How to play The Sims 5 [aka Project Rene] now!

Project Rene was announced during theBehind The Sims Summit last week and, while it is super early in its development, there are still opportunities to play it.

Playtesting has begun this week and you may be wondering how you can be one of the lucky ones to test and help shape the future of what we presume to be The Sims 5.

What you need to do is sign up for EA’s playtesting program. Once you have signed up you could be chosen for all kinds of EA games, not just The Sims 5!

Playtesters are usually rewarded with a couple of games of their choosing (from a given selection) for volunteering their time to test a game.

Expect to sign an NDA as Project Rene is extremely under wraps right now. You will be testing the bare bones of the game and that is so exciting!

Good luck and please do leave a comment if you’re chosen!

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