The Sims Mobile Enchanting Autumn Update

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It’s almost time for another Sims Mobile update and this one covers Autumn and Halloween!

This update will be live in app stores from September 26th, 2022 at 3:30 am UTC.


Here are the official blog notes … 

Apparate inside The Sims Mobile for bewitching festivities!


Sul Sul! 


Get together with your friends and experience magical celebrations in Sim Festival Season Nine, “Enchanting Autumn”! Grace Anansi is back from school, but not to relax! Rumor has it that sorcery is afoot. Meet our friendly neighborhood sorceress and participate in Events celebrating different cultures and festivals. Participate to win exotic and joyous rewards, perfect for hosting friends and celebrating with family.


Sim Festival Season Nine: Enchanting Autumn


Unknown mystical energy has appeared in Briny Heights! The arrival strangely coincides with Grace Anansi’s return! Prepare to experience magic in Sim Festival Season Nine – Enchanting Autumn. Get on Grace’s good side, complete tasks daily, and progress through the Sim Festival to win charming rewards. Reach Tier 50 with the Sim Festival Premium Pass to unlock Anansi’s Ageless Abode. Don’t let the natural allure and sunlit rooms misguide you; those who ventured into the home babbled about ancient items, spell books, and a peculiar window only visible outside the house. Unlock the secrets as you win charming rewards: 


  • Character – Grace Anansi
  • Enchanted Autumn Trophy
  • Grace Anansi Signature Plaque
  • Anansi’s Ageless Abode
  • Botanic Bloom Ear Cuffs
  • Checked Uniform Tights
  • Spellcaster Crystal Orb
  • Fireflies in a Jar
  • Ceiling Plant Vine
  • Cozy leaf Potted Plant
  • Bewitched Lunar Rug
  • Climbing Garden Vines
  • Beatnik Chic Chair
  • No Funny Business Shirt
  • Daily Witch-ual boots
  • Art Nouveau Door
  • Modish Tripod Lamp
  • Macrame Mayhem Swing Chair
  • Rusticly Homespun Sofa
  • Herringbone Pavement
  • Hectacular Lunar Table
  • Panoramic Bay Windows
  • Seriously Braided Swoops
  • Witch-ful Thinking Table

Sweet Treat Showdown Live Events 


It’s time to bake; Briny Heights is celebrating history and culture with a slice of cake. Oven mitts ready or not, head to the parkside for “Glided Glam” Sweet Treat Showdown to win:


Grand Prizes:

  • Grandiose Ornate Piano
  • Soaring Ceiling Style Stairs
  • Perfectly Messy Ringlets Bun
  • Tasteful Twist in the Hair

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Exquisitely Railed Table
  • ‘It Girl’ Sleek Gown
  • Business Unusual Overcoat


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • ‘Cinched Elegance’ Gown
  • Super Asymmetry Painting
  • Contemporary Abstraction Rug
  • Ritzy Gramaphone
  • Opulent High Windows
  • Midnight Glam Eyeshadow
  • Princess Cutout Peplum


But that’s not all! Bake to your heart’s content in Sweet Treat Showdown, “Una Vida Hermosa” for colorful rewards inspired by Hispanic culture. Bake to win:  


Grand Prizes:

  • ‘Remains of the Lost’ Guitar
  • Undead Facepaint
  • Offshoulder Carefree Dress
  • Skele-Ton of Fun Shirt


Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Graphic Offrenda Table
  • ‘Splash of Colour’ Front Door
  • Floral Explosion Sofa


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • ‘Tiers of  Joy’ Cake
  • Stained Glass Lamp
  • Diamond Funky Rug
  • Prussian Palm Pot
  • Grandma’s Fairytale Chair
  • Paradise in Your Palm
  • Geometric Box Seater


Treasure Hunt Live Events 


Smallfry has found an exotic new map pointing to the Treasure of light that will brighten the night. Join the “Festival Of Lights” Treasure Hunt to unearth luminous rewards like: 


Grand Prizes

  • Desi Joyride Sofa
  • Bejeweled Salwar Kameez
  • Miss Simplicity Wavy Hair


Pyramid Prizes

  • Floral Henna Tint
  • Pompous Groom Sherwani
  • Braid and Butter Manbun
  • Closed-Neck Festive Vest
  • Arching Royalty Door
  • Ethnic Choli Top
  • Rangoli Festive Rug
  • Simply Sahara Sofa
  • Royal Print Palazzo 
  • Traditional Booties
  • Marigold Cascade Curtains
  • De-lightfully Festive 
  • Floating Lights Display
  • Mysterious Wish Lamp
  • Jaipur Kurta Shirt
  • Starry Saree Jumpsuit (Male)
  • Starry Saree Jumpsuit (Female)


Eeriness on the rise; Smallfry will be your guide! Join him for the “Jeepers Creepers” Treasure Hunt to find spooky items like: 


Grand Prizes

  • Dracula’s Siesta Doublebed
  • Gates to the Unknown
  • Fearless Scarecrow


Pyramid Prizes

  • Extraterrestrial Aqua Being
  • Hallow-Queen’s Ruling Head
  • Zombie School Uniform
  • Neoclassical Cabinet
  • Gothfather Clock
  • Poe’s Iconic Raven’ Stand
  • Baroque Doll Chair
  • Feeling Gourd Hat
  • Apocalyptic Grunge Vest
  • Skeleton Crew String Light
  • Cursed Runes Rug
  • Altar Apparatus Potions
  • Victorian Vixen Choker
  • Spiderweb Stockings
  • Extraterrestrial Aqua Head


Autumn leaves thin, and family time spreads happiness within. Get excavating in the “Feast Mode Activated” Treasure Hunt to set the table with newly excavated items like: 


Grand Prizes

  • Season’s Picks Planter
  • Light Up the Night
  • ‘Smile and Weave’ Hair


Pyramid Prizes

  • Formal Slay Pants
  • Family Style Dinner Table
  • Classy Turtleneck Overcoat
  • Fray Away Skinny Jeans
  • ‘Curl Up and Relax’ Bench
  • Autumnal Cardigan Combo
  • Blossomed Autumn Tree
  • Funky Farm Planter
  • Extended Family Dining Table
  • ‘Fight the Chill’ Boots
  • Dainty Outdoor Light
  • Holy Trinity Candle Setting
  • Potted Alien Flowers
  • Wickers of Flora
  • Low-Brim Understated Hat
  • Frizzle Frazzle Hair


Emily’s Llama List 


Emily and our devs have been working hard on identifying and finding fixes on a few pressing issues from the reports on Answers H.Q. Read on for details. 

For Enchanting Autumn Update, here’s what we worked on:

  • All new Festive Events with colorful Rewards
  • More ways to earn Prize Tickets with the introduction of new Tasks:
    • Bonus Daily Task: Bonus: Watch Video Ads
      Complete by using a Mailbox at home or in town
      (Don’t want to participate, don’t worry! Bonus Tasks do not count towards “Complete 5 Daily Tasks.” )All new Festive Events with colorful Rewards
    • New Season Task: Do X “Bonus: Watch Video Ads” Tasks
      Finish the above Bonus Daily Tasks to complete
    • New Season Task: Earn X SimCash from Offers
      Win SimCash fromOfferwall to complete

And here are things we are working on for the upcoming updates:

  • New Build-Buy Base Game Type
  • More thematic Quests!
  • New Limited Time Offers available through SimCash
  • Summer Lagoon Lot Upgrades
  • Surprise Giveaways for our players!

Bugs we have fixed in this update:

  • Instant gratification! No more waiting for in-progress transactions to complete.
  • Bake rewards in peace during Sweet Treat Showdowns!
    • No more losses! Vanishing SimCash and Simoleons won from Mystery boxes will not vanish. 
    • Claim away! Progress to Grand Prize without getting stuck at Mystery Boxes or currency rewards!
  • No more surprises! Surprising Choices removed (on popular request).
  • Item Enhancements: 
    • Gardening love! “Tend Plant” and “Water Plant” appointments added for “Rose Gardens of the Galaxy” 
    • Party harder! Energy cost for “Tell the socks Machina story” party appointment on “Natural Warmth Campfire” changed to 1
    • Divide away! “Geometric Divider” no longer clips with walls and windows
    • Draw the curtains! “Veiled Bathtub & Shower” fixed 
    • Beautiful Pond bed! Walkway tiles no more visible on placing “Low-key Lovely Loch,” get shelved instead.
    • Fences are fun! Place perfectly aligned “National Park Fence” around your House Lot 
    • Relax away! “Computer Lab Chair” appointment animation fixed when placed with “Sanded Down Dining Table”
    • Description update: “Old Shelly Statue” now described as “Large Floor Decoration”
    • “Royal Higher-Arch-y” footprint fixed
  • Reorganization: 
    •  “Rose Gardens of the Galaxy”, “Machete-ready vines”, “Tastefully overgrown Ferns”, and “Nurtured wall Ivy” are now in the “Outdoor Plants” category
    •  “Igneous Rock Wall” moved to “Stone” section of Exterior walls


Here are the Event dates for this update (all dates in PST)


  • Sim Festival Season Nine: Enchanting Autumn, 60-day Event starting 26 September
  • Treasure Hunt: Festival Of Lights, 11-day Event starting 26 September
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 3 October
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Glided Glam , 11-day Event starting 10 October
  • Designer Home: Yamachan’s House for Sale, 9-day Offer starting 12 October
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 14 October
  • Treasure Hunt: Jeepers Creepers, 11-day Event starting 23 October
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 28 October
  • Designer Home: Claude Castle for Sale, -9-day Offer starting 28 October
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Una Vida Hermosa, 11-day Event starting 7 November
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 9 November
  • Treasure Hunt: Feast Mode Activated, 11-day Event starting 21 November
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day Event starting 21 November
  • Bonanza Packs for Sale, 5-day Offer starting 23 November


Apparate inside The Sims Mobile for a magical experience with family and friends. Together celebrate history and cultures every day through the update.”



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  1. Tabitha
    October 6, 2022 / 7:22 am

    Please add the option to sell unused items!

    • Rachybop
      October 6, 2022 / 3:47 pm

      I don’t create the game myself but I can pass on your suggestion!

    • Kris
      October 24, 2022 / 9:58 pm

      I earned the pumpkin hat in the Jeepers Creepers event, but I can’t find it in my “closet” under hats or any other categories. Any idea where it may be?

      • Rachybop
        March 6, 2023 / 9:36 am

        I think the one from that event is for child sims

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