EasySMX Transparent Wireless Game Controller for Switch

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One thing that has really brought me joy this year is my Nintendo Switch lite. I held out for the coral version and did not regret it!

Recently EasySMX very kindly sent me their controller for the Switch to try out. It even works with the switch lite and there is a choice of colours on their site. Naturally, I went for the purple.

This has been a whole new and very relaxing experience playing games such as Animal Crossing and the new Kingdom Hearts game with this controller.

The controller links seemlessly and doesn’t lose connection. It can be relied upon.

Aesthetically I love the transparent design and the way it lights up from inside.

It comes with easy to follow instructions of how to pair it and a cable to charge. I charged it as soon as I got it for a couple of hours with the usb cable provided. The charge will last me 7-8 hours of play time.

You can pair more than one controller too so this is great for multiplayer games on the switch lite where it could otherwise be a little tricky given the restrictions of the console.

You can see all the specs and info in more detail on their website.



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