.


Shouldn’t: Clothing 


Finally, you definitely should avoid purchasing clothing online. It’s very difficult to get the right size, particularly when every shop seems to have its own size standards. Don’t forget, that a lot of clothing that you purchase online is also sourced from international locations. This means that you will be working with the sizes that different countries use too. It’s always disappointing when you find an item of clothing online that you think you’ll love. Then, when it arrives you discover that it’s either too small or too large. If you buy in-store, you’ll always have the option to try the clothes on so that’s never going to happen. 

The only time you should purchase clothing online is when you buy from a brand you have bought from before and know how their sizing works. If you’re familiar with them and/or they have a good and easy returns policy they could be worth the risk.

I personally buy most of my clothing via ASOS. I have ordered with them for years and their system learns your fit by analyzing your purchases and returns then recommends item sizes for each thing you order based on that information. It’s handy sticking to one retailer too as many of them now offer yearly delivery subscriptions which can help you save money and with a site like ASOS you’re not limited to one brand.

If you have a local shop that you are familiar with and know how their clothing fits you can find out if it’s possible to order from them online or over the telephone for delivery to help keep their business going during lockdown.


We hope this helps you understand some of the key reasons why you shouldn’t make certain purchases online. 

During this Covid-era, keep your distance from the postman and make sure you wash your hands once you’ve opened your parcels!

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