The Game of Life 2 – The perfect game for social distanced holiday festivities

Game code provided by Marmalade Games

Whether you’re looking for something to do with your family, friends, a perfect stranger or even alone, The game of Life 2 is perfect for times like these when we can’t necessarily all be together.

You can choose various different ways to play from Single player (which will pit you agains AI) to Online multiplayer.

I think this would also be a great game for streamers to play with their audience.

You get to truly customise your counter, icon, etc. I have the season pass installed which gives me access to other DLC like the ‘Frozen Lands world‘ which is what you will see in this post. I thought it was apt for this time of year. 

You can buy the main game with no DLC, you can buy the DLC separately, you can buy the season pass for all the additional worlds or the complete collection which gives you everything.

The music and graphics are the cutest!

There are even collectables you can gain the more you play.

On completion of my first game I unlocked a few puzzle pieces towards some puzzles. A good incentive to keep playing!

As a seasoned Game of Life player (I played the board game as a child and now have the more modern board game and the app!) I have been thoroughly impressed with this steam edition. It has some new features in it (like pets) but it also has some great features that the original board game had but the more modern one doesn’t (Like earning during retirement).

One game took me around 30 minutes (playing against 3 AI). I came last 🙁


To add to all that incentive within the game to keep playing they also have steam achievements! I love achievements so this made me VERY happy.

I have a giveaway going on right now on my twitter for 2 codes for the game of life 2 and the season pass! Head over there and enter to win! Good luck!


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