The Sims Mobile Seoul-ful Spring Update

It’s time to give our Sims a taste of Korea in The Sims Mobile.

This update will be live in app stores from February 13th, 2023 at 3:30 am UTC.

CountdownHere are all the details from the official blog… 

“Sul Sul!

A new season springs forth with “Seoul-ful Spring”, our latest Sim Festival! This new update brings a brand new NPC to The Sims Franchise with Jenny Kang! And what better way to celebrate her arrival than with the Carnival of Cheer event. And it’s also the perfect time to hit the gym in luxury and style with the Luxe Fitness event to get yourself ready to party!

This means there are a lot of fabulous items, enticing events, and a brand-new aesthetic for you to add to your collection.

Sim Festival Season Eleven: Seoul-ful Spring

Let the Hallyu Wave wash over you in this update with a Sim Festival inspired by Korean fashion & architecture.


Introducing Jenny Kang, our newest NPC. If you’ve never heard that name, that’s because she’s an NPC who is unique to The Sims Mobile! Jenny grew up with her grandparents due to which she has strong roots in her Korean heritage.


Progress the Sim Festival Premium Pass to unlock “Studio Kang”, Jenny’s studio home. This Designer Home is a marvelous mix of modern architecture and traditional Korean aesthetics. 

Festival Pass Items:

  • Character – Jenny Kang
  • Studio Kang
  • Exquisite Garden Pavilion
  • Hanok Barrier
  • Jenny Kang Signature Plaque
  • Halyu Wave Trophy
  • Masterfully Minimal Chair
  • Boxed Away Hallway Table
  • Intricately Carved Wood Door
  • Modern Hanbok
  • Sleek to Wavy hair
  • Cropped Plaid Blazer
  • Modern Hanbok
  • Curtain Fringe Hair
  • Hanok-on-Wood Door
  • Timbered Tradition Partition
  • Songbirds in Love
  • Timbered Tradition Cabinet
  • Timbered Tradition Table
  • Touch of Plaid Skirt
  • Whodunit eyeshadow
  • Hipster Blazer
  • Traditional Hanok Wood Floor
  • Traditional Hanok Wall

A New Daily Task

While that heading might make you go “oh dear, more tasks”, don’t worry. This new Daily Task is a simple and fun one. Here’s how it works:


  • For Level 1-15: Visit the Sim Festival for 25 Prize Tickets.
  • For Level 16+: Claim the free Family Chest from the Heirloom Store for 25 Prize Tickets.


With just a few easy taps, you can get extra prize tickets to help you complete your Sim Festival quicker.


Eco Workshop Unlock Price

We all know that the Eco Workshop can be a little difficult to unlock at the start. After all, you need to prioritize your Simoleans carefully. To help the new players out, Knox has knocked out a deal that will make it easier for anybody to unlock the Eco Workshop at only 100 Simoleans. Get crafting sooner!


Wumples Anniversary Wishlist

Wumples called and said she wants to share the celebration of the 5th anniversary of The Sims Mobile with you. To do that, she said that she will bring some really exciting extra gifts this time around. Here’s what she’s bringing with her:


  • Plaid and Bougie Outfit (F)
  • Plaid and Bougie Outfit (M)
  • Pet’s Ahoy! Wall Sticker
  • Bejeweled Bangle
  • Split Dye Hair with Bangs
  • Neatly Unkempt Ombre Hair

Sweet Treat Showdown Live Events

All these sugary treats can’t be good for your body, right? So why don’t you hit the gym and prepare your summer beach body in “Luxe Fitness” Sweet Treat Showdown. Level up your health with:


Grand Prizes:

  • Punch Drunk Punching Bag
  • Strong & Swole Workout Machine
  • Twist-n-Wrap Neat Updo
  • Tinted Combover Fade Hair

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Mellow-Out Massage Table
  • Gym Outfit with Deadlift Belt
  • Co-ord Track Suit

Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Industrial Sleek Mirror
  • Fluffy Runner Rug
  • Binary stripes High Tops
  • Classic Workout Jacket
  • Good ol’ Sweatshirt Dress
  • Greek Inspired Bikini Top
  • Lustrous Cheer Top


And we also have some of your favorite bake-offs returning! That’s right, the “Uptown Industrial” and “Charming Crafts” Sweet Treat Showdowns are back. So if you’ve been feeling crafty, now might be the perfect time to get a little industrious.


For more information, read our Sweet Treat Showdown FAQ page!

Treasure Hunt Live Events

Bright colors, loud music, scrumptious food, and memories to last a lifetime- Who doesn’t love a carnival? Here’s all the fun you can dig up in the “Carnival of Cheer” Treasure Hunt:

Grand Prizes:

  • Mardi Gras Barrier
  • Button-Up Dress Shirt
  • Dense N Wavy Ombre Hair

Pyramid Prizes:

  • Jest-me-Not Outfit
  • Beauty & Bristle Hairdo
  • Stained-Glass Panelled Door
  • Hang-in-There Dual Tone Shirt
  • Full Cover Dual Tone Eyeshadow
  • Pleated Prep Bunting
  • The Flag of Fete
  • Striped Asymmetrical Crop Top
  • All Jazzed Up Painting
  • The Jokester’s Noggin
  • Renaissance Revelry Flags
  • Sublime Solaris Sculpture
  • Bolt Rush Mini Skort
  • Geometric Paneled Pants
  • Just-a-Jester Hat
  • Pretty Petals Face Paint


Happy birthday to… us?! It’s our fifth birthday and we want you to celebrate it with us at the “TSM Pentennial” Treasure Hunt. So along with some yummy scoops of ice cream, you can scoop up:

Grand Prizes:

  • Sim Jubilee Double Bed
  • Party Town Jukebox
  • Floral Illusion Jumpsuit

Pyramid Prizes:

  • Short & Messy Waves
  • Snappy Suede Suit
  • Tufted Plush Sofa
  • Sheer Bandeau Crop Top
  • Accessorised Floral Top
  • Timberland Mosaic
  • Modern Squish Chair
  • Chained Pencil Skirt
  • Comfortable Slip-on Shoes
  • Superhero Montage Paintings
  • Bouquet of Balloons
  • Smattering of Stars
  • The Sign-age
  • Geometric Pendant Earrings
  • Party-on-Top Sombrero
  • Fab Feminine Heels

Have questions about Treasure Hunt? Become an expert like Smallfry by reading our tips and tricks FAQ here.

Emily’s Llama List

Emily and our devs have been working hard on identifying and finding fixes on a few pressing issues from the reports on Answers H.Q. Read on for details.

Bug Fixes in this Update

  • The Portal of randomness is shut! Closing and re-opening the game while playing Stranger than Fiction no longer triggers unwanted events.
  • Plug-n-Play! Barrier Styles unlocked from Balcony presets will now show up without the need to edit the balcony.
  • Window of Opportunity! Cocobolo End Counter can now be placed near windows.
  • Showering Energy! Item descriptions for the “Starstruck Elegance Shower” and “Starstruck Elegance Sink” now display the correct description.
  • Elf under the Shelf! The “Step Up Shelf” wall decoration object now allows items to be placed under it.
  • Homeward Bound! Few players were losing items when clearing a house lot. This has been remedied and items will now be stored in your inventory after using a bulldozer to clear the house lot.
  • Sweet Satisfaction! The “No Money was removed from your account” pop-up issue has been fixed. This occurred sometimes when players would try to get their rewards in a Sweet Treat Showdown, especially after challenge rounds.

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Spacious Storage! Izzy needed more space so Emily decided to lend a helping hand and renovate his closet. As a result, Izzy’s closet storage space has been increased from a maximum of 35 to 99! You can now hold on to all those opulent outfits
  • Bye Buy! The “Purchase 3 BB Items from ‘x’ Category” Daily Task will not show up for players above level 20. 

What’s Coming Next in The Sims Mobile

  • A new option for the SimCash pack in the store. Emily wants to spread the love and make it easier for everyone to get their hands on it.
  • Emily says more players need to get in on the Treasure Hunt action! As such, the team will be tuning aspects of the Treasure Hunt events in our next update to achieve this. 
  • Better get your Sims fit with the help of Luxe Fitness because it’s going to get tiring going on stairs. 
  • The team is working on making The Sims Mobile accessible for more iPad models. This means support for even more iPad resolutions to ensure players have the best experience.


Here are the Event dates for this update (all dates in PST)


  • Sim Festival Season Eleven: Seoul-Ful Spring, 69-day Event starting 13th February
  • Treasure Hunt: Carnival of Cheer, 11-day Event starting 13th February
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 20th February
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Uptown Industrial  re-run, 14-day Event starting 27th February
  • Anniversary Bonanza Pack Rerun for Sale, 5-Day Offer starting 2nd March 
  • Anniversary Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 6th March
  • Treasure Hunt: TSM Pentennial,11-day Event starting 13th March
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 20th March
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Charming Crafts, 14-day Event starting 27th March
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 3rd April
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Luxe Fitness, 14-day Event starting 10th April
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 17th April

PS: Use the hashtag #TheSimsMobile & #TSM when you chat with other players and SimGurus on Twitter and double-tap our posts on Instagram!

Download The Sims Mobile on Apple and Google Play today!”




Prize images:-

Sim Festival


Carnival of cheer Treasure hunt


TSM Pentennial Treasure Hunt


Charming Crafts Sweet treat showdown


Luxe Fitness Sweet treat showdown


Uptown Industrial Sweet treat showdown


Wumples 1


Wumples 2 (Anniversary)


Wumples 3


Wumples 4


Wumples 5


Eco workshop additions


Packs and offers


House template

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