The Sims Freeplay Palm Perfection Update

Presented by EA gamechangers.

Time for another great Sims Freeplay update! This time we’re going to Palm Springs!

“Sul Sul, 

Where’s the pool party at? Oh, it’s at your Sim’s place! Welcome to Palm Springs, where the sun shines bright on a retro-desert getaway. Swim ‘til your heart’s content with fabulous floaties or grab some shade on a luxurious day bed with outdoor umbrella if that’s more your vibe. If pastel and palm trees with a side of cacti, is your jam then, you’ll love the Southern Cali lifestyle décor rewards. As we head into Summer, your Sims are guaranteed to make a splash in our latest update. 


Star Wars Day – May The Fourth

Celebrate May the 4th with your Sims! Feel the Force with your very own ‘Peace’ and ‘Power’ Lightsaber wall light set, and have your adult male Sim dressed and ready for action in the new iconic Luke Skywalker ‘Rebel Flight Suit’. Plus, enjoy the rerun of The Child, ‘Baby Yoda’ statue and our iconic Princess Leia Organa and Darth Vader outfits so your Sims can reenact their classic confrontation and celebrate the 4th!

Head to the online store in-game to redeem your free packs now!

SimChase Events

Launching our update is SimChase Season 28: Poolside Perils! Compete in this nine-day exciting gameshow as your Sim races against rival, Pamela Pooles to complete crazy challenges. The first Sim to reach the daily checkpoint to unlock rewards that include: festive floats, palm tree day bed, neon lights, flamingos and bright, colorful décor – so your Sims can host the kind of get-together that your friends will rave about!

In our second SimChase for the update, Season 29: Garden Grapple, let your Sims live their best lives with everything they need to redecorate their outdoor backyard and façade exterior for the ultimate pool party. Complete the event over 7 days to earn a fabulous and fascinating triple tier water fountain, brand new garage doors (the newest design since 2018!) plus tall cactus arrangements and more!


‘Palm Perfection’ Live Event

Starting 12 May, the ‘Palm Perfection’ live event begins! Unlock a Palm Springs-inspired retro residence grand prize house lot, complete with outdoor pool and vintage Cadillac car for your Sims to take for a spin! Located on a desert oasis lot, the Southern California signature style building is transformed into an open plan bungalow perfect for a summer vacay! The home away from home is filled with bright decor with palm leaves and tropical flowers everywhere. Milestone prizes include floral outfits for male and female adult Sims, pink and green sofas, giant jungle artwork and of course, neon lighting, so your Sims will truly feel as if they’re on vacation somewhere tropical.

The aim of this event is to collect enough resources from the Arts and Crafts Stations (found in the ‘Event’ tab of the Home Store or your inventory) to unlock all the items in this event but be quick – this event is only live for 10 days.

Influence Island Events

Our SimGurus have heard you asking for more toddler and baby content – so our latest Influence Island Season 9: Palm Springs Bed & Bath event delivers both! Take a break on our remote beach, soak up the sun, and while you’re there, why not try and convince the other Sims to join your clan? You have 10 days to convert seven Sims to ‘Clan Mates’ to win the Grand Prize. Earn prizes to complete a kid’s bedroom and bathroom inspired by Palm Springs décor that combines cool, old school and new styles. 


Plus, don’t miss Influence Island Season 10: Moroccan Kitchen 2.0 starting June 1 for even more Moroccan-themed interior décor in all new variants. It and delivers exotic vibes, bold colors and shapes reflecting their a vibrant heritage. The brand-new range of kitchen décor and outfits with their detail, texture and luxurious patterns that are sure to become your Sims’ favorites as they cook up incredible cuisine in their homes!


Downtown Developer 4 – 74th Street

Have you become a Downtown Developer and built luxury penthouses in our Downtown district yet? We’re excited to reveal our fourth sky-high building, available now! If you haven’t already, reach level 13 and complete the ‘SimTown Express’ Discovery Quest in the bottom left corner of the SimTown map. This will unlock the Downtown District so you can check out all four of the breathtaking skyscraper buildings for you to start building! Our latest design ‘74th Street’ is a three-story apartment filled with iconic modern/ industrial elements including a new set of underlit straight stairs and industrial glass-paneled double doors.


Completing Downtown Developer without incurring any penalties, and winning the final limited time prize, takes 30 days. You can take as long as you want to complete Downtown Developer, however there are Major Stage Deadlines. If you do not reach a deadline before the timer expires, there is a cost to continue. However, the next deadline timer doesn’t start until you pay the cost, so it’s easy to catch up, try again, and win the 3-story luxury apartment!


Home Store Categories

And finally, in our previous update we started making changes to the visibility of a number of ‘Home Store’ categories! If you haven’t already unlocked ‘Patios’, ‘Toddlers’ and ‘Infants’, did you notice that these categories were visible for the first time in the Home Store? Your Sims are living it up this update in Palm Springs, so this update we’ve surfaced the ‘Pools’ category! If you haven’t unlocked this feature, it’ll be locked/greyed out, but with clear instructions on the requirements and path you’ll need to take to access the ‘It’s All Going Swimmingly’ Quest! 

Keep your eyes peeled on the Home Store in future updates, as we’re working on showcasing even more categories to make ensure everyone can see the awesome content The Sims FreePlay has to offer!”



Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • NEW Star Wars May the Fourth – Lightsaber Wall Lights & Fighter Pilot outfit free pack! 
  • Star Wars May the Fourth – Princess Leia & Darth Vader, plus The Child ‘Baby Yoda’ free packs!
  • NEW Downtown Developer 4: 30-day event that can be started anytime from 3 May
  • NEW SimChase Season 28 ‘Poolside Perils!’: 9-day event starting from 3 May
  • NEW ‘Palm Perfection’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 12 May
  • NEW Maternity Pack 20: Start a pregnancy event between 17th and 24th May, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!
  • NEW Influence Island Season 10 ‘Palm Springs Bedroom & Bathroom’’: 10-day event starting from 17 May
  • NEW SimChase Season 29 ‘Garden Grapple!’: 7-day event starting from 26 May
  • ‘Produce Market’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 31 May
  • NEW Influence Island Season 10 ‘Moroccan Kitchen 2.0’: 10-day event starting from 1 June
  • SimChase Season 9 ‘Mansion Mania!’: 7-day event starting from 3 June 
  • ‘Daring Do’s’ Long Hair Hobby Event rerun: 9-day event starting from 4 June

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