The Sims Mobile Balcony Update FAQ

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The Sims Mobile has officially added balconies with the latest update!

No need to glitch the game anymore, this is so much easier.

The Sims Mobile team has put together this FAQ so you can get to grips with this new feature. Don’t forget to watch my video walkthrough too!

We’re excited to introduce the new ‘Balcony’ mode.

Sul Sul!

We just got the permit to build balconies in Briny Heights! Make your houses stand out with the balconies of your dreams. Recreate iconic moments from your favourite stories or play out your own memorable adventures in the new balconies update!

This FAQ will help you get the most out of the Balconies Update.

Q – What is the new Balcony feature?

A- The brand-new feature enables you to add balconies to your dream builds. Choose from a variety of Balconies (with roof, without roof, or different wall arrangements) and Barrier styles (Barrier styles refer to the design of the balustrades, railings etc.) Use the Wall Toggle tool to switch a wall to a balcony or vice versa and customize your builds accordingly. Once you have a balcony, you can customize, resize, move it across floors just like any Build/Buy room. 

Q – How do I get access to Balconies?

A- Balconies are available in the Build/Buy mode for all players and can be unlocked from Level 5 onwards. Enter the Build menu and tap on the Balconies catalog (you’ll find it next to Rooms) to unlock your first Balcony. Also tap on the Barrier Styles catalog to explore different customization options for your balconies. 

Q – What is a Barrier Style? How do I get more Styles?

Barrier Styles refers to railings, parapets, balustrades, fences, etc. that can be used to personalize your Balcony. Choose from a variety of options like a cool metallic railing in black, or a fancy marble balustrade in white and transform your Balcony to make it your own. 

You can apply a different Barrier Style to each wall of your Balcony, and you can also choose from different color swatches for each Barrier Style. Feeling spoilt for choice already? Unleash your imagination and mix and match all the available combinations to create the Balcony of your dreams.


You can collect additional Barrier Styles from Quests or get them from the Store!


Q – How do I change the Barrier Style or color of my Balcony Barriers?

A – Tap on Build / Buy > Build > Barrier Styles to find the catalog of unlocked Barrier Styles. Select a Barrier Style from the catalog and tap on any Barrier in your Home Lot to remove the old Barrier Style and apply the new selection to the side of the wall. You can also change the color using the color widget on the left.


Q – How can I turn Walls into Barriers?

A – Choose the Wall you want to modify and press the Room Sizing / Wall Toggle button on the bottom right of the screen and switch to the Wall Toggle tool.

Tap on any or multiple sides of the Balcony to switch between Full Wall > Open Edge > Barrier. Use your imagination to design different combinations of balconies.

Q – Can I move Balcony up to my new floor levels?

A – Yes! You can move the Balcony up and down floors by selecting it and pressing the Floor Widget at the bottom right of the screen (Under the Room Sizing / Wall Mode toggle). You can also make your Balconies float mid-air if that’s what you want to do. 

Q – Can I place staircases on my Balcony?

A –Yes, Balconies work much like any other room i.e. they can have stairs leading to a room above or below. 


Q – Can I place a Balcony right against another Balcony or Room?

For the most part, yes! You cannot place a Barrier against any other room and Open Edges can only connect with other Open Edges.

(Image Credits: SalixTheCat)


Join us on the balcony with your tea and coffee to watch the sun rise on #TheSimsMobile’s balcony update. Follow The Sims Mobile Twitter and Instagram! Search #TheSimsMobile to chat with SimGurus and other passionate players. You can also use that hashtag to share your exciting new builds with the community.


Good luck and have fun, Simmers!

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Balconies (Build / Buy > Build > Balconies)

Item Unlock Cost Requirement Roof? Barrier Style      
Holiday Cabin Balcony 6000 Simoleons Level 5 No Simple Wooden Fence      
Roofed Holiday Cabin Balcony 400 SimCash Level 5 Yes Simple Wooden Fence      
Fortress Balcony 9000 Simoleons Level 10 No Concrete Vintage Barrier      
Roofed Fortress Balcony 600 SimCash Level 10 Yes Concrete Vintage Barrier      
Bubblegum Pop Balcony 14000 Simoleons Level 20 No Stylish Glass Railing      
Roofed Bubblegum Pop Balcony 850 SimCash Level 20 Yes Stylish Glass Railing      


Barrier Styles (Build / Buy > Build > Barrier Styles)

Item Unlocked by Variants Variants Cost        
Simple Wooden Fence Holiday Cabin Balcony
Roofed Holiday Cabin Balcony
6 1000 Simoleons        
Concrete Vintage Barrier Fortress Balcony
Roofed Fortress Balcony
6 1000 Simoleons        
Stylish Glass Railing Bubblegum Pop Balcony
Roofed Bubblegum Pop Balcony
6 1000 Simoleons        
One Percenter Railing Limited Time Offer 6 Free        
Royalty Metal Railing Limited Time Offer 6 Free        
Springy Planters Barrier Limited Time Offer 6 Free        
Gilded Metal Railing Bella’s Balcony Quest 6 Free        
Criss-crossed Wooden Fence Bella’s Balcony Quest 6 Free        


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