The Sims Mobile Waterfront Unlock/ New Careers+levels!

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Releasing tomorrow in everyone’s games, this is what you can expect to see.

Spoiler: It’s fab!

Announcement/Info video.

Gameplay video.

Patch notes.

Introducing LlamaZoom LlamaZoom is a brand new feature which is replacing the Daily To Do List.

LlamaZoom allows you to take on special challenges multiple times per day, and can be accessed via the LlamaZoom truck at your house or the LlamaZoom button in the UI.

Here’s how it works!

LlamaZoom is run by a new character named Emily! She will ask for your help with certain tasks which need to be completed in a set period of time. Completing these tasks will earn you extra Simoleons and XP within the time window.

By completing all the tasks for a LlamaZoom session, you will earn bonus rewards along with a valuable new item, LlamaZoom Tokens! LlamaZoom Tokens

We’ve been listening to all your feedback regarding the large variation of Tickets in the game, and have decided to merge some of these currencies. Upon updating to Version 12.0.0, all your Home and Sim tickets will be converted to a new, single currency called LlamaZoom Tokens.

LlamaZoom Tokens are earned exclusively from the new LlamaZoom feature, and can be used along with Simoleons to purchase items in both the Home and Clothing Catalogs.


After months of taunting you on the World Map, we are excited to finally unlock the Waterfront District! Waterfront is a whole new district which includes two new venues and brand new career stories.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect!

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center will provide access to the all new ‘Must Be Something in the Water’ Career Story. Discover the path to enlightenment as a wellness guru, and learn that not everything is what it seems on the surface….

The Science Center

The Science Center will provide access to the all new ‘Rumblings from the Deep’ Career Story. Dive deep into the world of a marine biologist, searching for a new species in a high-tech research lab. Will your research provide the next great breakthrough?

Level Cap Increased

The max player level in the game has been increased to Level 50. Level up to earn rewards like SimCash!

Unlocking Districts and Venues Changes

You will now have more control over the order in which you unlock the Districts on the map. You will also have the freedom to unlock Venues in the order you choose. Explore the map to find the best path for you!

Collection Updates

We’re continuing our efforts to better organize the Home Catalog and give you more Collections, so be sure to check out these Collections in the Home Catalog!

On a Mission

Curbside Appeal

Tired Beats

Toddler Essentials

Colorful Copse

Bath Essentials

Sleek Sleep

Console Gamer

Bath Linen

Rustic Relaxation

Toasty and Cozy

Elegant Leftovers

Key Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where some players on version 11.1.1 on Android were asked to update to the latest version on iOS version 11.1

Fixed an issue where the Fledgling Streamer station was disappearing from the Home Lot upon zone transition

Fixed an issue where the Surgeon Career would be set to Level 0

Fixed an issue where the Settings menu button was difficult to select

Fixed an issue where the fish in the aquarium were swimming backwards or sideways

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