The Sims Freeplay Art Deco February 2021 Update Schedule

Presented by EA gamechangers.

Get the info you need ahead of time with The Sims Freeplay Art Deco February 2021 Update Schedule!

This update will go live in the app store at 9:30pm UTC on February 15th 2021.

“Sul Sul! Celebrate the Roaring 20’s and indulge in a ritzy night out in style with your Sims. In our Art Deco update, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Crafting resources in the ‘Belle Hotel’ Live Event! Unlock a multistory hotel grand prize house lot, filled with luxurious black and gold décor, outdoor pool, coat room, hotel rooms, and a glitzy dining room designed for live jazz performances.
  • Jumping into SimChase Season 25: Bar Brawl! Earn glamourous art déco décor to complete a hotel bar, plus vintage-inspired female fur coat outfits, gold water fountain, drinks display and more.
  • Bring luxury hotel vibes into your own Sim’s homes or complete your Belle Hotel with rewards from Influence Island Season 6: Suite Success”


Event dates:

Paperboy 2x rewards (continues from previous update) 11 days Feb 6th Feb 16th
Maternity Pack 18 (continues from previous update)  9 days Feb 12th 20th Feb
Belle Hotel live event 10 days Feb 15th Mar 1st
SimChase S25 – Bar Brawl! 7 days Feb 26th Mar 7th
Influence Island S6 – Suite Success 10 days Mar 5th Mar 17th
Time Capsule quest (player favourite re-run) 6 days Mar 8th Mar 16th
Glam Mansion live event (re-run)  9 days Mar 9th Mar 20th
SimChase S7 – Restroom Rivals! (re-run)  7 days Mar 11th Mar 21st
Charming Barber hobby event (re-run)  7 days Mar 12th Mar 21st


Maternity Pack 18.


Belle Hotel live event prizes.


SimChase Season 25.


Influence Island Season 6.


Time Capsule Quest Re-run.


Glam mansion live event re-run. 


SimChase Season 7 re-run.


Charming Barber Hobby event re-run.



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