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It’s finally time for us to share with you what is coming in the ‘Christmas/New Year’ update for The Sims Mobile!

Here’s all the info from the official blog

“Ho Ho Ho! 

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so get your Sims in the holiday mood! Deck the hallways with tree-mendous decorations, gear up with festive new outfits, and join in for a fun new update because Hearty Holidays are here! 


Sim Festival Season Five: Hearty Holidays

If Christmas has you feeling extra Santa-mental or in the mood to binge-watch movies, then Sim Festival Season Five is for you! Kevin McCrabkin is on his way to Briny Heights with brand-new Designer Homes, festive decor, iconic outfits, and more, so do spend the season with him and make sure he isn’t left home alone! 


The days may be shorter, but the festival’s duration is longer this time around with 60 days of non-stop merriment and these delightful rewards:


  • Deck the Halls’ Lit Stairs
  • Sasha Fierce Hair
  • Kevin McCrabkin
  • Kevin McCrabkin’s Suburban Home
  • Hearty Holidays Trophy
  • McCrabkin Signature Plaque
  • Entwined Passion Statue
  • Frantically Baroque Loveseat
  • ‘Snow Place Like Home’ Door
  • Molded Magnificence Wallpaper
  • ‘Old-Meets-New’ Ancestral Clock
  • Fabulist’s Favorite Coffee Table
  • Magic Carpet Rug
  • Intricate Inlay Tiles
  • Santa’s Smallest Surprise
  • Royal Higher-Arch-y
  • Heart and Solstice Window
  • Moe-Moue Lipstick
  • Crispy Weather Jacket
  • Knitted Warmth Beanie


Designer Homes


There is no place like home for the holidays, and we have two brand-new homes for you. Briny Heights now has McCrabkin Suburban Home and Cordelia’s Corner Café, making it the perfect winter destination.


McCrabkin Suburban Home is the ideal holiday home that your Sims deserve because families that celebrate together stay together! Walk right in the grand colonial-themed building for a warm and cozy feel accentuated by the decorated Christmas tree, grand staircase, flaming fireplace, and more. With multiple rooms, your grown-up Sims can relax together while their children play! There is also an adorable outdoor seating area in the garden where the family can sit back and relax. Get this home at Tier 45 from the Festival Pass of Sim Festival for the perfect family holiday experience! 


We also have Cordelia’s Corner Cafe! While The McCrabkin Suburban Home is ideal for celebrating with relatives, let your Sims return to their home-cafe and enjoy with friends and townsfolk while serving coffee! With a bedroom apartment on the floor above and umbrella-covered seating outside, this house is the ideal party destination and a dream come true! Get the house from the Designer Homes Catalog in Build/Buy.

Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Dig in the Treasure Hunt Event to win new finds! Join Smallfry as he sea-ks deep-sea treasures in the ‘New Year’s Dock and Roll’ Event to win: 


Grand Prizes

  • Festive Patio Pergola
  • Sail-ebration Bar
  • Birds of a Feather Hair


Pyramid Prizes

  • Cresting Waves Hairdo
  • Tenacious Tuxedo
  • Holly Night Faux Collar
  • Knot Too Shabby’ Table
  • An A-door-able Entrance
  • Ferry-tale Loveseat
  • Bandeu Zipper Skirt
  • Knotty or Nice Glass Light
  • Sea-nic Circular Window
  • Steer Free of Drama’ Decor
  • The Turquoise Territory’ painting
  • Knot Too Shabby’ Chair
  • Good ol’ Nostalgic Lamp
  • Periplus Peplum Top
  • Crystal Lovelace Wedges
  • ‘Morse or Less’ Signal Lamp


If you want cool and breezy new items, then the ‘Lovely Knick Knack’ Treasure Hunt is the place for you to be! Join the Hunt to explore and own some of the fabulous items listed below:  


Grand Prizes

  • Mai Tai Tiki Bar
  • Open Norwegian Fireplace
  • Floral Laurel Hairdo


Pyramid Prizes

  • The Snuggle Doublebed
  • Sirocco Wave Dress
  • Solitary Siesta Bed
  • Wave Me Apart Hair
  • Puppy Love Puffy Top
  • Rocking Rhomboid Vest
  • Neobaroque Bookshelf
  • ‘Hardly at Work’ Office Desk
  • Inverted Chevron Wooden Door
  • Vintage Punk Trunk 
  • Grace and Grandeur Marble Column
  • Ball and Clawfoot Chair
  • Love at Frost Sight Shorts
  • Chrome Tone Hanging Light
  • Felted Feather Fedora
  • Pinnafore Curls


Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown


Showdowns just got sweeter! Join in the bake-a-thon at Parkside to bake fantastic rewards with ‘Dessert For Two’, ‘Step It Up’, and ‘Sweet Holiday’ Reruns. But that’s not it. We have a festive surprise for those who complete the event; ‘The Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown’ with prizes like exclusive item color variants and bonus rewards. Join in for the event that keeps on giving! 


12 Days Of Wumples


Wumples the Bunny is visiting Briny Heights and has brought a special quest with her! Check back every day and complete tasks to win surprise seasonal items from festive Mystery Boxes! You’ll love the inclusive seasonal rewards that range from a Traditional Menorah, Happy Hanukkah Garland, Garlands of Eden, present pile, Elegant Kinara, Joyous Kwanzaa Artwork, plus much more! 


Emily’s Llama List

Emily is crossing the Ts and dotting the I’s! She has checked for bugs and then looked again twice! Thanks to all your reports on Answers HQ, Emily and our game team have made improvements to your favorite game! Take a look at the changes we’ve made, what we plan on doing, and bugs we have fixed! 

For CL31, here’s what we worked on:

  • New Seasonal Tasks to get your Sims in the joyous spirit. “Peruse for Perfect Gifts”and more!
  • As per the North Pole decree! Free Items in the Sim Festival increased to 5.
  • Elf-approved LTO’s  with a festive SimCash Bonus!
  • Jolly gifts daily for all from December 17th to 30th! Sims who claim festive Mystery Boxes every day to get bonus rewards on collecting every reward for seven and fourteen days in a row. 


And here are things we are working on for the upcoming updates:

  • Further improvement to Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown for your gaming pleasure!
  • A brand new Relationship Story for all those waiting for something new! 
  • More ways of personalising your Sims with new Tattoos.
  • Enabling our players to win more SimCash and other in-game currency
  • Prioritizing pesky bugs that are upsetting our players and fixing them one at a time: 
    • Party Chat not working
    • Sims from family getting lost
    • Sim Contacts and Relationships getting lost
    • Sims eating food in the bathroom and not at the table
    • Sims washing dishes in the bathroom

Bugs we have fixed this update:

  • Enjoy flawless Sim memories! We hid the Tutorial dialog box from Photo Mode. 
  • Lifestyle Scores as perfect as your Sims life. We fixed the issue with the Score addition. 
  • Who doesn’t want to put food on the table! There is now food place on the “Table of Plenty” 
  • Planet gaze from anywhere and everywhere now! “Planetary Projector” will now project a planet when placed on rugs and can be placed on floor decorations on rugs.
  • Warm hearth – warm heart! We fixed the visual glitch that occurred when “Enchanting Hearth” Fireplace was turned on.
  • Who is that splashing? It’s your Sims on the “Wheee! Waterslide”! Sound now added.
  • Pergola must go out! We have corrected the “Hispanic Heritage Pergola” tag as ‘Outdoor Item’
  • What’s in a name? Well, a lot! We have renamed one of the two sets of  “Mini Hoops Are In” earrings as “Rebel Mini Hoops Earrings”
  • Dig the dig sites! Fixed issue where a few players couldn’t complete one of Smallfry’s dig sites
  • Accessorize! Male sims can now wear necklaces with “Twisted Freedom Dress”
  • No interruption to relaxation!  Fixed animation of relaxing appointment on “Humbly Varnished Wooden Chair”
  • Place it in your home, place it in your heart! Fixed position issue with “Strike a Pose Wardrobe”
  • Glam up the fam! 
    • Make your male Sim sizzle in “Get My Reps In Tank Hoodie”! Fixed visual glitch.
    • “Agile Style Hoodie” looks better now! Removed visible seam.
    • “Tailgate Barbecue” Cuffed Pants will cuff your heart! Removed visible seam.
    • “Lacy Daisy Top” will make your Sim hop! Now seamless!
    • “Business Casual Suit” with any footwear you want! Clippings fixed.

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):


  • Sim Festival Season Five – Hearty Holidays: 60-day event starting 6 December
  • Sweet Treat Showdown’ Sweet Holiday’ Rerun: 13-day event starting 6 December
  • Wumples Quest ’12 Days of Wumples’ Rerun: 12-day event starting 14 December
  • Treasure Hunt’ New Year’s Dock and Roll’: 14-day event starting 20 December
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 1 January
  • Sweet Treat Showdown’ Step It Up’ Rerun: 13-day event starting 4 January
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 13 January
  • Treasure Hunt’ Lovely Knick Knacks’: 13-day event starting 18 January
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 25 January
  • Sweet Treat Showdown’ Dessert For Two’ Rerun: 13-day event starting 2 February
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 6 February”


Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.


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