The Sims Freeplay Faces of the Future Update [October 2022]

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It’s time for a major Sims glow-up with the latest update for The Sims Freeplay! Be sure to update your games when the update goes live at 9.30PM UTC Tuesday 18th 2022.


Here’s all the info from the official blog:   

Sul Sul! 

For our 10th birthday last December, we reminisced on the incredible historical milestones we have achieved in The Sims franchise and teased our bright future of exciting content to come! In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay, we’re delivering on our promise to give you more tools to express and represent yourself. Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to grow! 

Base Game Improvements

New Sim Faces

We’ve seen all your feedback about our Sim appearances, and we hear you. For the first time ever, we’ve permanently refreshed the faces of elder, adult, teen and preteen life stages so you can finally create Sims that reflect your true selves. 

We get it – our Sims have been looking a little dated! They were originally designed to suit 2011 phone specs and modelled on The Sims 3.  The new faces will automatically apply to every Sim in your game (excluding infants and toddlers), including non-playable characters and the Sim Tracker! If you’d like to explore the options, jump into Create A Sim by using a Wardrobe. 

There is still a path ahead of us with continual growth for true representation in our game, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated on our future development over time. We can’t wait to see what you create, and we’d love to hear what you think about the new face improvements, so chat to our SimGurus on Twitter!

Shared hair, glasses & earrings across all genders

In the first step in our ongoing efforts to expand our representation options, we’ve made it possible for all of our 500+ hairstyles, earrings and glasses to be shared between ALL genders in ‘Create A Sim’. 

Try this out by by using a Wardrobe or by adding a new Sim in an empty lot to view all the non-gendered options you’re now able to mix and match! This permanent improvement is free for players of all levels! Note: This does not apply to sharing between life stages, and currently does not apply to tattoos or makeup.

Sim Path Finding – Smooth Walking

We’ve updated the walk tracks on the ground, so Sims no longer turn corners in sharp square paths! You’ll notice now that Sims have smooth rounded walking for more realistic pathfinding when they undertake any action in the game. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! 


Premium Perks – New Feature

A new event system, Premium Perks, has arrived! As you spend Social Points anywhere in the game by simply shopping in the Home Store and Online Store, you’ll earn Premium Perk Points to unlock exclusive progression prizes as you fill the progress bar. 

Available to players at Level 16+, the event can be accessed in your Active Tasks menu, and you’ll see a pop up at the top of your game screen when an event is active. 

1 SP equals 2 Premium Perk Points! Be sure to keep an eye on the timer, because the event duration is only 10 days (with a two-day rolling start). 

The first season of Premium Perks delivers exclusive witchcore rewards like cauldron-ready outfits and exclusive enchanting objects that include a double bed with celestial blanket, vanity desk with crystal ball, wall hanging moon phases rug, and more. 

‘Botanical Beauty’ Live Event

Bring the outdoors inside with lush greenery! The ‘Botanical Beauty’ Live event delivers a greenhouse mansion filled with potted and hanging plants in every room! The spectacular home features luxury bay windows, and staircases with inset bookshelves. As you craft resources during the 10-day event, you’ll unlock milestone prizes that include: 

  • Hanging egg chairs
  • Plant pattern wallpaper
  • Bohemian rugs
  • Giant wall shelving full of plants
  • Hanging wall partitions full of plants
  • Giant bookshelves full of plants and books
  • And much more!


Influence Island Event – Season 31

Convince Sims on Influence Island to join your clan and win the grand prize. In the latest season, you’ll be able to breathe new life into any space to create a plant conservatory, with cheerful greenery everywhere! Unlock beautiful plant inspired prizes that include the first ever pet enclosure with Gordon, the tortoise! You can also earn: 

  • Hanging egg chairs
  • Table setting with chairs
  • Double french glass doors
  • Plant displays with hanging pots 
  • Glass plant greenhouse with shelves 
  • Dungarees outfit for Female Teen Sims and more. 


SimChase Events – Season 49 & 50d

Race against a rival Sim to beat them to the grand prize! Complete tasks and earn progress points to unlock milestone rewards along the way. In Season 49: Flowerful Faceoff, liven up your bathroom and laundry with living décor full of natural beauty. Transform any space into a slice of paradise with green rewards that include: 

  • Giant monstera plants
  • Bathroom sinks with ferns and hanging plants 
  • Floating toilets with shelves and toilet roll holders with plants
  • New bohemian outfits for Male and Female Adult Sims
  • Laundry hampers with clutter
  • Stacked washing machine and dryer combos

Season 50: Modish Matchup is inspired by Season 33: Fierce Fashion! Earn kitsch-inspired interior rewards and unique statement pieces like eccentric outfits for Elderly Female Sims, a large animal jungle scene rug, golden jackal floor statue in all new color variants.


Thanksgiving Quest

Thanksgiving is upon SimTown! Originally run in our Witches & Wizards update in 2014, our iconic Thanksgiving Quest has been revived for the first time as a new Player Favorite.

A mysterious Sim, Ms. Pennyworth, arrives at your house with a strange bird! She needs your Sim’s help to babysit her fabulous turkey, Mr. Snoody! Complete the tasks to make sure you take care of him while she is away within the three-day time limit to unlock the grand prize of pet turkeys for all! You’ll find the two turkeys and hutches, both in black and gold, in the Home Store. “


Events List

Bold entries are new! All events start at 7AM UTC.

Title Duration Start Date End Date
Premium Perks – Halloween Teen Witch 10 days 18 Oct 30 Oct
Influence Island Season 31 – Plant Conservatory 10 days 18 Oct 31 Oct
SimChase Season 49: Flowerful Faceoff 9 days  18 Oct 29 Oct
Botanical Beauty Live Event  10 days 28 Oct 9 Nov
Hair Hobby Event – Long Hair V1 7 days 30 Oct 6 Nov
Influence Island Season 12: Wine Cellar 10 days 5 Nov 18 Nov
SimChase Season 50: Modish Matchup (Inspired by S33: Fierce Fashion) 9 days 7 Nov 16 Nov
Maternity Pack 31 9 days 10 Nov 27 Nov
Brilliant Backyard Live Event 10 days 16 Nov 27 Nov
Thanksgiving Quest – Player Favorite (2014) 10 days 16 Nov 25 Nov
SimChase Season 16: Eco Engagement 9 days 18 Nov 27 Nov

New Sales List 

Pack Name Contents Price (USD) Start Date End Date
Behind The Sims Summit
  1. Perfect Plumbob Ceiling Fan
  2. MidTown Cafe Puppy Tattoo
  3. Sim Eating Plant Tattoo

All in multiple color variants

Free 18th October (Update Launch) 28 Nov
Thick Braided Hair Set

Luscious braided hair for adult Sims!

Half up-half down long braided hairstyle for adult female Sims

  • Red, pink, silver, lavender, orange, platinum, blue

Short braided hairstyle for adult male Sims

  • Red, pink, silver, lavender, orange, platinum, blue
$9.99 18th October (Update Launch) 31 Oct
Mystic Living

Create a mystical aura in your living room!

  1. Coffee table with storage tubs
  2. Hanging plants wall partitions 
  3. 1-seat sofa with magical blanket
  4. 2-seat sofa with magical blanket
  5. 3-seat sofa with magical blanket

All in two colour variants

$9.99 18th October (Update Launch) 31 Oct
Starry Bedroom

Spend starry nights in this rich cozy bedroom.

  1. Abstract ceiling pendant light
  2. Nursing chair with blanket 
  3. Moon table lamp
  4. Bedside table with plant
  5. Chest of draws + mirror
  6. Four poster double bed

All in two colour variants

$11.99 1st Nov 15 Nov
Chic Interiors

Enhance your energy with crystals and mirrors

  1. Bay window – single seat
  2. Moon phases mirror
  3. Crystal display shelf
  4. Drapes – single window
  5. Drapes – double window
  6. Rugs 3×2
  7. Rugs 2×2
  8. Interior wallpaper

All in two colour variants

$12.99 1st Nov 15 Nov
Smart Modern Kitchen

Modernize your kitchen with smart appliances!


  1. Toaster
  2. Microwave
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Oven

All in two modern colour variants that match each other to complete your kitchen

$9.99 15 Nov 28 Nov
Smart Tech Office

Setup your office with the latest gadgets!


  1. Printer
  2. Smart Fridge with screen
  3. Magazine stack with crystal decor

All in two modern colour variants that match each other

$13.99 15 Nov 28 Nov


* All packs are live 7AM UTC



Botanical Beauty Live Event


Brilliant Backyard Live Event


Influence Island Season 12 – Wine Cellar


Influence Island Season 31 – Plant Convservatory


Long Hair hobby event (v1)


Maternity Pack 31


Player Favourite – Thanksgiving


Premium Perks – Halloween Teen Witch


SimChase Season 16 – Eco Engagement!


SimChase Season 49 – Flowerful Faceoff


SimChase Season 50 – Modish Matchup


Behind The Sums Summit – Free Pack


Chic Interiors


Mystic Living


Smart Modern Kitchen


Smart Tech Office


Starry Bedroom


Thick Braided Hair Set

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