The Sims Mobile King’s Hoard Quest Walkthrough

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There will be a King’s Hoard quest starting in The Sims Mobile on July 21st at 10 am local time with old Wumples prizes to collect along the way. The quest has a dialogue shown alongside it (shown below) and will finish with two new prize items. 

The prizes are…

Day 1 End: Sweeping Beauty Broom, Dry Oh My! Towel Rack.

Day 2 End: Lei It On Me Necklace, Star Shades.

Day 3 End: Lunaria Wall Planter, Sunlit Outdoor Light.

Day 4 End: Men’s Wumples Costume, Women’s Wumples Costume, Wumples Hat.

Quest End: Rolled-up Treasure Map, Ancient Ruins Jar.



The quest dialogue is as follows (spoilers ahead!)…

Trigger Quest Dialog

  • Wumples: Hello, (PlayerSim)!
  • PlayerSim: Wumples! How do you have my number?
  • Wumples: No time for that. Did you see that new piece of land that magically appeared?
  • PlayerSim: Yes, I just saw it now. It looks wonderful – I may just move there!
  • Wumples: More than a piece of land appeared –  A person! They just POOFED into existence.
  • Wumples: I want to solve this mystery and you are going to help me.
  • PlayerSim: Ah, well. I am really really busy right now. I promised Knox I’ll visit, and Patty’s latest creation needs to be tasted-
  • Wumples: I’ll reward you.
  • PlayerSim: My schedule just cleared up. I’m on the case!
  • Wumples: Thought so. Keep working on my Wishlist and I’ll get back to you.


Day 1 Wumples Dialog

  • Wumples: Here’s Wumples with a check-in!
  • Wumples: The mystery man is in town now! I think he is from elsewhere. Actually, ELSEWHEN! He is from long, long ago!
  • PlayerSim: Maybe we need to approach him differently.
  • Wumples: Good idea. Let me think about this.


Day 2 End Dialog

  • Wumples: Okay, tell me I’m the best.
  • PlayerSim: You’re always the best, but why specifically this time?
  • Wumples: I was able to give the mystery man a cellphone! He seems to have taken to it very well. Maybe too much.
  • Wumples: Will you call him tomorrow? I sent you the number.


Day 2 Start Dialog

  • PlayerSim: Okay, let’s try calling the mystery man. 
  • PlayerSim: YES! I mean, yes. I can hear you. You don’t have to shout!
  • PlayerSim: I am {PLAYERSIM}. Welcome to Briny Heights! I don’t know who you are so maybe you can-
  • Unknown Hottie:  You don’t know who I am?! I am the King of Al Simhara! Honored Guardian of the Golden Tomb! Outrageous… (CALL DISCONNECTED)
  • PlayerSim: Huh? Did I say something wrong?


Day 2 End Dialog

  • PlayerSim: Hello? Please don’t disconnect again, I’m trying to help.
  • Unknown Hottie: I… apologize. I am a bit stressed. My name is King Raymundo. Or at least I WAS king long ago. No one knows who I am.
  • PlayerSim: Don’t worry, King Raymundo. Allow me to give you a taste of modern life.
  • PlayerSim: First up is FASHION! I will send over some attire for you to try.


Day 3 Start Dialog

  • Raymundo (Glasses): Is this modern fashion?
  • PlayerSim: Oh, wow. You went straight for the starry glasses, huh? Do you… like it?
  • Raymundo (Glasses): I’ve certainly become the center of attention.
  • PlayerSim: Next is INTERIOR DESIGN! I will send some decorations over soon.


Day 3 End Dialog

  • Raymund (Glasses): I appreciate the decorations. I have placed them in my temporary abode.
  • PlayerSim: Don’t mention it! Are you getting used to modern life?
  • Raymund (Glasses): With your help, I believe so. The costumed woman made me create a ‘Simstagram’ account. I am enjoying the adoration of the masses.
  • PlayerSim: You’re going to fit in just fine!


Day 4 Start Dialog

  • Wumples: So it’s going well? Is this king causing more problems in town?
  • PlayerSim: He’s thriving! I confess, I have been gifting him the rewards you spoke of and he really appreciates them.
  • Wumples: Gifts, huh? I have an idea…


Day 4 End Dialog

  • Wumples: Well, do you like it?
  • Raymundo (Wumples): By the golden sands of Al Simhara, I declare that I do not like this.
  • Wumples: But It fits so well! They say the costume chooses the person and not the other way around.
  • Wumples: …
  • Wumples: Fine, it was worth trying.


Day 5 Start Dialog

  • Raymundo: I discovered something new today. “Selfies” is it? My Simstagram seems to love it.
  • Raymundo: More and more people have been helping me around town, as well.
  • PlayerSim: It’s because they enjoy your company and stories. Have you decided if you will stay?
  • Raymundo: Not yet, but I appreciate how people treat me here. Not at all like in Al Simhara.


Day 5 Quest End Dialog

  • Raymundo: I have decided. I will stay in Briny Heights – If you all will have me.
  • PlayerSim: You’ve been a hit in town! And you have as many Simstagram followers as Venessa Jeong! You’re basically modern-day royalty!
  • Raymundo: Perhaps, but it’s time to leave my past behind. I am King Raymundo no longer. Just Raymundo.
  • PlayerSim: Welcome to Briny Heights, Raymundo!


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