The Sims Mobile Black Friday Packs 2020

Presented by EA gamechangers.

The Sims Mobile are at it again with their paid packs.

These Black Friday packs work in a similar way to the anniversary packs we saw earlier in the year. There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold pack and if you buy all three of those you unlock a special extra pack for ‘free’. A great incentive to buy all thre packs but I would only see it as a bonus if that’s something you were planning on doing anyway rather than a reason to buy all of them.

They have of course made the bonus item a really good one! A super size indoor cinema screen.

These Black Friday packs are available in your game from November 25th 2020 until December 1st 2020 for players level 5 and over. The bonus free pack will be available until December 3rd 2020 so you have extra time to claim it if you bought all three paid packs.

The Bronze Black Friday pack is priced at $4.99 and contains…

  • Supremely Stylish Speakers in 6 different colours
  • Long And Thin Wall Light in 6 different colours
  • Calm Me Down Tea Brewer in 6 different colours
  • 3,000 simoleons
  • 200 simcash

Currently in the game 250 simcash is priced at $4.99 so the value of the pack is very good. Personally I like this pack but I was a little disappointed that you can’t pour a tea with the tea brewer.

The Silver Black Friday pack is priced at $7.99 and contains…

  • Wooden Standing Lamp in 6 different colours
  • Movie Time Popcorn Machine in 6 different colours
  • Quietly Quilted Sofa in 6 different colours
  • Gone Running Track Suit for female sims, in 6 different colours
  • Confort Time Slippers for female sims, in 6 different colours
  • 8,000 simoleons
  • 500 simcash

550 simcash is currently priced at $9.99 in the game so this is once again good value (if you were intending to buy simcash make sure you get it through a pack like this for some bonus items!).

I love the standing lamp in this pack, the sofa is nice too, but the other items are a little lacklustre. The popcorn maker was a big let down given that the sim cannot eat the popcorn after popping it.

Poor Sim. Cruel Firemonkey.

Not to mention the mispell of the word ‘confort’. I presume it’s a mispell? Firemonkeys are good a throwing in great words but I think this is supposed to say ‘comfort’ surely. Hopefully that small detail is fixed.

The Gold Black Friday pack is priced at $19.99 and contains…

  • Feature Piece Wall Clock in 6 different colours
  • All-In-One Entertainment Unit in 6 different colours
  • Home Cinema Stereo Set in 6 different colours
  • Trash Can Of The Future in 6 different colours
  • Quietly Quilted Chair in 6 different colours
  • From Up High Dress for female sims, in 6 different colours
  • 20,000 simoleons
  • 1,800 simcash

You can get only 1,300 simcash for this price on it’s own so this pack is even better value. I would expect better details in a paid pack though. The all-in-one entertainment unit looks great but when you’re sim goes to use it for exercise they do push ups and their head is moving through the object. There are only a few interactions so it makes you wonder if it was even tested. A bit of an insult to paying players. The dress in this pack is lovely too but the bottons are clearly stretched on the bottom of the dress where it becomes wider.

The bonus pack is the Black Friday Cinema pack. You will only be offered this pack for ‘free’ if you buy each of the previous packs with a total cost of $32.97. It’s a bonus for buyaing all three and cannot be obtained in any other way.

This pack contains the Indoor Home Cinema Screen only.

A great bonus item but would of been nice to show something other than the werewolf movie all screens show!

I think if these packs had had better attention to details they could of really flourished. They are missable and the obvious mistakes in them really let them down. As paid content they should be better.

The packs certainly offer value and if you need to purchase simcash anyway then this is the way to do it but otherwise I would only buy them if you REALLY want something in one/all the packs. Who knows, they may end up in the Eco Workshop one day.

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