Cottage Living has reignited my love for The Sims 4

After my Snowy Escape post last year I never thought I would say this. I honestly didn’t think any pack could ‘fix’ The Sims 4 or make it perform any better. The Sims 4 Cottage… View Post

Is the next pack for The Sims 4 really going to be High School Musical?

The rumour mill has been pretty quiet for The Sims 4 recently, there has been little in terms of packs spoken about since the release of Snowy Escape. Even last night, as we recorded our… View Post

The Sims 4 team working on improving babies?!

Simmers have been shouting about wanting improved babies in The Sims 4 from (what seems like) the beginning of time but, alas, 6 years into this edition of the game, babies are still glorified objects.… View Post

The Sims 5 listed to release in 2021

100% a generic and photoshopped cover image and 100% not confirmed but I LIVE IN HOPE! The Sims 5 has been listed on a gaming website and scheduled to release in 2021.  At this stage… View Post

Why I won’t be posting any content for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

I have been playing Snowy Escape and, a few hours in, I became frustrated with the robotic gameplay and limitations so I have decided to skip on posting this time around.  The Sims 4 needs… View Post