Making Your Social Media Customers Feel Safe

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Using social media to grow your business is a smart move. Most of the platforms are free to use (unless you want to create and share targeted ads). 


Making your social media followers/business customers feel secure is essential. It will make them safe and more in control when using your business.


Should you lack the knowledge on how to make your followers feel safe, here are some great tips.

Create a community

Creating a community is a great way to allow customers to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe space, all while attaining access to your exclusive content. 


You can use a third party software to develop a website for your community. This will help you create a professional site so that you can start to monetize your audience while making them feel safe and secure. 


If you have a reasonably sized audience on social media, you might as well leverage it so that your business can gain a larger profit. Using a community website builder can help you maintain control of your content while giving customers more control. It will give them a safe space to access niche content and also share opinions in a secure environment. 


Share direct links

When a customer sees a product or service on your social media pages and wants to find out more, they will likely search the web to find out more. 


To maximize their time and enhance their safety, it is a good idea to share a direct link to the page that they want to find so that they can go straight to the source. If they have to search the web, they might come across dangerous content that isn’t a part of your business. Another business might mimic your content and try to make your business vulnerable, which will make customers unsafe. 


Therefore, share direct links where possible so that your customers can shop easily and safely. 


Share your website on all social media pages

Furthermore, so that your social media customers can always have easy and safe access to your website (which should be your business’s main port of information), it will be handy to display your website link across all of your verified social media pages. 


This means that customers can navigate through your social media instead of the internet when they want to reach your website for more information. 


Have a live chat or direct messaging service available 

Should a customer from social media wish to contact you, then offering a live chat or direct messaging will help. This will enable customers to speak with the right people within a matter of minutes, or however long it might take for your team to respond. 


It can help to have a designated social media messaging team member so that there is always someone available (during business hours) to take requests and help customers. Customer support is key and offering a direct messaging service will make customers feel safe


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