Supporting Your Body As A Gamer

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When you are gaming, it can be easy to get lost in the game you’re playing and lose track of everything that is going on around you. The world of esports especially can be consuming; ask any one of the 3.2 billion players worldwide.

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Contrary to popular belief, gaming can be beneficial to your health, especially your mental and physical brain health. But making sure you look after yourself to support your gaming can help to improve your gameplay and stamina.

How can you stay healthy quickly when gaming?

Stay Hydrated

It is vital to make sure you are staying hydrated at all times. Try not to rely on sugar-filled or fizzy drinks every day and have some water to hand to support your playing.  If you become thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Other symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, confusion, slow reactions and dizzy spells, which can all affect your gameplay as well as your body!

Move Around

Playing physically active games will ensure you get adequate exercise into your day; however, taking time to get up and move even for a few minutes throughout your playing session can benefit your body. Walking around the room, stretching, jumping on the spot or anything you can do quickly as you play that will raise your heart rate is beneficial. Consider purchasing something like a FitBit to remind you to reach your step goals or even just stand up and move around a little at least once an hour.

Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Our bodies need additional support, and we get signs to alert us to these needs from time to time. When we’re busy or distracted we can fall into the trap of not hearing what our bodies are saying to us. Do you need an extended break away from the screens or an eye test to resolve any headaches you have? It might be that you need to rest your eyes. For those of us who get periods (as if toilet breaks during a livestream weren’t stressful enough!), it can be changing over to more comfortable sanitary pads during your period or buying comfier clothes to play in to allow your body a chance to relax a little bit more. If you pay attention to cues, you can support your health massively relatively easily.


We all know how it goes: one more game, and you will head to bed. The difficulty is that one final turn can soon develop into hours and hours of more gaming. Skipping a night’s sleep in exchange for extra gaming time can be incredibly harmful to your health.

In terms of your physical well-being, sleep is crucial. Sleep is essential in the mending of your heart and blood vessels and the promotion of focus and the optimization of athletic performance. Therefore if your health is a priority, getting adequate sleep is essential.

Fresh Air

The need for fresh air while gaming is a health recommendation that should go without saying. While you’re playing, leave a neighbouring window open a crack or two. If it’s in the next room, open the door as far as possible (be careful if you have pets), and consider getting a plant or two for your space as a decoration. Even though it is unlikely to refresh your air on its own, it can brighten up the space and make it smell nicer.

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