Is the next pack for The Sims 4 really going to be High School Musical?

The rumour mill has been pretty quiet for The Sims 4 recently, there has been little in terms of packs spoken about since the release of Snowy Escape.

Even last night, as we recorded our monthly Llama Drama podcast, we were saying how there had been no rumours to talk about which is usually unheard of.

Low and behold, this morning, I heard a rumour that the next pack for The Sims 4 will be High School musical themed!

This rumour is so crazy to me that I would never of believed it to be true if it hadn’t of been for a couple of the Sim Guru’s adding in High School Musical song references to their bio’s on twitter.


I am in shock.

I was convinced, given the demand I have seen from the community, that the next pack for The Sims would be something based around farms and/or babies. Why wouldn’t they give us what we have been asking for for years? Perhaps this is something that will enable them to do that? 

A farming pack and improvements to babies in the game could absolutely still happen. We do usually get more than one pack in a year.

One thing that immediately sprung to mind when I first heard this rumour my friend Dan’s April fools prank for a High School Musical Sims 3 pack back in 2013!

“Take your Sims to high school, perform in musicals & more!”

Who would of thought that could actually happen!?

Given that we already have universities in game perhaps this would add to those and give us schools for other age groups (which have been highly requested) and performance activities similar to what we had in The Sims 3 Showtime. This would blend well with the features in The Sims 4 Get Famous too.

The Sims 4 packs all blur into each other which is great in one respect (we absolutely want the content we buy to flow naturally with the rest of the game and packs) but unfortunately the lines are so blurred with what each pack contains which has allowed more reskins to come through from the team rather than actual fresh content so I will be interested to see how this goes and how the community repsond to it.

With the information we have right now this feels like a reskin already and because it would be a brand collaboration it may not add too much to the game at all.

While I would be happy to see them expanding upon their relationship with Disney with this pack I would prefer that this would be done in a different way. I have been aching for a Disney expansion for many years (I even made a petition back in the day) that features classic Disney movie and park contents. 

A High School Musical pack will certianly appeal to fans of the movie franchise (as with Star Wars) but it seems like an extremely niche target audience and a young one. Another reason to believe it to be true as they do seem to of been advertising to younger and new audiences over recent years rather than delivering content for the long term players.


This is just a rumour at this point but stranger things have happened!

In The Sims 4 [pack releases] anything is possible.


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