The Sims Mobile MAY THE 4th Quest Steps

Presented by EA gamechangers.

Earn yourself some epic Star Wars costumes starting May 4th in The Sims Mobile!

Celebrate Star Wars Day with a quest step each day!

Kick off: Earn 25 Simoleons.
[Reward: The Child statue] CHAPTER 1
Step 1: Tap on ‘The Child Statue’.
[Reward: 10XP+Yoda child costume] CHAPTER 2
Step 1: Tap on a bed.
[Reward: 10XP+Leia Oragana costume] CHAPTER 3
Step 1: Tap on ‘The Child Statue’.
[Reward: 10XP+Rebel pilot costume] CHAPTER 4
Step 1: Tap on a table.
[Reward: 10XP+Aayla Secura costume] CHAPTER 5
Step 1: Tap on ‘The Child Statue’.
[Reward: 10XP+Boba Fett costume] CHAPTER 6
Step 1: Speak to 2 Sims about the dark side.
[Reward: 10XP+Darth Maul costume] CHAPTER 7
Step 1: Tap on ‘The Child Statue’.
REWARDS: 200XP+Darth Vader Costume

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