The Sims Mobile Merrier Together Update

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The holidays have arrived in The Sims Mobile! 

This update goes all the way through to Valentine’s day so let’s get stuck in.

This update will be live in app stores from December 5th, 2022 at 3:30 am UTC.


Here are all the details from the official blog… 

Balconies are lighting up in Briny Heights for the festive season!

Snuggle up and get ready for a holiday season full of joy and fun. This cheery new update honors all that is important in life; love, kinship, and friendship. Yule be delighted with all the exciting new events with festive rewards, perfect for celebrating the Sims nearest and dearest to you. 


And yes, balconies are finally here. Briny Heights is now fully prepped and ready for all sorts of balconies. The Sims Mobile team has worked tirelessly to get the balcony work permit through, so we look forward to all the incredible moments and memories you make with balconies. 


Sim Festival Season Ten: Merrier Together


The talented Behr sisters are creating ripples in Briny Heights with their family holiday invite! Candy will be available to befriend, spend time and share her outfit with all who play the Sim Festival. Want Yuki’s company and outfit too? Get it from the Sim Festival Premium Pass. The Premium Pass also features incredible new gaming themed items like a streamer PC setup and a gaming chair to match. There’s also the coolest and most outlandish gaming setup that we know you will love!


That’s not all! Progress on the Sim Festival Premium Pass and unlock the “Behr Family Den,” a first-of-its-kind contemporary container-style house. The home is futuristic, packed with state-of-the-art gadgets, modern décor, and more. It also has a personal space for each sister. Candy’s area reflects her love for music, while Yuki’s area highlights her extroverted and tech-savvy nature along with her love for video games. There is also a common shared family area for both of them to come together, collaborate and entertain guests while creating memories. 


Festival Pass Items: 


  • Character – Candy Behr
  • Character – Yuki Behr
  • Behr Family Den
  • Never AFK Pant
  • Never AFK Top
  • Sparkles & Sunshine Curtain
  • “Gamers Only” Desk
  • Radial Pulse Neon Light
  • Smile-n-wavy mirror
  • Slice of Sky Rug
  • Sword of the Rainbow Warrior
  • Hamming Around Chair
  • Container Wall
  • 90s Ankle Length Skinny Jeans
  • High Top Retro Sneakers
  • Dragon’s Breath Jacket
  • Plaid Confessions Bed
  • Asymmetrically Shelved Bookcase
  • Influencer Basics Desktop
  • Retro Honeycomb Shelf
  • “Hold my Controller” Gaming Chair
  • Carelessly Dipped Bob Hairdo
  • Gamer Girl Hair
  • Almighty Gamer’s Throne
  • Behr Sisters Signature Plaque
  • Merrier Together Trophy


‘Tis The Quest


Wumples has planned a 12-day-long celebratory Quest for all those in Briny Heights. Meet her daily and complete the day’s tasks to win new rewards every day. Are you ready to win all prizes from ‘Tis The Quest?

  • Big Bow Bunting
  • Sock-full of Candy
  • Dipped in Gold Festive Tree
  • Elevated Perspectives
  • Timbered Tartan Chair
  • Adorably Cute Pouffe
  • Kitsch-and-Tell Sweater Dress
  • Snowed In Lounge Pants
  • Stole-n-Kitsch Sweater
  • Snowed In Lounge Pants
  • Multicolour Knit Socks
  • Ho-ho-holiday Hat

Bella’s Balcony Quest

Mystery is just one phone call away. Bella Goth is back in Briny Heights and she’s got a job for you! Become her assistant and help her find lost blueprints scattered around the city. And who knows, maybe you’ll get to learn more about the mysterious Bella Goth and her plans with the lost blueprints. You can also get these wonderful items:


  • Bella’s Cloud Light
  • Bella’s Balcony Candles
  • Bella’s Chime Lights
  • Bella’s Balcony Sofa
  • Gilded Metal Railing
  • Criss Cross Wooden Fence


Sweet Treat Showdown Live Events

What fun are holidays without cakes? Bake sweets that sleigh to unlock the holiday essentials you desire from the “Winter Workshop” Sweet Treat Showdown. Celebrate with: 


Grand Prizes:

  • Majestic Nutcracker
  • Smoothly Sideflipper Hair Style 
  • The Boy Band Novelty Hair 
  • Homestead Holiday Fireplace 

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Deconstructed Candy Cane Chair
  • Tiers of Winter Festive Tree
  • Prim and Polished Pinafore Dress
  • Lil Helper Outfit


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Mini Mistral Frost Tree
  • Baubles and Bow Holiday Garland
  • Elvish Atelier Table
  • Suspended Winter Outfit
  • Lil Helper Hat
  • Deconstructed Candy Cane Sofa


There’s no tastier way to ring in 2023 than with a mystery! Grab rewards from the “Sim-ful Affairs” Sweet Treat Showdown and add a sinful glaze to your Sims’ new year. Head to Parkside to win: 


Grand Prizes:

  • Vintage Cleanse Bathtub
  • Swanky Slumber Double Bed
  • Curated Curtain Bangs Hair
  • Swipe Right Styled Hair


Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Repurposed Pipe Chair
  • Asymmetric Peekaboo Wrap Dress
  • P.I. Basics Fedora


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Elixir of Radiance
  • Secret Stowaway Dining Table
  • Crate-n-Cage Nightstand
  • Lost Lighthouse Lantern
  • Well Stocked Drinks Shelf
  • Repurposed Pipe Sofa
  • Spruced-Up Sleuthing Suit


Enjoy warm bakes and heartwarming rewards! Bake in the Sweet Treat Showdown, “Puppy Love” to treat your Sim-Valentine to: 


Grand Prizes:

  • Floral Hearththrob Picnic Decor
  • “Straight to the Heart” Tree
  • Soft as Silk Shift Dress
  • Fade to Flat Hair


Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Sideswept Away Sweater
  • Flush and Loaded Eyeshadow
  • Romantic Repose Double Bed


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Fluffy Love Balloons
  • Hearts On Sleeve Banner
  • Frills n Butterflies Curtain
  • All Things Happy Sunglasses
  • Dainty Daisies Crop Top
  • Secret Suitor Necklace
  • Cuffed Comfort Pants


For more information, read our Sweet Treat Showdown FAQ page!


Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Smallfry has something up his sleeve for you in this update. You can now watch Video Ads to earn bonus XP! This Bonus Task will allow you to complete the Treasure Hunt event quicker.


Join the “Midnight Promposal” Treasure Hunt to unearth a treasure trove of items perfect for prom: tuxedos, dresses, and decor. Dig to win: 


Grand Prizes

  • Ticket to Fame Runway
  • Vine & Dine Wrap Dress
  • Bowl Cut Fringe Hair


Pyramid Prizes

  • Shimmery Chic Jumpsuit (Female)
  • Shimmery Chic Jumpsuit (Male)
  • Branched and Boxy Lamp
  • Multi-layered  Bow
  • Constellation Cruise Chair
  • Lone star Garland
  • A Promised Heart Choker
  • Assorted Drinks Rack
  • Cantilever Wood Bench
  • Artfully Casual Business Pants
  • Carefully Crafted Corsage
  • Twist-n-Turn Baloon Archway
  • Squiggly Fun Heels
  • Bloomin’ Vogue Blazer
  • “Cascade of Gluttony” Chocolate Fountain
  • Glorious Quiff Hair
  • “Memory Maker” Photo Booth


With the new year in, you might want to get your hands on some essential new items. Excavate perfect post-holiday presents in the “Essentials Bazaar” Treasure Hunt and scoop up:


Grand Prizes

  • Familiar Fresh Toilet
  • So Pro Office Outfit
  • French Braid Trio


Pyramid Prizes

  • Old Faithful Double Bed
  • All Accounted For Outfit
  • Aimless Wanderer Bench
  • Victorious Visage Table
  • Classic Crew Sweater
  • Three’s a Crowd Ottoman
  • Cubic Composure Table
  • C is for Comfort Top
  • Cuffed Bermuda Shorts
  • Time-worn Antique Vase
  • Giant’s Spyhole
  • Impeccable Illumination Lantern
  • Satisfyingly Seamless Chair
  • Knit Short Shorts
  • “Don’t Slouch!” Beanie
  •  Cool Guy Fade Hair


Have questions about Treasure Hunt? Become an expert like Smallfry by reading our tips and tricks FAQ here. 


Here are the Event dates for this update (all dates in PST)


  • Sim Festival Season Ten: Merrier Together, 60-day Event starting 5 December
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Winter Workshop, 11-day Event starting 5 December
  • Wumples Quest: ‘Tis The Quest, 12-day Event starting 12 December
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 12 December
  • Treasure Hunt: Midnight Promposal, 11-day Event starting 19 December
  • Designer Home: McCrabkin Suburban House for Sale, 9-day Offer starting 24 December
  • Bella’s Balcony Quest, 14-day Event starting  26 December
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Sim-ful Affairs, 11-day Event starting 2 January
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 9 January
  • Treasure Hunt: Essentials Bazaar, 11-day Event starting 16 January
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 23 January
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Puppy Love, 11-day Event starting  30 January
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting  6 February
  • Bonanza Packs Rerun for Sale, 7-day Offer starting 8 February


Happy holidays to you all!

Spread the holiday cheer with the hashtag #TheSimsMobile on Twitter and Instagram!

Download The Sims Mobile on Apple and Google Play today!”


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