The Sims Freeplay Rustic Wedding January 2021 Update Schedule

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 It’s time for The Sims Freeplay Rustic Wedding January 2021 Update Schedule!

The update will be live in the app store at 9:30pm UTC on January 26th 2021.

“Sul Sul,

Fall in love and tie the knot in a timeless, yet casual outdoor wedding with your Sims this Valentine’s Day! In the latest update of The Sims FreePlay you’ll also enjoy:

  • Persuading Sims to join your clan! Start Influence Island Season 5: ‘Rustic Wedding’ and earn rewards to host an outdoor wedding ceremony. Unlock new wedding hairstyles, bridal dresses, flower girl and ring boy outfits plus rustic décor, all with a touch of floral fun!
  • Racing against a rival in SimChase Season 24: ‘Wedding Wrangle’. Create the perfect reception celebration with an outdoor dance floor, wedding cake, photobooth camera, bridal dining table and more.”

Events list:

Influence Island S5 – Rustic Wedding 10 days Jan 27th Feb 7th
SimChase S24 – Wedding Wrangle! 9 days Feb 3rd Feb 14th
Paperboy 2x rewards 11 days Feb 6th Feb 16th
Maternity Pack 18  9 days Feb 12th Mar 1st

Additional Changes & info:

  • Placement rules for Fences
    • Fences can now be placed perpendicular to each other, allowing T (and similar) shaped fences to be created.
  • Locked content can be seen in the Home Store (build mode).
    • The intent is to allow greater visibility into content that is not yet unlocked, and give players information on how to unlock it.
    • This update will only show the Stairs & Railings categories, but other categories will be added in future updates.
    • The locked categories will be visible in the Home Store after the Tutorial has been completed.
  • Maternity Pack 18 contents:
    • White Royale Bookshelf
    • White Royale Dresser
    • Light Delice (floor)
    • Striped Delice (wall)
    • Burgundy Leggings (maternity clothing)
    • Pink Coat (maternity clothing)


Influence Island S5 prizes.


Maternity Pack 18: 


SimChase S24.



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