The Sims Freeplay SUPERYACHTS FAQ + Info

Superyachts are coming to The Sims Freeplay on January 9th!

Here are all the details from the official FAQ, a video walkthrough and any other info you might need!


“Sul sul! 

In our latest update, we’re excited to introduce a new type of event called Superyachts, a lavish 3-story boat called ‘Bella’! We know you’ve been asking for more lots to build on (so you don’t have to demolish your current homes). We hope that you’re able to fulfil your dreams of living on water.

It will allow your Sims to build and live on a new yacht style residential lot, right on the waters of SimTown! Inspired by the Downtown Developer [] events, you’ll need to complete the tasks for the ‘Bella’, within the 30-day time limit to receive the glamorous template. It comes complete with exclusive aspirational styling, spiral staircases, rooftop hot tub – don’t forget that ocean view! 

To help make sure you can hit the ground running, our game team have put together this short FAQ. 


Q – What is Superyachts?

A – It’s a brand new feature in The Sims FreePlay that allows your Sims to become a Superyachts superstar! By collecting Resources over 30 days, your Sims can collect prizes to ultimately unlock a glamorous new 3-story superyacht called the ‘Bella‘ for your Sims to live in and style as their own.


Q – How do I start Superyachts and how long do I have to complete it?

A – Before you begin, reach level 40 and complete the ‘Multistory Renovations’ Quest []. This will unlock the pier that the ‘Bella’ is situated at. From there, find the newly marked boat icon to start building!

Completing Superyachts without incurring any penalties, and winning the final limited time prize,  takes 30 days. You can actually take as long as you want to complete the event, however there are Major Stage Deadlines. If you do not reach a deadline before the timer expires, there is a cost to continue. However, the next deadline timer doesn’t start until you pay the cost, so it’s easy to catch up, try again, and win the 3-story luxury boat!

If you run out of time but still complete the event, you’ll receive the boat prize – however just as a bare birth! It will be empty and ready to style however you want for your Sims to live in their new floating palace. 


Q – Where is the Superyachts event menu?

A – The Superyachts menu is accessed via the Active Tasks menu, or via tapping the Superyachts menu icon in the waters of SimTown.


Q – What’s the bar at the top of the Superyacht menu?

A – That’s the progress bar. It shows your Sim’s progress through the event towards milestone prizes and earning the new yacht!


Q – How do I progress through Superyachts?

A – To progress, your Sims need to collect Resources. Resources are made up of Shards, which up to three Sims can collect each day. The materials are wood, fiberglass and metal, and can be found at various unlocked Community Lots, including the Community Centre, Nightclub and the Park.

As your Sims collects more Resources, they get closer and closer to finishing their development and earning their 3-story boat! 

Be careful though, incomplete Resources are lost at the end of the day! The available Resource changes each day, so collect as many Shards as you can to complete Resources before the day is over.


Q – I have collected all of today’s available Shards, but I seem to be blocked and can’t progress to the next day’s Resource.

A – That’s correct! There are milestone prizes along the way, but you have to wait until the next day to continue your progress with the Superyachts event unless you purchase a new Resource Permit.


Q – Oh no! I’m falling behind – what can I do?

A – There’s a few options. Be sure to be diligent with checking in on your Sims and collecting shards as soon as they’re discovered! Otherwise you can use Social Points to collect the remaining resources for any given stage.


 Q – Who is Satsuki the Shipwright and what benefit is there to hiring her? 

A – Satsuki is an non playable character that helps you in your hunt for Resources by uncovering additional Shards every day! With her help, it’s easier to build your boat and hit those milestone goals along the way. Once she is unlocked, Satsuki will assist you for up to 45 days, or until you complete the Superyachts event.

Q – Are there any milestone rewards in between the major milestone unlocks?

  1. Yes! Along the event timeline you’ll notice a range of different prizes available as you progress. This includes exclusive build mode decor to style your yacht (or anywhere else!), Simoleons and LP. 

Q – What are the details about the Grand Prize?

  1. By reaching the end of the event, you get given Simoleons and an empty ‘Bella’ superyacht, as well as the ability to place indoor lighting and decorations under balconies! If you run out of time to complete the event and get the Limited Time Prize (fully furnished yacht), you’ll be given the option to purchase it with premium currency. 

Q – What are the details about the Limited Time Prize? 

  1. If you complete the event within the time limit, you can earn the ‘Bella’ superyacht, completely furnished with open plan living, private gym, luxury pools (yes, there’s more than one!) and rooftop lounge area. Your Sims can even swim in the ocean and play volleyball next to the boat. You can also get an exclusive hot tub and staircase to place wherever you want. 


Q – If I run out of time to unlock the Limited Time Prize, what happens?

A – Never fear, Simmers! You can still receive the empty luxury boat to build on – it just comes unfurnished ready for your next dream build. 


Q – How do I find out more about Superyachts?

A – Follow The Sims FreePlay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates and news.



Good luck and have fun, Simmers!”


MINOR 1 2 Social Points    
MAJOR 2 2000 Simoleons
4 Social Points
1 fiberglass shard
MINOR 2 5 Social Points    
MAJOR 2 5000 Simoleons
6 Social Points
1 metal shard
MINOR 3 8 Social Points    
MAJOR 3 10000 Simoleons
10 Social Points
1 metal shard
MINOR 4 20,000 Simoleons    
MINOR 5 15 Social Points    
MAJOR 4 50,000 Simoleons
Limited Time Prize Only House Template:
HOUSE_YACHT_01Object Unlocks:
Placing Indoor items outdoors  
Indoor BM Items Outdoors

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