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The Surprising Choice feature was completely removed from the game on August 30th, 2022.


The Sims Mobile team are updating the Surprising Choices once again! This time only 3 remain. Perhaps we’re on our way to getting them removed all together?! Time will tell.

These will start showing after the latest update goes live on Oct 11th.

Here is a full chart of the items, options and prices you could be offered: 


Opportunity Status Items List Old Price (simcash) New Price (simcash)
I’ve just set up a shop of curiosities! Care to take at these ‘definitely-not-haunted’ items?
Revised Prices for Items
Grandfather Clock 460 Simcash 150
Haunted Bigass Mirror 250 Simcash 80
Baron Portrait 150 Simcash 100
The Horticultural Society is looking for new members! Sign up and take home these items at a plantiful discount!
Revised Prices for Items
Rose Wall Hedge 1×1 150 Simcash 50
Nixora tilable hedge 50 Simcash 20
Ivy wall decal 200 Simcash 70
Can you help me with my weakness for disguises? I’ve got too many!
Revised Prices for Items
Bear Body 1200 Simcash 400
Bear Mask 1000 Simcash 300
Unicorn Mask 800 Simcash 250

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