The Sims Freeplay Magical Morocco Update *January 2021*

Presented by EA gamechangers.

The details for the first update for The Sims Freeplay in 2021 are here!

“Sul Sul,

Immerse yourself in the magic of Morocco where the sands are hot and the air smells of spices and incense! In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay, your Sims can be transported to a desert oasis filled with bright, bold colors, sand and sun!

Magical Morocco Live Event

Launching 1st January, start crafting resources in the Magical Morocco live event! Earn a multistory Arabian-inspired castle house lot fit for a queen or king. The third level balconies overlook the sand and cactus filled desert house lot!

Traditional Moroccan architecture is filled with recognizable elements like keyhole arch doorways, curtain walls, a glamorous pool, modular furniture, mosaic patterned décor, plus intricate decorative accessories like mirrors, vases, lanterns, kettles and more! Your Sims will really feel like they’re in a desert in the Sahara as they sit back and relax in the styled niche bay window seating, reading a book and sipping a cup of tea!

SimChase Season 23: Spa Skirmish!

Race against your rival in our latest season of SimChase! Starting 12th January, unlock more traditional Moroccan décor to complete your dream boho-luxe outdoor entertaining area for your Sims. The rewards focus on geometric patterns and include decorative floors, walls, fountains and even art pieces.

Grand Prizes:

  •         Cross-shaped spa for up to 8 Sims!
  •         Giant potted fern plants
  •         Mosaic wall fountain
  •         Outdoor pool floor tiles
  •         Clay-looking wallpaper
  •         Casual outfits and shoulder length hairstyle for female adult Sims

Milestone Prizes:

  •         Pendant hanging golden lamps
  •         Decorative patterned windows
  •         Decorative wall hanging mirror set
  •         Hanging bathrobes
  •         Patterned wardrobe
  •         Floating pool flowers and candles and more!

New Hijabs

Please enjoy our latest complimentary addition in your Sim’s wardrobe – hijabs are now available for child, tween, teenager and adult female Sims! They can be found in the newly refreshed ‘hats’ category in CAS which has now been renamed to ‘headwear’.

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in AEST):

  •         NEW Influence Island Season 4 – Moroccan Kitchens: 10-day event starting from Friday 25th December
  •         SimChase S12 – Desert Duel Event Rerun: 10-day event starting from Friday 25th December
  •         Long Hair Hobby Event Rerun: 7-day event starting Saturday 26th December
  •         NEW Magical Morocco Live Event: 10-day event starting from Friday 1st January
  •         App Icon Change: Tuesday 5th January
  •         NEW Maternity Pack 17: Start a Pregnancy Event between Tuesday 5th – 13th January, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!
  •         ‘HANS On’ Player Favorite Event Rerun: 6-day event starting from Thursday 7th January
  •         NEW SimChase S23: Spa Skirmish! 7-day event starting from Tuesday 12th January
  •         ‘Country Homestead Furniture’ Hobby Event Rerun: 6-day event starting from Wednesday 13th January

There are so many must-visit locations right in the heart of SimTown, and now your Sim can escape the winter season and visit Morocco! You may find your Sims plotting their next visit before they’ve even gone home…”


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