My Black Friday Top Picks!

I’m sure, like me, you’ve been swamped with Black Friday content already today.


While I do love the buzz and excitement it creates for a good deal, I do find that a lot of the ‘promotions’ aren’t worth the hype.

There are of course some deals that are worth snapping up so let’s not let the swamp of emails put us off finding them!

Remember though, it’s only a deal if it’s something you need/were in the market for in the first place!

Here are some of my favourite picks and purchases I’ve made from the offers I’ve seen so far today.



Please tell me I don’t need that pink Free People coat. I don’t need it. But…. it’s soooo beautiful and it’s 50% off making it cheaper on the Free People Website right now than it is on ASOS even with their current promotion.


Tech and Gadgets.

Apple are doing a great promo in which they will gift you a gift card with certain large purchase items (like the iPad Pro) so if you were looking to get one now is the perfect time! You can use your gift card to get a mega discount off the apple pencil!



A random selection I know but these are some of the things I’ve bought this year either for myself or others (or both!). Plus I couldn’t help but throw in a shameless plug for my own book! It’s free right now on kindle btw!



There are some great deals on some great games! These are my personal favourites.

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