The Sims Freeplay Tutti Frutti Update

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It’s time to get fruity with the latest Sims Freeplay update coming to your app stores on at 9:30pm UTC on Monday 14th March 2022.


Here’s all the info from the official blog

Sul Sul! 

Enjoy the delicious eye candy of zesty fruit patterns, Scandi-inspired décor and whimsical color combinations in our latest update! Whether your Sims are revamping a single room or redoing an entire lot, color changes the entire look and feel of an interior! Tutti Frutti decor is proof that personality-packed shades can be chic, sophisticated and take your Sim’s styling to the next level. You’ll love the bright outfits and playful décor to transform your lifestyle into a fruit-filled paradise for the whole family!

Base Game Improvements

Love is in the Air & Two and a Half Sims Quest Retunes

We’ve reduced the time it takes to complete the ‘Love is in the Air’ and ‘Two and a Half Sims’ Progression Quests so you can get back to doing the things you love with your Sims faster!

The ‘Love is in the Air’ Progression Quest is available from player level 7 and unlocks the ability for your Sims to get married! If you don’t complete it within the time limit, your Sims are still able to marry, however you won’t be able to earn the Wedding Outfits Limited Time Prize.

The ‘Two and a Half Sims’ Progression Quest is available from player level 8 and unlocks babies in SimTown! Complete the quest within the time limit to earn the Baby Decorations Limited Time Prize! When the quest is completed, your Sims will be able to Add a Baby to a house with a crib!

Pregnancy Event Changes

We’ve also made some improvements that now allow you to have the freedom to choose when you’re ready to give birth to a baby after you complete a Pregnancy or Pregnancy Event! Instead of being forced into a scene with the expecting mother, you can opt to delay the birth if you have something else you want to do first before welcoming your new baby Sim into the world. 

Adult female Sims can give birth when you complete the ‘A Bump-y Ride’ Discovery Quest. (Available after completing the Two and a Half Sims Progression Quest). There’re 2 options:

1 – A 6-day passive ‘Pregnancy’, where your Sim will have the baby bump, but not have to work towards completing any goals.

2 – A 9-day Pregnancy Event, where your Sim (with some help from other Sims) work together to complete tasks to unlock the coveted ‘Baby Bonus’.

You can do either of these Pregnancy options at any time, but do keep an eye out for the Limited Time Maternity Events that run once an update, where you can earn gorgeous Maternity wear and Home Store items if you complete a Pregnancy Event and earn the Baby Bonus within the 9-day time limit.


‘Fruity Fruiternity’ Live Event

The ‘Fresh Fruiternity’ Live Event delivers a cozy homestead grand prize house template that includes fruity décor in every room! 

As you craft resources and progress through the 10-day event, earn milestone prizes to add to any home, such as windows with orange & foliage garlands, fruit-shaped mirrors, rugs, artwork, and lampshades, pineapple night light, baby crib with fruity linen, king size bed with fruity linen and pastel pyjamas for adult female Sims!


Influence Island Events – Season 24 & 25

Use your powers of persuasion to convince the other Sims to join your clan in our latest Influence Island events.

Season 24 delivers Tutti Frutti lounge room décor, perfect for creating an adorable playroom for your Sim’s family! Your toddler Sims will love the new shorts, t-shirt and sandals outfits, kids bookshelf filled with toys, fancy bookshelf filled with pastel décor, sofas & couches with fruit cushions, neon lights and wall artwork in fruit shapes, orange and lemon floor cushions, fruit garland and more.

Season 25 is inspired by our ‘Coastal Living’ update last year, complete with build mode items with a nautical theme to style your home lot like a yacht club or beach house. 


SimChase Events – Season 39 & 40

Style your kitchen to match your fruit-filled home with Scandi-inspired décor rewards from SimChase Season 40: Sour Squeeze. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your tween Sims will love their new apron outfits to cook up a storm for the family! Other prizes include a retro fridge, juice dispenser, cabinets and benchtops, enclosed bay window with cushions and more.

Later in the update, transform your bathroom into a sugary sweet retreat with rewards from SimChase Season 39: Fruity Free For All! Complete with adorable pastel peaches and lemon patterns to live the sugar-high life. Get ready in the mirror with new animations on the makeup display, new pastel bath robes, scallop shaped wall tiles, laundry hamper with new animations, hanging towels and more.”



Events List

All bold events are new! 


Title Duration Start Date End Date
Fresh Fruiternity Live Event 10 days 15 MARCH 28 MARCH
Influence Island Season 24: Tutti Frutti Lounge 10 days 16 MARCH 28 MARCH 
SimChase Season 40: Sour Squeeze 9 days 26 MARCH 6 APRIL
Maternity Event 26  9 days 28 MARCH 14 APRIL
Influence Island Season 25: Yacht Club (V2) 10 days 4 APRIL 16 APRIL 
SimChase Season 39: Fruity Free For All 7 days 11 APRIL 19 APRIL
Chocolate Egg Chase – Player Favourite Quest 7 days 15 APRIL 24 APRIL
Influence Island Season 5: Rustic Wedding 10 days 19 APRIL 1 MAY
Palm Perfection Live Event 10 days 20 APRIL 1 MAY
Musical Expression – Baby Onesies Hobby Event 7 days 21 APRIL 28 APRIL
SimChase Season 25: Bar Brawl 7 days 24 APRIL 1 MAY



Fresh Fruiternity Live Event.


Influence Island Season 24: Tutti Frutti Lounge.


SimChase Season 40: Sour Squeeze.


Maternity Pack 26.


Influence Island Season 5: Rustic Wedding.


SimChase Season 39: Fruity Free For All.


Chocolate Egg Chase.


Influence Island Season 25: Yacht Club V2.


Palm Perfection Live Event.


Musical Expression Baby Onesies Hobby.


SimChase Season 25: Bar Brawl.

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