The Sims Mobile Briny Nights Update [May – July 2022]

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It’s finally time for a new update for The Sims Mobile! This is the Briny Nights update.

This update will be live in your app store from May 16th, 2022 at 3:30 am UTC.


Here are the official blog notes … 

“Join The Sims Mobile for memorable nights all the way to July!

Sul Sul! 


Head to the heights to let your spirits shine bright with Sims Festival Season Seven, “Briny Nights”! In this update, love, laugh and live with all your Sims while discovering the best of city life, outdoor adventures, high profile parties, and delightful dorms; in a safe and inclusive atmosphere! Participate in the summer fiesta to make memories like getting cosy in tents, shooting hoops with friends, roasting smores with kids and many more. Play the update’s exotic Events and enjoy the pleasures of life with luxurious rewards, free packs, and more! 


Sim Festival Season Seven: Briny Nights


Catarina Lynx has cat-walked into the Heights to attend Sim Festival Season Seven. Bump into her at Briny Nights and begin the update with a meet-cute! Experience the city with her and complete tasks to grab the delightful Designer Home Dorm, Catarina’s City Crib, available at Tier 50 with the Sim Festival Pass, and other must-have rewards: 


  • Character – Catarina Lynx
  • Briny Nights Trophy
  • Catarina Lynx Signature Plaque
  • Catarina’s City Crib
  • Wooden Double Bed with Futon
  • Practical Swept Hair
  • Family Values Fridge
  • Museum Glass Double Door
  • Grungy Floral Carpet
  • Fancy High-backed Sofa
  • Modern Metal Coffee Table
  • Molly Queen Shaggy Hair
  • Bossgirl Ankle Boots
  • Kawaii Crop Top
  • Tomcat Shaggy Hair
  • Sheen Tiled Floor
  • Irregular Joe’ Brick Wall
  • Long Ceramic Plant Pot
  • Outpost Metal Chair
  • Outpost Metal Table
  • Museum Glass Window
  • Lucky Feather Earrings
  • Feline Charm Necklace
  • Grungy Cat Shorts
  • Blossom Upper Arm Tattoo for Male Sims
  • Blossom Upper Arm Tattoo for Female Sims

Sweet Treat Showdown Live Events 


Sweet Treat Showdown is back (on popular demand), and that too, with a BANG! Head to the parkside to bake yourself some bewitching rewards in the brand new “Go Glamorous” Event. Rewards are plenty, so win all the red-carpet-worthy outfits and gorgeous items, including:  


Grand Prizes

  • Retro Wavy Bob Cut
  • Gilded Glory Shower
  • Twinkling Seahorse Fountain


Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Splendid Silk Sari
  • One-percenter Suit
  • Truly Regal Throne


Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Striped Indulgent Loveseat
  • Faux Antique Vanity
  • Exquisite Glass Coffee Table
  • Photogenic Photo Light
  • Comedy Show Neon
  • Royal Tavern Barstool
  • Club Bouncer Jacket


But that’s not all! We also have Bonus Sweet Treat Showdowns, “Wash’ n Fold”, this update. So get ready to do your Sim’s laundry!



Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Legend has it, a master camper stored his mystical treasure trove filled with the best camping essentials decades ago. Smallfry found the treasure’s map and is on the job to find it! Join the search party to win exclusive items from “Camp Sunshine” Treasure Hunt like: 


Grand Prizes

  • Stonework Sink with Mirror
  • Tarp-covered Shower Box
  • Expedition Small Tent


Pyramid Prizes

  • Side Braid Ponytail
  • Verdant Double Bed
  • Ranch Vest & Shirt
  • Natural Warmth Campfire
  • Trailblazer Sandals
  • Zipped-up Zippers
  • Thorn-proof Trek Shoes
  • Hiker’s Buckled Shorts
  • Carved Log Two-seater
  •  Easy-going Cargo Shorts
  • Simply Lush Pine Tree
  • Rock Solid Coffee Table
  • Ancient Ruins Ottoman
  • Hastily Roped Lantern Pole
  • Zipped-up Zippers
  • Stunning Fauxhawk


While camping fulfils the soul, sunbathing makes the skin glow! So grab all the beach essentials from “Sand-sational” Treasure Hunt. Excavate with Smallfy to win:  


Grand Prizes

  • Punk Supreme Hair
  • Adventurer’s Outdoor Shower
  • Curtained and Cool Arbor


Pyramid Prizes

  • 6-Star Hotel Bed
  • Resort Walkway Trellis
  • Beach Shack Bed
  • Hued Crochet Bikini
  • Resort Wooden Loveseat
  • Coconut Mocktail Barstool
  • Hued Crochet Bikini Bottom
  • Patterned Trad Skirt
  • Hand-carved Hallway Table
  • Sarong Over Shorts
  • Easy Wooden Shutter
  • Old Shelly Statue
  • Clackety Fish Mobile 
  • 20,000 Leagues Poster
  • Decidedly Divine Draped Dress
  • Tied Curly Updo



Brighter Together


In this update, The Sims Mobile celebrates you, your friends and everyone around! Help make the world more inclusive by breaking stereotypes, honoring choices, and loving everyone for who they are. 


Embark on the new ‘Pride and Acceptance’ Quest. Complete your day to day tasks and some new ones like “Come out to another friend” and “Read about safe spaces” that are relevant to us, our loved ones, and the world we live in. Complete them all to win fabulous androgynous looks for your male and female Sims.


Don’t forget to mark your calendar! June 19th is the date, and the Featured section is the place. Make sure to click on the Store icon on Juneteenth to claim two free hair Packs, one for your adult Sims and one for the child Sims. Plan your festivities for the day and style your Sim-self in your own way. 


Let’s love and accept each other because we shine brighter together!


Emily’s Llama List


For CL33, here’s what we worked on:

  • A brand Sweet Treat Showdown (as per player request!)
  • A co-living Designer Home – Dorm-style
  • New animations and engagements! Ready to woohoo outdoors?
  • 4th of July Bonanza LTO
  • Pride & Acceptance Quest
  • Free Juneteenth Packs
  • For Sale – Nalani’s Home! 
  • Swimwear! 


Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST)


Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):


  • Sim Festival Season Seven: Briny Nights, 60-day Event starting 16 May
  • Sweet Treat Showdown: Go Glamorous, 11-day Event starting 16 May
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day event starting 22 May
  • Treasure Hunt: Camp Sunshine, 11-day Event starting 1 June
  • Designer Home: Nalani’s Summer Getaway for Sale -9 day Offer starting 2 June
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day event starting 4 June
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day event starting 16 June
  • Bonus Sweet Treat Showdown: Wash ‘n Fold Rerun, 11-day Event starting 17 June
  • Free Packs: Juneteenth Hair Pack and Juneteenth Kids Hair Pack, 9-day Offer starting 19 June
  • Pride and Acceptance Quest, 6-day Event starting 28 June
  • Bonanza Packs, 7-day Event starting 1 July
  • Treasure Hunt: Sand-sational, 11-day Event starting 3 July
  • Wumples Quest, 5-day event starting 10 July


Swing in to make memories during Briny Nights!”


Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.


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