Why Bite-Sized Stress Relief Could Help Your Mental Health

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You don’t have to suffer a mental health disorder to experience stress, and sometimes, vast quantities of it. But when we are stressed, and responding both psychologically and physiologically to it, it’s hard not to think there’s something wrong. We might sweat a little more, find it hard to think, feel anxiety, struggle to manage our emotions, and even lash out in terms of responding curtly to someone, or feeling frustrated during the morning school run.


If that sounds familiar, don’t worry. Everyone experiences that, and there’s likely nothing wrong with you. However, there are better and worse ways to handle the reality of stress, and finding what works for you is a great idea.


We tend to think of stress relief as major venting habits, such as taking a long soak in the bath, meditating, playing games, or exercising. But if you’re stressed during the morning school run, it’s not as if you can sit in the lotus position for twenty minutes or start jumping rope, is it?


In this post, we’ll discuss a few handy bite-sized stress relief efforts that can be practiced almost anywhere. Let’s begin:


Small, Easy Games


Sometimes, we just need a little time to calm down and process our thoughts and emotions. Having a point of focus to achieve that can be worthwhile. For example, you might sit back and play Minesweeper during your office lunch, because it helps you feel a little less stressed about a tense meeting that morning. Or, you might enjoy guided sessions that can be gamified, suc has a ten-minute meditation on apps like Headspace or Calm, unlocking achievements as you go. Having a structured path to follow during a relatively unpredictable part of your day can be a great idea.


Stress Balls & Fidget Toys


We tend to think that younger children are happier with fidget spinners, stress balls and toys that help attract focus, but they work on adults just as well. If you’re caught up in traffic and frustrated, these can help dispel your stress by giving you something to focus on and feel comfort in. Sure, it might seem as though adults tend to vent stress by cursing or being aggressive, but there’s really no reason why we have to do that. Instead, having a gentle toy you can squeeze can help you calm down a little and look at the situation a touch more objectively.


Consider Walking Meditation


Did you know that you don’t have to sit down to meditate? It might sound strange, but it’s true. You can focus on your breathing and your next step while walking, and if you hold your focus gently, you’re meditating. If you get distracted (which isn’t too odd in an external environment), just gently return your focus when it’s safe to do so. This deep breathing can allow you to meditate wherever which can help you easily feel and process raw emotions. Note that this allows you to feel the stress and watch it dissipate, not bury it. It’s a healthier approach and feels so much better.


With this advice, you’re certain to see how bite-sized stress could assist your mental health.

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