The Sims Mobile Spooksylvanian Evening pack

Presented by EA gamechangers

The Spooksylvanian Evening pack is re-running right now in The Sims Mobile.

Better late than never right?! 

Last time it ran it was priced at $8.99 and had 9,000 simoleons along with the spooky items. This time you get 6,000 simoleons which brings the price down to $6.99.


The items are the same.

The pack is re-running from November 12th until November 17th 2020.

Alongside the 6,000, here’s what you get!

Step Out for a Bite Evening Attire.

Final Resting Place Double Bed

Coffin Top Dresser

Velvet Nightshade Curtains x2 (I find this – along with all the other curtains – better to be placed on the wall rather than trying to fit this over a window!)

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